Szeged is the economic and cultural center of, and is the largest city and regional centre of the Southern Great Plain and the county town of Csongrád County. It is one of the largest cities in Hungary and is only a two-hour drive from Budapest. ...more

Szeged, Hungary



Szeged is the economic and cultural center of, and is the largest city and regional centre of the Southern Great Plain and the county town of Csongrád County. It is one of the largest cities in Hungary and is only a two-hour drive from Budapest.  The town is home to several museums, green areas, parks and squares, historical buildings and landmarks, food and textiles industries, synagogues and churches and so much more. Szeged was rebuilt following a flood that damaged the town in 1879. It was modeled after large European cities, with large green areas and wide roads. There are however quite a few well-preserved buildings in Szeged that are definitely worth visiting. Szeged is also quite popular for cultivating paprika; which is part of the exhibition at the Pick Museum. This popular tourist city is popular in the summer for its great weather, sandy beaches and swimming pools that lie across the River Tisza, within the Ujszeged district. Muslim tourists will be able to find a small number of Muslim-friendly facilities including Halal food and prayer facilities in Szeged.

Szeged has several landmarks that are frequented by tourists from all around the world, these include; the Town Hall, the New Synagogue, as well as the numerous monuments and historical buildings located around the Széchenyi Tér and the Dom Tér. Dom Tér is said to be the most beautiful square in Szeged. It is located near Heroes' Gate and is home to some of Szeged’s most significant landmarks, monuments and attractions. The neo-baroque town hall is located in the Széchenyi Tér, which is also home to many other notable attractions.

Those with kids will definitely enjoy a day out at Szeged Zoo, which is also known as Szegedi Vadaspark. The zoo is located in an oak forest in the suburbs of Szeged and is said to cover approximately 32 acres, and is said to be the largest zoo in Hungary. Home to around 700 species and therefore a variety of animals, the zoo is the perfect attraction for the entire family. Visitors to Szeged Zoo will come across eagle owls, wild boars, kangaroos, marmosets and so much more.

Napfenyfurdo Aquapolis Szeged is another great place to take kids. This aqua-park offers pools, chutes and slides, saunas and sprinklers, as well as an outdoor thermal pool, medical pools, an aromatherapy room and so much more. The Napfenyfurdo Aquapolis Szeged offers facilities for all ages and visitors are known to spend an entire day here.

Szeged also houses numerous thermal baths that are ideal for those looking to relax and unwind. Anna Fürd; which was recently renovated, features spas, saunas and thermal pools. Also a must-visit is the historic Thermálfür. If time permits; tourists must pay a visit to the thermal Soda Salt Lake- located around 10 kilometres from central Szeged, within the Sziksófürdo.

Other must-visit’s in Szeged, include; Reök Palace, the Bridge of Sighs, Parapak, Castle Garden, River Tisza and the Mora Ferenc Museum.

Nearby Airports

The closest international airport to Szeged is in Budapest: the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport. This airport is located approximately 149 kilometres from the center of Szeged, and can be reached by private and public transport. The Swedish; Kikinda Airport, is a domestic airport that is located approximately 85 kilometres away, and Arad International Airport; in Romania is located approximately 109 kilometres away.

Halal Restaurants

There are no known Halal restaurants in Szeged; however ABC –Keleti Elelmiszer is a Turkish store that is said to sell Halal items and meats. This will be ideal for visitors who have the facilities to prepare their own meals. Muslim visitors can also dine at local seafood or vegetarian restaurants after making sure the dishes served do not consist of any non-Halal item. They should be aware that restaurants in Szeged do serve alcohol. A must-try when in Szeged is the Szeged Fisherman's Soup; which consists of catfish and carp.


There is one prominent mosque in Szeged, the Makkah Mosque, which is located in downtown Szeged. Muslim tourists can make use of the facilities at this mosque if needed. Another option is for Muslims to offer their prayers in the privacy of their hotel room or to simply enquire with locals for a private area in the vicinity that can be made use of when traveling outdoors.

Things to Do and See in Szeged

  • Szeged Zoo
  • St Demetrius Tower
  • Castle Garden
  • Arad Martyrs Square
  • Parapark
  • Napfenyfurdo Aquapolis
  • Szeged Botanical Gardens
  • Újszeged
  • Palais Reök
  • Bridge of Sighs
  • Town Hall
  • River Tisza
  • Dóm Square
  • Széchenyi Square
  • Heroes' Gate
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