Tashkent is the beautiful capital city of Uzbekistan, which is known for its Islamic heritage, culture, and architecture. It got its name from the Uzbek language that means The Stone City. This city was a popular hub for culture and the trading of handicrafts....more

Tashkent, Uzbekistan



Tashkent is the beautiful capital city of Uzbekistan, which is known for its Islamic heritage, culture, and architecture. It got its name from the Uzbek language that means The Stone City. This city was a popular hub for culture and the trading of handicrafts. Now this place has become the industrial hub of Uzbekistan. 

Tashkent has a history of many rulers and conquerors. Before the Soviet rule over Uzbekistan, the significant influence of Islam was on Tashkent as the Arabs conquered it in the 8th century. The history of Tashkent is barely 2,200 years old, but many changes have taken place within this time. 

After the Islamic rule came the Mongol conquest in 1219 and eventually Tsarist rule of Russia in 1865.  The various regimes impacted Tashkent’s influence on culture, architecture, and economy. 

In 1966, an earthquake of 5.1 Richter scale hit Uzbekistan with Tashkent as its epicenter. It created havoc in the entire city. 80 percent of the city had to be rebuilt and the Soviet Union helped build the entire city. Hence when you visit Tashkent, you can see an amalgamation of Islamic and Modern architecture all around the city. 

The Monument of Courage was built right above the epicenter in memorial of the lives lost during the earthquake. Due to major changes in the city and its architecture, the old remnants of Tashkent's ancient empire did not survive. Only a few monuments mark the significance of the city which was a trading center on the Silk Route. 

There are various sites that you can visit upon reaching Tashkent. Museums like The State Museum of History of Uzbekistan, Amir Timur Museum, and Museum of Applied Arts are must-visits. You can know the entire history of Tashkent and Uzbekistan through these museums. 

You can go shopping and indulge in the delicacies of Tashkent by visiting Chorsu Bazaar and Karavan Bazaar. Chorsu Bazaar is the most famous in Tashkent as you can get any imaginable thing in that market. This Bazaar is the best tourist spot if you wish to shop anything from veggies, food, and delicacies to clothes, furniture, and home decor. 

Alay Bazaar is famous for fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, and spices. In the Karavan Bazaar, you can get cheap food, construction items, carpets, clothes, and electronic products. Similarly, there is a Bek Baraka Wholesale Market which deals in wholesale clothes. These markets are the major attraction points where you can get distinct items that are worth the money. 

The best time to visit Tashkent is either during April-May or October-November. The season is the most beautiful during this time. However, the summer months are quite unbearable as there is dry heat and the glaring sun. So you should visit the city during the Spring or Autumn season. 

But if you like enjoying the snow, then you can also visit during the winter season. A white sheet of snow spreads across the entire city and enhances its beauty manifold. 

Nearby Airports

The nearest airport to Teshkant is located 4 miles away from the central city. The moment you land in Uzbekistan, you directly land in Tashkent. The Tashkent International Airport is the main international airport of Uzbekistan, and planes from all over the world land there. 

The next nearest airport is Khujand Airport which is around 77 miles away from Tashkent. However, the distance develops more, so it is highly advisable to land at Teshkant and then go to other places in Uzbekistan. 

Halal Restaurants

Halal Restaurants are very easy to find in Teshkant as it is a Muslim dominant city. Almost every restaurant serves halal food, so you do not need to worry about food and restaurants at all.

The most famous Halal Restaurants in Tashkent are Efindi, Al Hilal, Khiva Restaurant, Afsona, and Plov Center. In addition, you must try the Non, Somsa, Mastava, and Lagman at Chorsu Bazaar for some good meat dishes.


Tashkent has some beautiful mosques for tourists to visit. You can visit the Minor Mosque, which is made of white marble. It opened in 2014, so it is a new mosque in Tashkent. 

Teleshayakh Mosque is another beautiful and important mosque of Tashkent. It has huge blue-colored domes built on the structure with amazing tile work, making you admire this mosque’s Islamic architecture. Hence it is a must-visit place. You can also visit Dzuma Mosque, which is exquisite in style.

Things to Do and See in Tashkent

  • Things to Do and See in Tashkent: Kukeldash Madrasah
  • Hazrat Imam Complex
  • Tilla Sheikh Mosque
  • Muyi Mubarak Library
  • Chorsu Bazaar
  • Dzuma Mosque
  • Minor Mosque
  • Tashkent TV Tower
  • Memorial to the Victims of Oppression
  • Central Asian Plov Center
  • Tashkent Metro
  • Book Bazaar
  • State Museum of History of Uzbekistan
  • Alisher Navoi Opera
  • Mustaqillik Maydoni/ Independence Square
  • Amir Timur Square
  • Amir Timur Mosque
  • Broadway Boulevard
  • Teleshayak Mosque
  • Yunus Khan Mausoleum
  • Fine Arts Museum of Uzbekistan
  • Palace of Prince Romanov
  • Monument of Courage
  • Karavan Bazaar
  • Alay Bazaar
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