The capital and the largest city of Peru, Lima is a great place to visit. The city offers excellent attractions, colourful streets and city squares surrounded by cafes and restaurants where all the activity happens. For a Muslim visitor to Lima there are not many masjids or halal restaurants....more

Lima, Peru



The capital and the largest city of Peru, Lima is a great place to visit. The city offers excellent attractions, colourful streets and city squares surrounded by cafes and restaurants where all the activity happens. For a Muslim visitor to Lima there are not many masjids or halal restaurants.

Halal Restaurants

Finding halal food in Lima is difficult. There is one place that offers halal food; Shawarma at Av. Oscar Benavides, Lima, Mascate, Peru. However, there are a number of vegetarian restaurants in the city where one can dine. Some of these vegetarian restaurants are mentioned below.

  • Alma Zen (Organic & Vegan) at Recavarren 298, Miraflores, Lima.
  • La Gran Fruta (Vegetarian) at Av. Reducto 1350. Miraflores | Ovalo Gutierrez. Cine Alcazar, Lima.
  • Bircher Benner (Vegetarian) at Av. Larco 413 Miraflores | 2nd floor, Lima.
  • El Paraiso de la Salud (Vegetarian) at Camana 344 San isidro, Lima.

It is best to ask at the masjids about availability of halal food in the city.


There is a small population of Muslims in Peru mainly consisting of people of Middle Eastern descent and from Africa and Central Asia. There are a few masjids in the city that are mentioned below.

  • Asociacion Islamca Del Peru at Jiron Tacna 556, Magdalena del Mar, Lima 17.
  • Mezquita An Nur at Jiron Oxapampa 423-103, Distrito de Brena, Lima.

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  • Travel In The Future: Travel Trends You Should Look Out For In 2020

    Halal tourism is a booming market, expanding rapidly in the global trend. The demand is speculated to increase in years to come as the Muslim population around the world is growing. We have seen how some destinations have embraced the Halal tourism trend by ensuring they are Muslim friendly, providing Halal cuisine and the information needed for one to consider when traveling. Let's have a look at some of the travel trends that you should look out for in 2020! via GIPHY 1. The "Muslim Social Impact Travel" Spirit Credit Image: Annie Spratt on Unsplash  Islam has taught us to foster good relations with our society. We are taught to care for the less fortunate, extending help and charity as much as possible. Leading a balanced life and being eco-friendly without causing harm to nature is also in tune with Islamic beliefs. The younger generation seeks to make more cultural and social impact when travelling instead of just travelling for leisure. Apart from having a fun trip, they want a trip that adds values and make meaningful experiences. These trips enable them to give back to society, making a positive impact and minimize harm to the environment.Opting to buy from local businesses over large corporations is an example of keeping this spirit alive. In this manner, the skills and livelihood of locals are recognized and valued. Combining travel with volunteering has been made possible too. An organization like WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) links volunteers to farmers in building a sustainable community. How else can you attain an enjoyable yet fulfilling trip with incredible learning experiences?  With the rise of this travel spirit, service providers that implement travel packages that align with social values are more likely to attract a greater pool of audiences.  2. Catering Off-track Destinations to Muslim Travelers Credit Image: Andreas Wagner on Unsplash Over-tourism can be a factor for popular destinations to lose its hype. More and more travelers are searching for the less-traveled destinations, away from tourist hotspots. These destinations are less crowded and often provides a more authentic experience. The fact that it is untainted by tourists may be attractive to Muslim travelers as they are more attracted to a unique and exotic experience before they become mainstream. However, the setback of travelling to these destinations lies in certain travel considerations of a Muslim traveler, like the ability to find Halal food.  An example of an off-track destination is Brunei. Brunei receives approximately 259,000 visitors annually, which makes it a less-traveled destination. Brunei will be a perfect destination for a Muslim traveler as they cater to the Muslim travel needs. With these consumer preferences in mind, destinations may have to embrace the diverse needs of travellers in order to continue attracting them, which includes catering to the faith-based needs of Muslim travellers. 3. Overcoming Islamophobia  Credit Image: T. Chick McClure on Unsplash The issue of Islamophobia is no longer foreign to most of us. We have seen how it has elevated to hate crime in certain parts of the world. It might be a concern for a Muslim traveler to consider going on a trip to destinations where Islamophobia is widespread. Like any other travelers, safety and security are a priority for Muslim travelers.  