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72400 Kozluk/Batman Turkey

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  • Day 3 in the Philippines with Aizat – From Davao to Manila

    ASSALAMUALAIKUM. When was the last time that you saw the sunrise? Aaah I'm so in love with Samal Island. It was just perfect and so beautiful. On the third day I was up at 5 am and was on the trail less than an hour after I had dragged myself from bed just to see the sunrise at Samal Island from my room. And guess what? We could only see the sunset from our room, not the sunrise - should I be happy or sad? Today we checked out from Pearl Farm Beach Resort Davao because we needed to transfer to Manila. Our flight schedule was at 4 pm so we had enough time to walk around Samal Island and Pearl Farm Beach Resort. I didn't want to leave the place, help me. We ate our breakfast before we proceeded to the first location which was the bat caves. I was so touched by our breakfast because that was the first time that they had served Halal food here, just for us. Plus we got the special Halal area here and the food was so delicious and was quite heavy even for me to eat that early in the morning. After breakfast, we proceeded to our next destination, the bat caves. I was a little sad when we had to leave Samal Island early in the morning (I wanted to hide somewhere in the area so that I didn't need to go to Manila and stay here forever). Thank you to James - one of the staff here - who treated us so well and also rest of the crew here who were really really friendly and kind. Hope I can meet you guys again really soon! And yes, for the continuation of our sweet Samal tour, our first stop of course was at Monfort Bat Cave. It is located at Barangay Tambo, Babak District, which is just around 40 to 45 minutes away from the resort. Getting there is kind of an adventure itself so just sit back, relax and enjoy it. I nearly had to vomit because of the road conditions but Alhamdulillah I was fine (well not really because I felt so sleepy and slept all the time when I had the chance). Finally we were there! This was one of the few tourists spots that I was really really excited to see since I have a strange fascination with animals and I had a feeling that I would turn out to be batman today. Kidding! (But I hope so ceh!). Welcome to Monfort Bat Cave guys! I think there were more than 3 openings there which were surrounded by bamboo rails where you could peek in to see the bats. We were able to take some pictures with a flash too since it was daytime. was actually pretty cool, but in a creepy and smelly sort of way because of their poop hahaha. Now everyone can be a batman and batwoman. After that we proceeded to the next location which was Paradise Island Resort to go have our lunch there. Thank you so much for the food! I felt so blessed. Since we felt so hungry we ate everything that they served, without any leftovers hahaha. After this we would proceed with our flight to Manila so we needed to fill our tummy first. Aaaah I will miss Davao, honestly. It was already 4 pm and we needed to leave Davao. Thank you for the great service especially to our tour guide (Armor) who was really kind, friendly and treated us like family. I will miss you guys of course. We proceeded to Manila and it took around 2 hours to go there by flight. We arrived at Manila International Airport around 7 pm, met our new tour guide. Honestly, all of us were so tired. But we had to take our dinner first. Who would say no to food, right? We checked in at Marriot Hotel - the famous and exclusive hotel here. The exterior and interior design of Marriot Hotel was so amazing and I liked all their food! Absolutely delicious and they had a Halal section there - I could stay there for 2 or 3 hours just to eat. End of day 3. Can't wait for tomorrow because we will discover Manila. Good night! . Click on my timeline for more updates from my journey:   ....

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