Búzios or Armação dos Búzios, is a stylish, low key resort town, which is located in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Situated two hours away from Rio de Janeiro this quaint little fishing village is home to only...more

Búzios, Brazil



Búzios or Armação dos Búzios, is a stylish, low key resort town, which is located in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Situated two hours away from Rio de Janeiro this quaint little fishing village is home to only 25000 residents; although during summer, this town welcomes a large number of tourists from around the globe.  Búzios is also popular as a weekend getaway among Brazilians and Argentineans. The town has much to offer its numerous visitors, such as; white sandy beaches, nature reserves and the most beautiful scenic views. Visitors from around the world flock to this town to enjoy the sun and the many beaches that surround the peninsula. The best time to visit Búzios and avoid the crowd is during its off season which is from March to June and from September to November. Muslim travelers will not be able to find many Muslim-friendly facilities in Búzios.

With over 24 beaches in Búzios, visitors have the opportunity of choosing ones that suit them; the west coast offers calm clear water while the east coast beaches are more wild and popular for water sports and surfing.  Azeda, Ferradura, João Fernandes, Armação, and Geribá, are the most popular beaches in town and are mostly popular amongst surfers. For those traveling with family, Búzios has beaches where the sea is warm and calm, and the sand is soft  and it even has natural pools that children could play and swim in. Praia da Ferradura, Ferradurinha, Praia de Joao Fernandes, Praia da Azeda, Azedinha and Praia Tartaruga are all beaches perfect for children and families. Most of these beaches have crystal clear water and would be ideal for those who wish to do some snorkeling.

While the primary attraction of Búzios is its many wonderful beaches, there are several attractions inland as well. Taua Reserve and the mountains of Emerencias are two reserves in Búzios that tourist might enjoy visiting. Visitors to Taua reserve are allowed to feed the wild animals with fruits that they are provided in containers, along the natural walkway. The reserve is also home to several hundred species of colorful birds. Reservations must be made in advance for tourist to visit this park. The Mountains of Emerencias offer many pathways suitable for hiking and mountain biking, some visitors might even be lucky enough to see the endangered Golden Lion Monkeys. Sana Waterfall is another beautiful area not to be missed, offering visitors breathtaking views and a relaxing environment. Escorrega is one of the waterfalls along the way; here children can slide down natural rocks through the waterfall into the pool below.

Rua das Pedras, Búzios downtown is always buzzing with activity and is where most of the tourists shop. The street has much to offer with many restaurants; where tourist could enjoys some fantastic seafood, which the town is famous for, as well as sophisticated boutiques and a variety of shops, and is considered the best shopping area.  

Nearby Airports

The closest airport is Benedito Lacerda Airport, which has domestic flights and is located approximately 77 kilometres from Búzios’s city center. The closest major international airport is Rio de Janeiro-Galeão International Airport, which is located approximately 183 kilometres away. 

Halal Restaurants

There are no known halal restaurants in Búzios or in the nearby area.  Muslim travelers could dine in vegetarian or seafood restaurants or choose vegetarian dishes at a restaurant where pork dishes are not served and they will have to ensure that these dishes do not consist of any non-halal items. They also need to be aware that alcohol is served in most restaurants. 


There are no mosques in Búzios, however there are a few mosques in Rio de Janeiro that Muslim travelers could use if necessary. Sociedade Beneficente Muculmana, or Society for the Benefit of Muslims is located in Tijuca a northern district of Rio, and Mesquita da Luz is another mosque in Rio that Muslim travelers can make use of if needed. However due to the difficulty in finding appropriate prayer facilities close to Búzios, Muslim travelers are advised to offer their prayers in their hotel rooms if possible. 

Things to Do and See in Búzios

  • Mirante de Joao Fernandes
  • Oriat Bardot Boardwalk
  • Rua das Pedras
  • Projeto Coral Vivo
  • Ponta da Lagoinha
  • Armacao Beach
  • Ferradurinha Beach
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