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Tanah Rata, Malaysia



Persiaran Dayang Indah, Tanah Rata, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang, Malaysia

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  • Cafe-Hopping in Cameron Highlands

    Cameron Highlands is a hill station in Pahang, Malaysia, famous for its tea estates and strawberry farms. The cool climes of Cameron Highlands together with its proximity to many of the cities in Malaysia make it a great place for a weekend getaway. From Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands can be reached via road using local taxis, buses, minivan charters or self-driven cars. Alternately, you can fly from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh (the closest airport) and then take a taxi (approx. RM 100-250). There is much to do and see in the Cameron Highlands – apart from the obvious visits to tea estates, tea factories, and strawberry farms. If you want a holiday that is not all about lazing around, taking in the hills and mountains while sipping tea, then visit the Time Tunnel Museum and the Sam Poh Temple, walk through the Mossy Forest, try a bit of hiking and camping, and go on nature and wildlife tours. Another favourite pastime in the Cameron Highlands is food! So, cafe-hopping to give you a taste of Cameron Highlands tea and its unique local cuisine is a must try. Enjoy popular Halal friendly cafes and coffee shops that serve local cuisine while taking in the Cameron Highlands attractions.   1. Barracks Café Picture Credit - A multi-cuisine café which is housed in a military barrack built by the British during World War I offers patrons an Indian, Western, and fusion dishes together with Malaysian food. With a relaxed atmosphere, outdoor seating and the staff that is friendly and knowledgeable about their menu, the Barracks Café can accommodate large group and parties. Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday - 02:00 pm to 10:00 pm, Saturday & Sunday – 12 noon to 10:00 pm, Monday - Closed Address: No. 1, Jalan Gereja, Tanah Rata 39000, Malaysia Phone: +60-11-14648883 Facebook: Click here for more information about Barracks Cafe   2. Golfers Café Picture Credit - Located on the Golf Course of Cameron Highlands, this café is open to the public, even if you are not a golfer! With a varied menu consisting of Asian, Malaysian, and Chinese Halal food, this café cum restaurant is considered very affordable and comes with sprawling vistas of the golf course. 200-seating capacity ensures that large groups and parties can easily be accommodated. However, as it is also a popular location for corporate and other events, a phone call would ensure you have a table reserved. Opening Hours: Everyday - 07:00 am to 10:00 pm Address: Cameron Highlands Golf Course, Malaysia Phone: +60-13-5248633 or +60-10-3808777 Website: Click here for more information about Golfers Cafe   3. Capitale Coffee Picture Credit - A small café that specializes in breakfast, coffee, snacks and drinks is located in the heart of the town of Tanah Rata. Although not Halal certified, the café does not serve pork and uses only halal meats on their menu. However, you can always check on with the wait-staff on food being Muslim-friendly. The crepes and coffee they serve have made an impression on many customers! The cafe offers outdoor seating and is an ideal place in which to relax. So, visit Capitale Coffee to have an enjoyable a meal and coffee, while you connect to the internet to plan the rest of your day. Opening Hours: Everyday - 07:30 am to 11:30 pm Address: No. 38, Jalan Besar, Tanah Rata 39000, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia Phone: +60-5-4915645 Facebook: Click here for more information about Capitale Coffee   4. The Lord's Café Picture Credit - This café located on the second floor, close to the Marrybrown in Cameron Highlands, is the go-to place for a snack or a light meal. There are a variety of local dishes, as well as the usual menu expected at any café. Considered to offer value for money Halal food, they serve the authentic Cameron Highland tea and some very fabulous scones! Its convenient location coupled with its vibrant décor make this café a must try when in town! Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 11:00 am to 07:00 pm, Saturday 10:00 am to 06:00 pm, Sunday - Closed Address: Jalan Besar, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang, Malaysia Phone: +60-19-5722883 Click here for more information about The Lord's Cafe   5. Mr. Aisu Picture Credit - Can you think of anything better than eating ice cream in chilly weather? Mr Aisu’s is just the place to visit for your ice cream craving while at Cameron Highlands! This ice cream café is owned and operated by a couple who make their own ice creams, sorbets and waffles. Using Halal ingredients, although not Halal certified, they create original local flavours which change seasonally. They are famous for the Teh Tarik ice cream, a tribute to the Cameron Highlands tea. Opening Hours: Everyday, except Tuesdays - 12 noon to 10:00 pm Address: No. 5 Gerai Berhampiran Pasar 39100 Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia Phone: +60-11-26245616 Facebook: Click here for more information about Mr. Aisu Apart from the above, there are much more Muslim-friendly coffee shops in Cameron Highlands for the Muslim traveller. Some of them are Jasmine Café, Strawberry Moment Dessert Café, Starbucks, Cameron Valley Tea House, Jim Thompson Tea Room at Cameron Highlands Resort and Cafe Lorong. Most serve Halal meats and use Halal ingredients, even if they are not Halal certified. However, do take a moment to call and check before you visit. Ultimately, Cameron Highlands is truly a place for everyone, for a holiday with friends or family, to travel with kids, and as a honeymoon destination. For Muslim travellers with limited time in Malaysia, try to fit in a day-trip to the Cameron Highlands from Kuala Lumpur. You can take a bus ride, or arrange a private tour. It is bound to be an enjoyable and stunning experience! ...

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