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  • Ramadan 2021 | #PledgeYourLunch: Humaira’s Story

    Forced to flee Myanmar, Humaira has suffered the death of a parent, separation from family, loss of her home, and now shoulders the responsibility of supporting her younger sisters. To the Rohingya and...

  • Ramadan 2021 Finland: All You Need To Know

    We all love Ramadan and how it changes our lives every year. Our sisters and brothers in Finland also share the same sentiment about this holy month of asceticism and spirituality. Ramadan 2021 in Finland...

  • Ramadan 2021 France: All You Need To Know

    With a population of 5% Muslims, France is one of the European countries where people recognize Ramadan and Muslims fasting for their spiritual pursuit of heaven. Most of the French people respect Muslims...

  • Things We Look Forward To During Ramadan: Pakistan Edition

    Hundreds of millions of Muslims across the globe are gearing up to celebrate Ramadan, the ninth and most Holy month of the Islamic calendar, in which the Quran was first revealed to the prophet Muhammad...

  • Ramadan 2021 South Africa: All You Need To Know

    In just a few days’ time, we will be only two weeks away from the sacred month of Ramadan.  As we welcome this much anticipated month we also have to prepare ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally...

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