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  • Spend Your Final Hours In Mauritius Buying 7 Souvenirs And Gifts That Are Rare Anywhere Else!

    Dreaming of beaches this winter season? Want to escape to the warm climes? Well, Mauritius may likely be your answer. Mauritius is an island renowned for its beaches, reefs and lagoons as well as its abundance of mountains, rain forests, waterfalls and wildlife. Situated in the Indian ocean this island’s temperature ranges from 19 to 28 Degree Celsius throughout the year, and the best time to visit is from May to December when the weather is cool and sunny. Aside from its natural endowments, Mauritius will give every Muslim traveler a souvenir and gift shopping experience like no other! With its unique a local spice, sugar, tea and handicraft products, Mauritius is a souvenir shopping paradise offering a range of traditional and local gift items for you to take home as the ultimate souvenir. Here is a list of the best Halal souvenir and gift items with a guide to where to shop for them. Don’t forget to bargain when you shop and look around before you make your final purchase. Top souvenirs from other countries 1. Dodo Souvenirs Picture: Royal Palm Mauritius The Dodo was a native bird to Mauritius. Although now extinct, the country still celebrates the uniqueness of the Dodo bird by offering tourists a range of Dodo souvenirs such as stuffed toys, key chains, magnets, ornaments and whatnot. Also available are Dodo print t-shirts, caps, bags, mugs, and the famous flip-flops. The Dodo souvenirs range in price depending on what you buy and the shops and stores in Mauritius you buy it from. If you become a little Dodo crazy while in Mauritian take in the Dodo Museum and learn all about these flight-less birds that existed before the 17th century. 2. Model Ships Picture: Easyvoyage A very fascinating souvenir are the model ships made from wood and the famed shipwreck bottles that are a dedication to a bygone era of shipwrecks in Mauritius. Mainly handmade, these wood-based models are a lovey and unique souvenir to take home for your living room or as a gift to your parents. 3. Sarongs or “Pareo” and Scarves Picture: Air Mauritius Blog Over the years, the textile industry in Mauritius has become quite famous for its quality products, making clothing products one of the best gifts from Mauritius. So, while there get yourself a Pareo made from quality textile with local prints and all colors. This sarong will make you stand out once you go home or make a perfect yet cheap gift for your friends who dream of visiting the beach. Another popular clothing item for gifting is scarves. Mauritius scarves come in many different colors and prints, making it a very nice and affordable gift for friends and family. Note, the best place for textile shopping is the Quarter Bornes Textile Market. So, if you are in the vicinity of the town of Quatre Bornes, don’t miss out on an opportunity to visit this market! 4. Traditional Music Picture: MusicInAfrica If you are a music lover and enjoy all varieties of music, then buy yourself a CD of the best traditional music known as ‘Sega’ from any music shop. This also makes a very inexpensive gift for friends and allows you to take home a little bit of your holiday. 5. Bois Cheri Tea Picture: Bois Cheri Tea While you can get many flavored teas in Mauritius, the Bois Cheri Tea is a favorite, especially its vanilla flavor. Therefore, this brand of tea is available everywhere. If interested, you can even visit the Bois Cheri Tea Estate and take a tour of their tea plantations and factory. 6. Napolitaines Picture: Air Mauritius  If you have a sweet tooth, this sweet treat is the perfect take home souvenir from Mauritius. Napolitaines are shortbread cookies filled with jam and are available at all bakery shops throughout the country. Tip: Some bakers add rum to these biscuits, so check before you eat or buy this sweet goodie. 7. Mauritian Jams Mauritian jams made from homegrown tropical fruits is another gift and souvenir option to consider. These jams are locally manufactured from fruits such as bananas, passion fruit, pineapples and even guava. So, taking home such a gift is akin to taking home a taste of Mauritius. Locally made jams should be available at any grocery store or supermarket. Just double check to ensure it's Halal. Where to Shop for Souvenirs There is an abundance of shopping options where finding your perfect souvenir and gift item will become a pleasure. Whichever part of the island you visit, you can be sure to find a range of shopping malls and centres as well as the traditional local markets. Here are a few choice shops and markets to visit. Badaboom Souvenir Shop Address: Royal Road, Stall 22, Bazar De Grand Baie, Grand Baie, MauritiusContact: +230 5250 2068Operating Hours: 9AM to 5PM (Daily) Blue Magic Rodrigues Craft World Company Ltd Address: Baie Malgache, Port Mathurin, Mauritius R4304Contact: +230 440 2580 Cottons Address: Dias Pier, Le Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis, MauritiusWebsite: Le Craft Market Address: Marina Quay, Caudan, Port Louis, MauritiusContact: +230 211 9500Opening Hours: 9AM to 5PM (Monday to Saturday) Le Port Ship Model Address: Vacoas-Phoenix, MauritiusContact: +230 696 9042Opening Hours: 8.15AM to 5PM (Monday to Friday)                            8.15AM to 4.30PM (Saturday) Marche de Goodlands Address: Next to Central Bus Station, Goodlands, Mauritius Pieter Both Shop Address: Racket Road, Grand Baie, Mauritius|Tel: +230 263 1821Times: Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm Pride of the Island Address: Floreal Road, Floreal, Curepipe, MauritiusTel: +230 684 2999Times: 9AM to 5PM (Mon-Sat)            9AM to 12PM (Sun)Facebook   BONUS: Find your ultimate shopping guide to Mauritius here...