As we enter Halal Travel 2.0 with technology as an important driver, we find that more Muslim travelers are able to make meticulous decisions with regards to their next destination. This is attributed to the increase in digital tools as well as the effect of technology in making the world more interconnected. We can get information within seconds with official news channels and social media. The unlimited information obtained through social media and official news sites thus assures both current and future travelers when making informed decisions for their next destination. This becomes important as destinations continue to provide more Muslim-friendly services and are dedicated to improving the local climate for travelers.  4. The Global Travel Wallet Credit Image: Jonas Leupe on Unsplash As mentioned earlier, technology continues to influence our daily life. Advanced security in face recognition and thumbprint technology makes e-wallet and mobile payment possible. It has gained popularity amongst travelers, providing ease while guaranteeing safety. More merchants are making digital payment methods available, promising efficiency, security, and convenience for travelers.Muslim travelers can thus enjoy digital transactions without worries as FinTech companies offer value-added service. Traditional banks understand the need for e-commerce payment transactions for their Muslim clients, thus motivating them to introduce financial services to facilitate travel needs.  5. Drivers of Muslim Female Travelers Growth Credit Image: Noorulabdeen Ahmad on Unsplash With almost 45% of the Muslim travel market comprising of Muslim women, we can expect to see more activities caterred to this group of travelers. According to another report by Crescentrating published last year, two-thirds of the women travelers are below the age of 40. And half of them use social media to arrange for accommodation and dining. The influence of social media also shapes the activities engaged by these group of travelers.A small travel company, Intrepid Travel offers tours that cater to women only. Although the choices are currently limited, female travelers can experience the culture and traditions that another country has to offer.We hope that with more initiatives driven by a company, it will inspire more companies to run similar or better initiatives to provide such inclusive services that cater to the female Muslim travelers. This will capture the market of female Muslim travelers with more services like these in place.  6. The Rise Of Halal Gastronomy   Credit Image: Fabrizio Magoni on Unsplash With the growth of Muslim travelers around the world, destinations have seen the need to expand the Halal food industry. More services and operators are redesigning their culinary activities to include Muslim-friendly gastronomy tours and activities. Muslim travelers are also keen in participating in food tours and festivals as an experience to immerse in different cultural experiences. This would impact the food industry and lead to new developments to diversify and include the Halal culinary.  Taking Japan as an example, it has embraced the Halal gastronomy and has been organizing Halal Expo every year since 2014. As of last year, there has been a growth in vendors that offers culinary ranging from Halal to Muslim-friendly food and beverages. 7. The Daud Kim Effect Credit Image: Kushagra Kevat on Unsplash Daud Kim is a former Korean singer turn popular vlogger, who now brings his viewers with him through his journey into Islam. With massive subscribers in his Youtube channel, it is no doubt that young Muslims find him relatable and enjoy his content.His videos have been inspirational as he shares with the viewers the faith-based needs of a Muslim. His simple yet unique style videos doesn't only cater to Muslims, but also non-Muslims. Apart from promoting a Muslim-friendly environment and sharing travel needs to the world, the Daud Kim Effect also continue to play a significant role in reducing stereotypes and changing preconceived perceptions of Muslim travelers. Through creating a positive impact, this trend will help in shaping a better travel market for Muslim travelers. 8. The Ertugrul Phenomenon Credit Image: Krists Luhaers on Unsplash It is no surprise that dramas and movies can influence one's decision to travel. Movies like Lord of The Rings had travelers flock to New Zealand. Meanwhile, the Korean Wave, which saw the spread of K-dramas and K-pop all over the world, has made South Korea a popular tourist destination. Resurrection Ertugrul, a Turkish television drama series inspired by Islamic history and heritage, is one of those well-produced shows that has made Sorgut, the town where this series was shot at, a popular tourist destination.Apart from its entertainment value, these shows have effectively revived the interest of Muslims to learn more about these past figures and history. The increasing popularity of these shows will continue to impact the travel market as it piques the travelers' curiousity. via GIPHY There you have it, the travel trends that you should look out for in 2020. We've seen how there's a rise in the Halal tourism trend as many countries are adopting more Muslim-friendly services. With these travel trends increasingly catered to the Muslim community, Muslim travellers can be rest assured and plan their next destination with ease. ...

