Muslim-Friendly Guide to Festivals and Culture in Mauritius

By Amina Fukeerbucus | 04, May, 2018
Muslim-Friendly Guide to Festivals and Culture in Mauritius

A visit to Mauritius is more than just discovering its beaches, restaurants and local food. With an intriguing culture and festivities all throughout the year, Mauritius has some of the most fascinating festivals, rich in food and colour. Get into the land of fusion and its cultures where possibilities are infinite when it comes to celebrations. The folkloric nature of the festivals promises to make your stay unforgettable.

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Chinese Spring Festival
chinese spring festival

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Celebrated in the month of January or February, the Chinese Spring Festival symbolises the start of a new year in the Lunar calendar. Lanterns and flowers are hung everywhere, and banners with wishes for the new year can be seen in some parts of the country. On this occasion, several parts of the island, mainly the capital of Port Louis, organise cultural shows such as the dragon dance and the martial arts demonstrations which is to the greatest delight of the visitors.


National Day Celebration

The National Day celebration is a very iconic moment for the country. Marking the independence of the island, the National Day celebrations focus a lot on the diversity of the country, while reminding locals as well as foreigners about the history and multi-ethnicity of Mauritius. Throughout the day, parades by the police forces can be seen in the streets of the capital, while the evening ends with a very exotic cultural show, vibrant in colors and animation.


Porlwi by Light

The very first edition of this festival goes back to 2015, where a group of artists came up with the idea of decorating the capital with lights, turning it into a gigantic light arena. Get into the heart of the city while discovering aesthetic street light and art that will take you back in time and go beyond your imagination. Walk through the streets and feast your eyes with a unique display of magnificent light art.


Porlwi by Nature
Porlwi by Nature

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After the success of the first two editions of Porlwi By Light, the city goes green this time. This unique concept presented by the organizers , invites you to reconnect with nature through art, street lights and plants. Take a walk into the capital, and embark on a journey to discover the beauty of nature and the history of the Mauritian culture. This festival is a must go if you are in beautiful Mauritius!


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Festivals are a large part of the Mauritian culture, forging the bond between the different cultures and communities present on the island. They are also a signature of peace between the different religions. Locals and even foreigners are openly invited to participate and delve into the history and culture of these festivals. Be prepared to get carried away by luscious colour and festive meals right before your eyes.

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