  • Muslim-Friendly Guide to Festivals and Culture in Mauritius

    A visit to Mauritius is more than just discovering its beaches, restaurants and local food. With an intriguing culture and festivities all throughout the year, Mauritius has some of the most fascinating festivals, rich in food and colour. Get into the land of fusion and its cultures where possibilities are infinite when it comes to celebrations. The folkloric nature of the festivals promises to make your stay unforgettable. Top 6 Reasons to Visit Mauritius as a Muslim Traveler Check out our Shopping Guide in Mauritius!   Chinese Spring Festival Picture Credit: Celebrated in the month of January or February, the Chinese Spring Festival symbolises the start of a new year in the Lunar calendar. Lanterns and flowers are hung everywhere, and banners with wishes for the new year can be seen in some parts of the country. On this occasion, several parts of the island, mainly the capital of Port Louis, organise cultural shows such as the dragon dance and the martial arts demonstrations which is to the greatest delight of the visitors.   National Day Celebration Picture Credit: The National Day celebration is a very iconic moment for the country. Marking the independence of the island, the National Day celebrations focus a lot on the diversity of the country, while reminding locals as well as foreigners about the history and multi-ethnicity of Mauritius. Throughout the day, parades by the police forces can be seen in the streets of the capital, while the evening ends with a very exotic cultural show, vibrant in colors and animation.   Porlwi by Light Picture Credit: The very first edition of this festival goes back to 2015, where a group of artists came up with the idea of decorating the capital with lights, turning it into a gigantic light arena. Get into the heart of the city while discovering aesthetic street light and art that will take you back in time and go beyond your imagination. Walk through the streets and feast your eyes with a unique display of magnificent light art.   Porlwi by Nature Picture Credit: After the success of the first two editions of Porlwi By Light, the city goes green this time. This unique concept presented by the organizers , invites you to reconnect with nature through art, street lights and plants. Take a walk into the capital, and embark on a journey to discover the beauty of nature and the history of the Mauritian culture. This festival is a must go if you are in beautiful Mauritius! Website:   Festivals are a large part of the Mauritian culture, forging the bond between the different cultures and communities present on the island. They are also a signature of peace between the different religions. Locals and even foreigners are openly invited to participate and delve into the history and culture of these festivals. Be prepared to get carried away by luscious colour and festive meals right before your eyes. Find Halal Restaurants in Mauritius Find Mosques and Prayer places in Mauritius...