  • 5 Salon Hijab-friendly di Singapura, Penyelamat Krisis Rambut

    Hai, Hijabers! Sedang butuh gaya rambut yang baik atau perawatan rambut di tempat yang rileks? Saya juga merasakannya, dan memang sulit untuk menemukan rekomendasi salon yang Hijab-friendly. Hijab–friendly bagiku artinya memiliki ruang privasi dan lingkungan yang khusus untuk wanita berhijab agar kita bebas untuk menggerai rambut. via GIPHY Poin tambahannya, termasuk bahan-bahan produk yang digunakan semua halal, begitupun produk untuk perawatan rambut. Sehingga, kita benar-benar merasakan pengalaman yang terjamin Halal yang dibutuhkan untuk perawatan rambut kita. Kabar baik! Baca lebih lanjut tentang Hijab-Friendly Salon yang melayani berbagai budget. 1. Pearlista Kredit Foto: Pearlista di Facebook “Like a Pearl in a Shell” adalah tagline untuk Salon kecantikan lokal ini yang secara masif menjadi popular sebagai Salon Muslimah di Singapura. Ditemukan oleh influencer, Nura J (anda bisa cek di instagram), mereka memiliki 3 outlet yang lebih nyaman bagimu untuk janjian bersama sahabat. Outlet-outletnya berada di kawasan yang strategis yaitu di Eunos, Clementi, dan Orchard. Pilihlah berbagai perawatan rambut, dari gaya standar dan perawatan Blow hingga perawatan Deep silk moisture. Harga berkisar dari $28 untuk Dry cut hingga $200 untuk Rebounding. Perawatan rambutnya kompetitif berkisar antara $45-70. Mereka bahkan menawarkan paket kombo, sehingga lebih hemat dengan Paket Potong+Colouring+Perawatan Argan dari harga $120! Pertama, lakukan reservasi di websitenya dan kamu siap untuk menjadi “Like a Pearl in a Shell” di Salon Pearlista! Pearlista@EunosAlamat: Icon@Changi, B1-02                228 Changi Roadl, Singapura 419741                (Di sebelah bangunan PKMS)Telepon: 64431435 Pearlista@ClementiAlamat: City Vibe Clementi, #02-08                3151 Commonwealth Ave West, Singapura 129581                (Di sebelah Clementi Mall)Telepon: 62531422 Pearlista@OrchardAlamat: Far East Plaza, #03-76C                14 Scotts Road, Singapura 228213Telepon: 62354465 Situs Web | Facebook | Instagram 2. KARVA Kredit Foto: KARVA di Facebook Salon lokal yang juga cukup terkenal yaitu Karva, didirikan oleh Rozza Ramli, berkembang di Singapore dan Malaysia yang dimiliki oleh Artis Nora Danish! Salon ini dikhususkan untuk wanita dengan pelayanan rambut yang lebih beragam termasuk perawatan rambut dari ketombe hingga perawatan kuku (Hello, Manicure dan Pedicure!). Anda akan dilayani selayaknya ratu di sini oleh staf yang ramah dan professional dan yang anda perlukan hanyalah rileks! Harganya berkisar dari $20 untuk potong rambut dan dari $80 untuk perawatan rambut berketombe. Untuk Manicure dan Pedicure, harganya cukup terjangkau dari $15 untuk perawatan ekspres! Catat untuk Pelajar : Salon ini juga menawarkan harga spesial untuk Pelajar dari Selasa hingga kamis! CentralAlamat: 73A Bussorah Street, Singapura 199486Jam Buka: 11am-8pm (Senin - Sabtu) | 11am-5pm (Minggu)​Telepon: 62911205 EastAlamat: East Village                430 Upper Changi Road #01-95, Singapura 487048Jam Buka: 11am-8pm (Senin - Sabtu) | 11am-5pm (Minggu)Telepon: 63847311 WestAlamat: JCube                2 Jurong East Central 1 #B1-16A, Singapura 609731Jam Buka: 11am – 8pm (Senin - Minggu)Telepon: 62622217Situs Web | Facebook | Instagram 3. Jason Sally Kredit Foto: Jason Sally di Facebook Berlokasi di Basement Our Tampines Hub, Jason Sally merupakan salon rambut yang cocok untuk muslimah! Menawarkan ruang privasi untuk pelanggan Muslim, benar-benar inklusif! Tak hanya itu, Jason Sally mempromosikan pelayanan pilihan Manicure dan Pedicure juga yang cocok untuk wanita muslim. Harga untuk potongan rambut dari $20 (tergantung panjang rambut) dan juga memiliki harga diskon spesial untuk siswa! JasonSally @ Festive Mall, Our Tampines HubAlamat: 1 Tampines Walk #B1-33/34                Singapura 528523Jam Buka: 10am – 10pm (Senin - Jumat)                    10am – 8pm (Sabtu & Minggu)Telepon: +65 63868393                  +65 63868332 Situs Web | Facebook | Instagram 3. SWEE SALON Foto Kredit: Swee di Facebook Dalam komunitas multi-budaya dan multi-agama di Singapore, maka selalu menyenangkan ketika bisnis-bisnis dilakukan secara inklusif dan mengakomodasi kebutuhan berbagai jenis gaya hidup. SWEE menawarkan program Muslimah Mondays, dimana para pelanggan wanita dapat mengatur jadwal untuk perawatan rambut. Brand lokal ini memberi kita kebebasan untuk memilih hairdo yang diinginkan sesuai dengan ajaran islam. Lokasinya pun strategis di pusat Singapore dekat dengan banyak Makanan Halal dan Café-café! Hanya melalui reservasi. Alamat: 751 North Bridge Road,                Jalan Kledek, #02-02                Singapura 198719Telepon: 8414 9163Situs Web | Facebook 4. Efen Reyes Hair & Beauty Salon Kredit Foto: Efen Reyes Hair & Beauty Salon di Facebook Efen Reyes Hair & Beauty Salon Tepat di pertengahan Pasir Ris, Efen Reyes adalah tempat faforit bagi masyarakat setempat yang berada dekat dengan jantung Mall Loyang Point. Salon yang ramah ini menawarkan ruangan terpisah khusus untuk Muslimah. Tempat khusus Pria di salon ini disebut Boyz To Men, jadi sempurna untuk pasangan untuk potong rambut di tempat yang sama! Terbaiknya adalah biaya pelayanannya terjangkau, potong rambut untuk wanita hanya seharga $15. Alamat: Pasir Ris Street 21                 Singapura 510258Telepon: 6583 4768Facebook BONUS: Winn's Home Salon Foto Kredit: Winn's Home Salon Salon ini merupakan tempat faforit bagi yang sudah kenal, WINN terkenal sebagai Salon Rumah yang Ramah di daerah Tampines sejak 2007. Dengan harga yang sangat kompetitif (potong rambut hanya dari $9), WINN menawarkan pengalaman yang privasi untuk perawatan rambut. Salon rumah ini lengkap peralatannya, selayaknya Salon Super Profesional. Alamat: Blk 245 Tampines Street 21,                Singapura 521245Telepon: 8121 8066 (WhatsApp/SMS)Situs Web | Alamat Email   Antusias tentang hal-hal kecil dalam hidup.  ...