  • Local's Guide to Shopping in Mauritius

    Visiting a new country is always exciting. Besides the fact that you're going to discover the culture and the traditions, you'll also discover the fashion trends and shopping malls. With the rapid development of the Mauritian economy, the island has become a great shopping spot for tourists. If you're on holidays on the island, don't forget to discover some amazing shopping malls with great clothing trends. And what could be better than discovering clothes at an affordable price?   La Croisette Picture Credit: Built in 2012, La Croisette shopping mall is one of the main attractions of the northern part of the island. With a massive food court and more than 75 shops , this shopping mall ensures an exciting and fun time to the visitors. The clothes stores are quite affordable , and certain renowned brands also have their outlets in the mall. And if you're lucky enough, you might be there on sales days. Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday (9:30AM–8:30PM)                          Friday-Saturday (9:30AM–9:30PM)                          Sunday (9:30AM–4:30PM)Address: B45 Twenty-Foot Rd, Grand Baie, Mauritius Facebook   Bagatelle Picture Credit: Found in the central part of the island, Bagatelle is the one hopping central and retail terminus for tourists as well as locals. The mall created by the Ascencia group offers a multitude of clothes shops with different styles and prices. From Indian to western style , ranging from comfy to sporty , Bagatell shopping mall promises to make your shopping unforgettable. Opening hours: Monday-Thursday (9:30AM–8:30PM)                          Friday-Saturday (9:30AM–10PM)                          Sunday (9:30AM–3PM)Website: Bagatelle, Moka, Mauritius   Citadelle Mall Picture Credit: New in architecture , modern in its approach, the Citadel Mall is almost a walk through the oriental countries. The mall consists of shops mainly dedicated to Islamic clothing and products , as well as oriental food which makes it a very Muslim-friendly place. Muslimahs looking for islamic clothing will be delighted to find a wide range of scarves and abayas. Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday (10AM–9PM)                           Sunday (11AM–6PM)Website: Citadelle Mall, Sir Virgil Naz St, Port Louis, Mauritius Facebook   Phoenix Mall Picture Credit: Where shopping meets entertainment.With more than 75 shops at its disposal, the Phoenix shopping mall is a social mall where exhibitions and shows are sometimes held to the greatest delight of its visitors. Designed in a very modern architecture and offering many facilities such as parking , wi-Fi and play zones , the Phoenix mall will please elders as well as youngsters. Opening Hours: Monday-Thurday (9AM–8.30PM)                          Friday-Saturday (9AM–10.30PM)                          Sunday (9AM–7PM)Website: Centre Commercial Phoenix, S Sivananda Ave, Vacoas-Phoenix, Mauritius Facebook   Caudan Waterfront Picture Credit: Being one of the main attractions of the city, the Caudan Waterfront was built during the French colonial period. It has been renovated through time to accommodate a large number of shops and restaurants. With more than a hundred shops , including clothes stores , souvenir and accessories outlets , as well as a cinema theater, the Caudan Waterfront is a walk into the past with a touch of modernity and comfort. Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday (9:30AM–5.30PM)                           Sunday (Closed)Website: Marina Quay, Caudan, Port Louis  Facebook | Instagram     Street shopping in Port Louis Picture Credit: The real shopping experience is found in the streets of the capital of Mauritius. Whether it's the end or the middle of the year, street shopping a real fun ride. You can find clothes and various items at really affordable prices. For Muslimahs looking for scarves , the city of Port Louis offers a plethora of shops with a wide selection of colorful scarves in different textures and prices. The "corderie" street remains one of the most busy streets whereby locals as well as tourists pursue their shopping sprees. Address: Corderie St, Port Louis, Mauritius   Find Halal Restaurants Near You in Mauritius Find Mosques Near You in Mauritius...

  • The 5 Best Ice Cream Places in Mauritius

    Whether in summer or in winter, it's always ice cream season in Mauritius! Creamy, luxurious, rich in flavor, ice cream is the dessert par excellence. Within years, the ice cream industry has taken a whole new turn in Mauritius with the opening of remarkable ice cream parlors, introducing some of the most exquisite and lavish forms of ice creams. Get ready for a sweet ride! More on Desserts in Mauritius Things to do in Mauritius Find a Mosque near you in Mauritius Find a Halal Restaurant near you in Mauritius     1. Gelateria Love Picture Credit - One of the best artisanal Italian ice cream shops in Mauritius. Launched in 2011 in the north of the island, the Gelateria Love ice cream shop offers a colorful selection of mouth-watering ice cream. Sweet, smooth and rich in chocolate, you will get to choose between an exquisite variety of flavorsome caramel, luxurious chocolate, and tasty vanilla ice cream, all served in single, double or triple scoops, in crunchy biscuit cones or cups. And the best part of it? The Gelateria Love is Halal certified and offers the most delectable choice of ice cream you'll find on the island. Make sure to stop by for some quality family time. Address: Complexe SUPER-U, Route de la Salette, GRAND BAIE (Île Maurice)Tel. : (+230) 263 54 02Web page: Facebook   2. Magic Ice Cream Picture Credit - A pioneer in the introduction of ice cream rolls in Mauritius, Magic Ice Cream offers a delectable variety of chocolate flavored ice cream. Bold, rich, and exquisite, chocolate lovers will experience a bliss between the Ferrero Rocher, Nutella and Kinder Bueno ice cream rolls, topped with a lavish chocolate sauce. For those who want to enjoy their smooth and creamy ice cream rolls with a crunchy bite, waffles are available. Address: Route de pamplemousses, plaine verte, Port Louis, MauritiusTel. : (+230) 5910 1115Opening hours: 2pm to 11pm daily Facebook   3. The Millionice Picture Credit - Located in the central part of the island, the Millionice offers a creative mix of ice cream accompanied by crunchy bites of chocolate. This ice cream shop proposes sumptuous choices of chocolate ice cream, with an irresistible touch of nuts, and a smooth chocolate or caramel finish. Address: 260, Royal road phoenix (near Rose Hill), MauritiusTel. : 59352885Opening hours: Closed on Mondays / Tue to Thu - 12pm to 11pm / Friday 2.30pm to 11.30pm / Sat 12pm to 11.30pm / Sunday 4pm to 11.30pm Facebook   4. Gourmet pops Picture Credit - The rainbow island's newest artisanal ice cream. Inspired by local fruits, the gourmet pops is a greedy ride of sweetness with a zest of life. The artisanal ice cream menu proposes a rich and colourful choice of passion fruit, watermelon, peach, lemon Popsicle. For those who prefer something more chocolatey, fret not! You can opt for chocolate, vanilla, kulfi and even Oreo Popsicle. Address: Royal Rd, Grand Baie, Mauritius (opposite the Tamil Temple), MauritiusTel. : (+230)5808 1382 / (+230) 5808 1438Website:    Facebook   5. Igloo Ice-cream rolls Picture Credit - Tired of chocolate and vanilla? Just like Gourmet pops, the Igloo Ice Cream Rolls offers fruit flavored ice-cream, too. With a delightful touch of seasonal fruits as well as dried fruits, and a rich mixture of smooth ice cream, the Igloo Ice Cream promises to make your ice-cream trip unforgettably fruity. Address: Rue Desforges, Riche Terre Mall, Port Louis, MauritiusOpening Hours: 24 hoursTel. :+230 5498 9555 Facebook Make the best out of your holiday in Mauritius by tasting the most delicious ice cream with choclatey and exotic flavors. Made with love and passion, enjoy the luscious and mouth-watering sorbets and ice cream rolls while capturing these unique moments on the island. More on ice cream More on Desserts in Mauritius Things to do in Mauritius Check out our Mauritius city guides Find a Mosque near you in Mauritius Find a Halal Restaurant near you in Mauritius Go on a Halal Trip with us!...

  • 5 Best French Dessert Places in Mauritius

    During the past decades, there has been a significant rise in the number of French bakeries in Mauritius. Due to the popularity of French desserts, many bakeries and dessert places now offer a generous selection of French delicacies in the island. Here are the 5 best French Dessert places in Mauritius. via GIPHY Find a Mosque near you in Mauritius Find a Restaurant near you in Mauritius   1. Vida E Caffé Picture Credit - Launched in Mauritius since 2012, the South African franchise has made its way not just into the island, but into the hearts of Mauritians and foreigners. Renowned for its lattes and espressos, Vida e Caffe also offers French delicacies. Their macarons, croissants, and pains au chocolat will surely delight you. Address: Shop 121, Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius, Moka, MauritiusOpening Hours: Mon to Thu - 9am to 8.30pm / Fri to Sat - 9am to 10.30pm / Sun & Public Holidays 9.30pm to 5pmContact: +230 468 8834Website: Check out 3 more locations for this dessert place Facebook | Twitter | Instagram   2. Les Caprices de Gervais Picture Credit - Made in the French tradition, Les Caprices de Gervais started back in 1996. Offering a very French menu, dessert lovers will be pleased to find a wide selection of tarts, éclaires, croissants, and fondants. Address: Caprices de Gervais VACOAS (London Plazza)Opening Hours: 9.30am to 6pmContact: +230 697 6154 Check out 2 more locations for this dessert place Facebook   3. Paul Picture Credit - The international bakery franchise which started during the 80's in France stepped into the Mauritian land promising to amaze its customers with its diverse selection of french desserts: it has offers for vegetarians as well as gluten-free pastries. Chocolate lovers will find bliss in their craquants and fondants, made in the French tradition. Paul Bakery will definitely live up to your expectations. Address: Bagatelle Mall, Reduit, Moka, Mauritius 80832Contact: +230 471 0919Website: Facebook   4. Les Gourmandises d'Anne Another famous dessert place renowned for its French pastry. With various outlets all around the island, and more than 25 years of experience, Les Gourmandises d'Anne is one of the pioneers in French dessert in Mauritius. Opera cakes, Tiramisu, macaroons, and tarts are just a few desserts among the wide, sweet selection that the bakery offers its clients. Address: Barkly Wharf, Le Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis, MauritiusOpening Hours: Mon to Thu - 8am to 5.30pm / Friday to Sat - 8am to 8pm / Closed on Sundays and Public HolidaysContact: +230 211 7353  Check out 3 more locations for this restaurant Facebook   5.Pains et Moulins Picture Credit - The Pains et Moulins bakery offers a plethora of French desserts ranging from the very traditional and lavish chocolate mousse to the zesty and crunchy lemon tart. Strawberry lovers will be equally elated by the strawberry tarts and creamy, rich strawberry cake. Address: Chemin 20 pieds, Grand baie, MauritiusOpening Hours: Mon to Sat - 6am to 7pm / Sun - 6am to 2pmContact: +230 263 2590Website: Facebook Bon appétit! via GIPHY Find things to do in Mauritius Browse our Mauritius city guides...

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