  • 7 Restoran Jepang Halal di Kuala Lumpur

    Ada pepatah mengatakan bahwa sushi itu membagi orang menjadi dua tipe – Mereka yang menyukai atau membencinya. Bagi pecinta sushi, artikel ini cocok untuk kamu! Sebenarnya terdapat banyak makanan khas Jepang selain sushi, bisa jadi rasa – rasa baru lainnya akan juga menggugah selera kamu. via GIPHY Memang sulit menemukan restoran khas Jepang yang menyajikan makanan Halal di Kuala Lumpur, karena meskipun dagingnya Halal, makanan yang disajikan cenderung menggunakan mirin dan anggur beras. Kami ingin memberikan kamu pengalaman menyantap makanan khas Jepang yang luar biasa dan Halal di Kuala Lumpur, jadi simak deh restoran – restoran Halal khas Jepang di KL berikut ini: 1. Sushi King Kredit Foto: Sushi King di Facebook Ini bisa jadi adalah restoran paling terkenal di KL, kebanyakan orang pergi ke Sushi King untuk memuaskan rasa ingin makan sushi mereka. Ada banyak pilihan menu tersedia di restoran ini, dari buffet sampai à la carte, dan lebih kerennya lagi jika tidak ada menu yang kamu inginkan di buffet, kamu bisa memesannya secara terpisah. Sushi King jelas merupakan salah satu restoran sushi buffet terbaik yang terbaik di Kuala Lumpur, meskipun begitu mereka tetap memiliki variasi menu yang banyak jadi walaupun makanan khas Jepang bukanlah makanan favorit kamu, dijamin kamu akan menemukan sesuatu yang kamu suka disana! Temukan di: Ada lebih dari 100 outlet di Malaysia, jadi Kamu pasti menemukan satu di dekat kamu 2. Sukiya Malaysia Kredit Foto: Sukiya Malaysia di Facebook Bersertifikat halal, Sukiya Malaysia menyajikan makanan Jepang seperti masakan lokal - tanpa daging babi dan kandungan alkohol - maka jika kamu sedang mendambakan semangkuk mie ramen, kamu tahu harus ke mana. Salah satu restoran Jepang tertua di Malaysia, Sukiya Malaysia telah dibuka sejak 1982 dan mereka paham benar tentang cara memperlakukan pelanggannya. Datang langsung dari Jepang, suasana restoran ini adalah budaya pop Jepang dengan makanan khas Jepang seperti Gyudon, Kari Jepang dan Chicken Bowl, dan yang terakhir tentunya Ramen. Temukan di: Restoran ini kebanyakan berada di mall. Dua outlet yang paling terkenal di Kuala Lumpur adalah di Mid Valley Mega Mall dan Sunway Velocity Mall. 3. Ramen Village Kredit Foto: Ramen Village di Facebook Tempat lain untuk memanjakan diri kamu dengan mie Ramen adalah Ramen Village – nama yang menggambarkan isi menu dari tempat tersebut. Rasa yang disajikan sangat mantap lebih lagi mereka bahkan menawarkan hidangan fusion, gabungan antara masakan khas Jepang dengan cita rasa Thailand dan Korea, yang disesuaikan dengan standar Halal. Kuah kaldu miso adalah salah satu menu yang terbaik disajikan dengan ayam yang begitu lembut sehingga hanya hancur berantakan. Karena harganya, restoran ini bukanlah restoran yang tepat untuk kunjungan rutin, tetapi sangat layak kok untuk dicoba sekali-kali. Temukan di: NU Sentral, Lot L5 09, No. 201, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, 50470, Kuala Lumpur 4. Agehan Japanese Restaurant, Grant BlueWave Hotel Kredit Foto: Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam di Facebook Kalau kamu mencari restoran Jepang tipe fine dining di KL, maka Agehan adalah tempat yang harus kamu datangi. Restoran Jepang bersertifikat halal ini berada di hotel bintang lima, tetapi mereka memiliki berbagai menu dengan macam - macam kisaran harga. Bermewah ria dengan menu à la carte untuk fine dining, atau pilih menu buffet dengan harga terjangkau di akhir pekan. Menu unggulan Agehan adalah masakan tradisional Jepang - seperti Hosomaki Sushi, Nigiri dan Makimono - serta sentuhan rasa lokal pada masakan seperti Tuna Mayo Maki dengan Cili padi (cabai mata burung). Restoran ini adalah salah satu restoran Jepang terbaik di Lembah Klang. Temukan di: Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam, Persiaran Perbkamuran, Seksyen 14, 40000 Shah Alam. 5. Wagyu Kokoro Kredit Foto: Wagyu Kokoro di Facebook Pastinya tidak mudah untuk menemukan Wagyu Yakiniku Halal di KL. Eiitsss.. tunggu dulu dan jangan berkecil hati! Karena Wagyu Kokoro ada untuk kamu. "Yakiniku" sendiri, yang artinya adalah daging panggang menjelaskan menu yang mereka sajikan. Benar saja, disini kamu bisa memanggang - panggang sendiri daging beef Halal pilihan chef mereka yang kualitasnya di atas rata - rata yaitu tingkatan A4 sampai A5. Mantap bukan? Selain daging beefnya yang lezat, mereka juga menyajikan menu berbahan ayam dan seafood yang segar. Menu yang disajikan ada beberapa tipe, dari menu pedas dan tidak pedas, serta dari menu set yang bisa dimakan 2 sampai 6 orang dan menu terpisah. Semua makanan yang disajikan pasti nendang. Selain itu, tempat ini memang cocok sekali untuk berkumpul bersama keluarga tersayang dan teman - teman kamu. Jangan lupa untuk mencoba Chicken Yakitori dan Kokoro Spicy Seafood Stew-nya, ya! Temukan di: Jalan Teknologi 2/1C Signature Park, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia 6. Pepper Lunch Express Kredit Foto: PepperLunch Malaysia di Facebook Meskipun salah satu outlet Pepper Lunch Express yang berada di Pavilion ditutup, mereka masih memiliki cabang di beberapa food court tertentu yang masih buka. Spesialisasi masakan Pepper Lunch adalah hidangan lada mereka (hampir semuanya sih) dan masakan disini paling enak dimakan langsung waktu sedang panas - panasnya. Coba deh Pepper Rice mereka yang diberi berbagai pilihan daging atau seafood dicampur dengan semua saus dan topping yang mereka tawarkan untuk membuat lidahmu bergoyang. Siap – siap ya terkena tendangan panasnya! Where to find: Bukit Bintang Food Court, Pavillion Food Court 7. Toyyiban Sushi, Bangi Getaway Kredit Foto: Toyyiban Sushi di Facebook Satu-satunya restoran sushi milik seorang Muslim, Toyyiban Sushi adalah bisnis milik sebuah keluarga yang dimulai oleh salah satu anggotanya yang merupakan orang asli Malaysia yang pernah belajar di Jepang. Meskipun tidak memiliki banyak pilihan pada menu mereka, restoran ini membuat orang muslim nyaman karena hidangan yang mereka sajikan adalah hidangan Halal terbaik di Kuala Lumpur. Selain sushi goreng renyah, mereka juga menyajikan hidangan mie seperti Udon, Soba dan Bento dengan harga yang pas. Mereka menawarkan sentuhan lokal pada kecap pedas (sambal kecap) yang dicampur dengan wasabi. Fakta menarik tentang restoran ini adalah bahwa restoran ini dinamai berdasarkan ayat Al-Qur'an loh! Dimana umat Islam diperintahkan untuk makan makanan murni, murni - Halalan Toyyiban – jadi pastinya kamu bisa yakin bahwa yang kamu makan disini itu makanan Halal! Temukan di: Bangi Gateway Shopping Complex, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor Darul Ehsan Itu tadi adalah beberapa restoran Jepang halal terenak di KL, jadi sekarang kamu bisa memuaskan hasrat ingin makan sushi atau masakan Jepang kamu di restoran – restoran diatas. Dari ikan bakar, sticky chicken, sashimi segar, atau wasabi yang nendang, buffet dan menu yang menyediakan semua yang kamu inginkan. Makanya, simak terus Aplikasi HalalTrip agar kamu bisa memberikan pendapatmu tentang tempat-tempat tadi, menu favorit kamu, dan jangan ragu deh untuk share tentang temuan - temuan kamu saat traveling langsung ke kami....

  • 4 Restoran High-Tea dan Brunch Halal Paling Hits di Singapura

    Ini dia tempat-tempat High-Tea Halal di Singapura terbaik menurut HalalTrip - karena banyak tempat yang mungkin menawarkan High-Tea tapi belum tentu Halal! via GIPHY Kalau kamu berasal dari Asia atau Inggris, pasti kamu sering atau suka minum teh – yah, paling tidak hidangan teh bukanlah sesuatu yang asing bagimu. Adanya teh di meja, menjadikan hari lebih hangat, kita bisa berkumpul menghabiskan waktu, bercerita tentang hari ini atau kabar kehidupan masing - masing, bahkan mungkin hanya sekedar ingin bersantai saja, tanpa harus memakan makanan yang terlalu berat. Lebih serunya, hidangan High-Tea ini akan membuat makanan besertanya menjadi dua kali lebih menarik. Bayangkan saja jika hidangan halal yang biasanya hanya bisa dilihat di MasterChef tiba-tiba disajikan didepanmu, pasti akan jadi sebuah pengalaman yang tidak mudah terlupakan! via GIPHY 1. Carousel di Royal Plaza on Scotts Kredit Foto: Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore di Facebook High-Tea ala Carousel bisa dilihat dari buffet makan siangnya – pilihan bervariasi dengan citarasa yang istimewa. Restoran halal hits yang satu ini punya berbagai macam makanan sesuai dengan selera kamu. Makanan laut? Ada. Makanan pedas? Ada juga. Masih banyak yang lain, termasuk Chinese food, hidangan Singapura, wafel, makanan penutup yang panas, dingin, atau makanan dengan nama yang sangat unik, membuatmu bahkan tidak yakin apa yang kamu masukkan ke dalam mulutmu, Carousel punya semuanya! Mampirlah di Royal Plaza on Scotts untuk menyelami lezatnya masakan Carousel. Nah, harga pada hari kerja dan akhir pekan berbeda ya. Harga High-Tea Rata-Rata: Hari Kerja (Sen-Kam): Dewasa $ 49,43 nett, Anak $ 31,78 nettAkhir Pekan (Jumat-Minggu) & Libur Umum: Dewasa $ 56,50 nett, Anak $ 37,66 nettWaktu High Tea: 03:30 - 17:30Alamat: 25 Scotts Rd, Tingkat Lobi, Royal Plaza on Scotts, Royal Plaza, 228220Tempat Beribadah Terdekat: Royal Plaza on Scotts @ 2nd floorTelepon: +65 6589 7799 Situs Web  2. Tiffany Cafe & Restaurant di Furama City Centre Kredit Foto: Tiffany Café & Restaurant di Facebook Walaupun Tiffany Cafe & Restaurant hanya menyajikan high-tea di akhir pekan, kafe ini adalah salah satu pilihan terbaik untuk menikmati high-tea. Makanan yang mereka sajikan memang tidak terlalu bervariasi karena harga yang mereka patok untuk cukup murah dibandingkan dengan tempat lain. Meskipun begitu karena banyaknya menu dessert mereka, kurangnya variasi makanan gurih mereka menjadi tidak signifikan. Tiffany Cafe & Restaurant terkenal dengan masakan Melayu internasionalnya, dan cita rasa yang mereka hidangkan lebih condong ke citarasa lokal daripada citarasa lainnya. Harga High-Tea Rata-Rata: Dewasa: S $ 19,90 ++, Anak: S $ 12,90 ++ (per orang)Waktu High Tea: Sabtu & Minggu, 14:45 hingga 17:30Alamat: 60 Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapura 059804Masjid Terdekat: Masjid Jamae Chulia dan Masjid Omar Kampong MelakaTelepon: +65 6531 5366Telepon: +65 6531 5366 Situs Web 3. Penny University Foto Kredit: Penny University di Facebook Penny University ini adalah salah satu restoran yang dimiliki oleh orang muslim. Tempat ini cukup terkenal dan selalu ramai dikunjungi orang - orang. Tak heran, karena makanan yang mereka sajikan cukup menggugah selera. Walaupun tidak menyajikan menu High-Tea, tempat ini menyajikan menu sarapan dan makan siang, lebih singkatnya Brunch dan berbagai macam desserts yang manis. Disini kamu bisa mengajak keluarga kecilmu untuk datang karena menu yang mereka sajikan cocok untuk semua umur. Ada berbagai macam kreasi waffle, kue, sandwich, salad hingga Mediterranean Breakfastnya yang bikin penasaran. Selain itu, mereka juga menyajikan teh dan kopi loh! Harga Brunch Rata-Rata: $ 6 - $ 16Waktu Brunch: (All Day Brunch) 8.30 - 10 PMAlamat: 402 E Coast Rd, Singapura 428997Masjid Terdekat: Masjid KassimTelepon: +65 6345 9055 Situs Web 4. Lynn's Cakes & Coffee Foto Kredit: Lynn's Cakes di Facebook Jika kamu mencari tempat untuk bersantai bersama pasanganmu, maka Lynn's Cakes & Coffee-lah tempat yang harus kamu kunjungi. Karena ukuran bangunannya yang mini, disini, kamu bisa lebih dekat mengobrol dengan suami atau istrimu. Manjakan satu sama lain dengan hidangan manis mereka yang yummy! Selain itu, mereka salah satu kafe dengan sertifikasi Halal juga lo, jadi tidak perlu ragu. Disini, kamu bisa pesan Carrot Cake dan Dark Chocolate Heavennya yang pasti akan membuat Quality Time kamu di akhir pekan bersama pasangan lebih menyenangkan. Selain desserts mereka juga menyajikan menu makan siang mereka, yaitu macam - macam kreasi Pasta sampai Nasi Lemak. Jangan lupa pesan teh dan kopinya ya! Harga menu rata - rata: $6 - $22Waktu Buka: 11.00-19.00 (Selasa-Kamis), 11.00-21.00 (Jumat & Sabtu), 11.00-20:00 (Minggu), tutup pada hari SeninAlamat: 11 Eng Kong Terrace, Singapura 598983Tempat Sholat Terdekat: Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Masjid Ar-RaudhahTelepon: +65 6314 2886 Situs Web Bonus! Asian Market Cafe di Fairmont Hotel Foto Kredit: Asian Market Cafe di Facebook Walaupun menu high-tea sudah dihapus oleh pihak Asian Market Cafe, di akhir pekan, mereka telah memperpanjang jam makan siangnya, loh! Memang sih, waktu menikmati high tea itu di ada diantara jam makan siang dan makan malam, tapi hidangan buffet disini cukup mengenyangkan, dengan menu favorit seperti biryani dan dhal, sup mie, salad DIY, ayam tandoori dan banyak lagi. Sejak sertifikasi Halal pada 2010, Asian Market Cafe telah menjadi hotspot bagi pecinta makanan Muslim. Suasananya santai meskipun merupakan restoran di hotel bintang lima, stafnya ramah-ramah, dan makanannya lezat. Orang – orang yang datang kebanyakan merupakan langganan karena sekalinya mencoba, kamu pasti akan ingin kembali. Kalau diantara makanan ini; Asia - Chinese, Melayu, Jepang, dan India adalah favoritmu, pasti kamu restoran ini akan menjadi restoran favorit barumu. Banyak makanan tersedia khusus untuk memanjakan lidahmu – makanan manis, makanan laut, atau makanan porsi besar semuanya ada! Jangan lupa untuk pesan meja terlebih dahulu ya, supaya kebagian tempat! Harga Makan Siang Rata-Rata: $ 58 ++ (Dewasa), $ 31 ++ (Anak)Jam Makan Siang: Senin hingga Jumat: 12:00 hingga 14:30, Sabtu & Minggu: 12:00 hingga 16:00Alamat: 80 Bras Basah Rd, Fairmont Singapore, Level 2Tempat Sholat Terdekat: Swissotel The Stamford Hotel @ lantai 2 antara G2000 dan Gudang, Peninsula Shopping Centre @ keluar di seberang toko # B1-08 dan Masjid Burhani.Telepon: +65 6431 6156 Situs Web...

  • Experience Halal Local Hospitality at Tinhat Boutique Hotel & Restaurant When You're In Davao City, Philippines

    The word Tinhat originates from Arabic which means greenfield in the desert where lovely desert flowers grow. Situated in Davao, Tinhat Boutique Hotel and Restaurant is granted as a boutique hotel with exceptional service and hospitality in Davao city. Flaunting a homely Filipino environment, furnished with complete amenities for visitors' solace, including wireless internet access, an air conditioner, ironing facilities, and an LCD television. Visitors can feast at the on-location eatery that serves an assortment of heavenly cooking styles. Offering quality convenience with inviting accommodation, Tinhat Boutique Hotel and Restaurant is a perfect spot to put yourself up when in Davao. Tinhat company, Inc. is a Philippine enrolled private hospitality enterprise working together under the name and style of Tinhat Boutique Hotel and Restaurant. It is a family partnership carefully watching the halal respectability and advancing the Muslim-accommodating society to the world's voyagers. It is an 18-room hotel structured and outfitted in a themed way to suit the individual taste of solace at a reasonable price. It has an on-location halal affirmed kitchen to cook for both Muslim and non-Muslim visitors for their dietary necessities and to guarantee that every single dietary prerequisite is given in the agreement to the Islamic faith. The slogan 'Home Sweeter Than Home' mirrors the Tinhat climate that is uncommonly not the same as the homogenous hotel condition, in fact, a home better than home for each visitor around the globe. The course in setting up Tinhat was fresh, sweet, and genial yet rich. "A Smile Brings Extra Mile in Business" and " Smile Is the Best Form of Charity" are the convictions grasped by the Tinhat organization. They accept that administration with a smile carries delight to each visitor who livened up their day while at Tinhat - the trademark of a genuine Filipino motion - that activity expresses more intense than words, the pride, and soul that stays in each heart of its employees. Halal Restaurant via GIPHY At Tinhat's ensured Halal restaurant, they guarantee that you will love their range of local halal treats. The Halal supply network is profoundly watched and privately sourced, hence, lessening carbon impressions that help the safeguarding of the Earth, endorsing local products for sustainable progress of local farmers and guaranteeing Halal trustworthiness. You can be guaranteed that Halal meals are served to visitors as they carefully execute the Halal Management System that Halal affirmation is profoundly seen which results in it being safe, healthy and sterile. Their persevering affirmed Halal equipped staff and astonishing youthful culinary experts will never frustrate you in giving immaculate millennial service and support. At Tinhat, they are constantly pleased to serve amazing halal meals and fresh fruit juices alongside service with a smile on their faces. Comfort via GIPHY Comfort is the number one need! At Tinhat, they ensure that each esteemed visitor is dealt with like a lord. They generally love to help with whatever you need, wish and require! Exceptionally customized service is the fundamental center of Tinhat, checking-in quickly and being accompanied to your room is an unquestionable requirement ensuring that you will have a stress-free remain. Further to that, their familial association with the staff guaranteeing their joy at work to be able to deliver and serve worthy service to visitors talk volume of their reputation and a good name in the hospitality sector for more than 12 years now. A cheerful worker makes a glad visitor! A sanctuary of Davao's excellent city. What Makes Tinhat Boutique Hotel and Restaurant So Halal-friendly? via GIPHY The vision of Tinhat is to aim to be the main choice of halal voyagers. Furthermore, their central goal is to keep up its reputation for being a Muslim-accommodating foundation while providing Islamic amenities to the halal voyagers all together not to compromise their confidence and faith of the Islamic lifestyle while on vacation. They additionally give a one-of-a-kind setting to inspire and impress their esteemed visitors to its rich settlement which is moderately priced, customized with faultless administration and fundamental luxuries. A portion of the amenities being: All F&B in the Hotel is Halal Halal banquets can be arranged on request Halal breakfast Halal ensured kitchen Eatery guaranteed halal by the administration All food, beverages, and snacks in the room or minibar are Halal Prayer direction denoted in room Prayer mats can be given on request List of adjacent mosques can be given on request Male and female prayer rooms can be made accessible on request Prayer time table accessible at the front desk/reception Halal iftar can be organized Arrangements can be made for visitors to be taken to the nearby mosque for Tarawih prayers Halal pre-dawn meal can be arranged on request The hotel will arrange visits to be taken to the nearby mosque for Eid prayers Room toilets have bidets Fundamental need-to-knows about the hotel: Free of charge for kids below 12 years old if they are sharing with an adult. (Additional charge for extra bed required) Keep your booking affirmation email or voucher with your identification card or passport in hand upon check-in. Ala carte breakfast is served each morning between 7 am-10 am. If you are entitled to free breakfast, you will need to present your voucher to the restaurant staff. You can get your morning meal conveyed to your room with a minimal expense by dialing '106'. Concierge is accessible all day, every day for any issues, for example, transport arrangements, restaurant bookings and so forth. You can either visit the Concierge or dial '0' from the comfort of your room. The Philippine standard voltage is 220v. Universal sockets are accessible in the room. On the off chance that it isn't incongruity with your appliance, you can contact reception and request for another adapted with a minimal deposit fee. All rooms are provided with the direction and details of the Qibla and prayer timings to ensure the status of being a Muslim-friendly hotel No pork or liquor will be permitted inside hotel premises to keep up the Halal norms of the hotel. Durian and mangosteen are not allowed for consumption in the hotel due to the overpowering smell and in case of stains, which would be difficult to eradicate. Visitors can eat these types of fruits in the terrace area. The hotel does not provide a laundry service. All rooms and public areas are installed with free WI-FI internet access. Smoking and vaping is punishable by law and is not allowed in the hotel. List of nearby mosques: Mercy Islamic Foundation Mosque: 0.5km away from the hotel Davao City Islamic Center Mosque: 0.55km away from the hotel Mini-Forest Blvd. Grand Mosque: 1.3km away from the hotel Eco land Mosque: 3.5km away from the hotel   Top 10 Places Nearby Tinhat Boutique Hotel & Restaurant 1. D' Bone Collector Museum       San Pedro, Bucana Barangay 76-A, Davao City, Mindanao Philippines                 (0.5km) 6. Lazuli Spa      Floor 4th C.M. Recto Marco Polo Davao Hotel, Davao City, Mindanao 8000         Philippines (0.7km) 2. Museo Dabawenyo     Corner A. Pichon and C.M. Recto Streets, Davao City, Mindanao 8005                Philippines (0.6km) 7. Roxas Avenue Night Market      Roxas Avenue, Davao City, Mindanao 8000 Philippines (0.5km) 3. Aldevinco Shopping Center     Claro M. Recto Ave, Davao City, Mindanao Philippines (0.5km) 8. Osmena Park       Corner of C.M. Recto St and San Pedro St, Davao City, Mindanao                     Philippines (0.5km)  4. San Pedro Cathedral     San Pedro Street, Davao City, Mindanao Philippines (0.5km) 9. People's Park     Palma Gil St, Davao City, Mindanao Philippines (0.9km) 5. Pro Dive Davao      Palma Gil Street, Davao City, Mindanao 8000 Philippines (0.7km) 10. Felcris Centrale        Quimpo Boulevard, Davao City, Mindanao 8000 Philippines (0.8km)    City Tours Tour Price Pax Per Tour Activities Tour 1 Php 4000 1 - 8 Pax Eden Nature Park Davao Crocodile Park  Outland Adventure (Zipline) Japanese Tunnel Jack's Ridge Tour 2 Php 4000 1 - 8 Pax Davao Crocodile Park Philippine Eagle Park Malagos Garden Resort Japanese Tunnel Outland Adventure Tour 3 Php 4500 1 - 8 Pax Eden Nature Park Malagos Garden Resort Japanese Tunnel Outland Adventure Philippine Eagle Park Crocodile Park Jack's Ridge Tour 4 Php 4500 1 - 8 Pax Samal Island Tour (Exclusive of Ferryboat fare) Maxima AquaFun Resort Blu Jazz Resort Paradise Island Resort Hagimit Falls Samal Bat Cave Tour 5 (City Day or Night Tour) Php 3000 1-8 People's Park Shrine of the Holy Infant Jesus Museo Davao Aldevinco Shopping Center City Malls Crocodile Park Japanese Tunnel Davao Fruit Stand Durian Candy Factory Statue of David Jack's Ridge Matina Town Square Outland Adventure Restaurants Note: The tour is limited for 8 hours maximum per day. An additional fee of Php 300 per hour will have to be incurred if it surpasses the allocated hours limit. Please try to remain cautious about the no-smoking mandate in Davao City. According to the government's declaration;The no-smoking law forbids smoking of any tobacco item including e-cigarettes, shishas and so forth, in all locations and entertainments foundations, work environments, encased open spots, somewhat encased open locations, public buildings, open outside spaces and every open public space, government-owned vehicles and other different methods of public transport inside the regional purview of Davao City (Ordinance No. 0367-12).                     Address: Artiaga Street, Davao City, Davao del Norte 8000, PhilippinesCheck-In: 2PMCheck Out: 12PMTravel Time From Airport: 20mins (Airport Transfer: Php 500)Nearest ATM: 360m Website ...

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