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Dongxi Street Yunnan China

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All prayers including formal jum'a

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  • Why China's Yunnan Stone Forest is a Mystical Land Like No Other

    A top attraction in Yunnan, China, is the magical Stone Forest - a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a pleasant natural wonder. This popular attraction in Yunnan is definitely worth a visit when traveling in China for so many reasons. If you're wondering why you should visit Stone Forest, HalalTrip has listed a few reasons why!   Click here for Muslim-friendly guides to popular destinations in China   Stone Forest Yunnan spans a massive area and is about 270 million years old. The forest from far looks quite dense, however when you walk inside the forest you will see that the trees are slender stone peaks - also known as karst formations.   A Forest of Stone! Believed to be a result of dissolution of limestone, karst the formations in the Stone Forest appear to jut out directly from the ground and resemble to stalagmites in appearance. The structure of the stones in the area takes on the appearance of animals, plants and also human beings.   What's There to See The Stone Forest is composed of beautiful areas like Naigu Stone Forests, LargeStone Forest, Small Stone Forests, Qingfeng Cave, Zhiyun Caves, Chang Lake, Yue Lake and Dadie Waterfalls. The Zhiyun Cave presents spectacular sight of underground forests spreading across an area of 3km.    Chance Across the Forest's Shimmery Lakes The lakes in the Stone Forest area are also a major attraction. The Lake Chang or the Long Lake has several underwater stalactites and stalagmites and also a small island in the center of the lake.   Caves and Native Tribes Apart from these stunning stone pillars visitors can explore the karst caves as well that have stalactite and stalagmite formations. The area is also inhabited by people of the Yi and Sani tribes who have a colorful culture and unique traditions.   How to Get There The Stone Forest is located in the Yunnan Province and is about 120 km from the province capital of Kunming. Visitors can reach the Stone Forest by buses that leave from the city of Kunming and they can also opt to stay in the area that houses several hotels.       Finding Muslim-friendly facilities such as Halal food and prayer facilities will be rather difficult in the area. It is best to opt for vegetarian cuisine and plenty of open area is available for prayers too. You may download the HalalTrip App to find out where you can find the nearest mosque and any Halal dishes near you.   Click on the below links to download the App:   Apple: Android:     ...

  • A Weekend Getaway in Beijing

    The exciting capital of China, Beijing is a contemporary metropolis with strong historical heritage. The city offers a wonderful heritage sites, excellent food and gorgeous opportunities for shopping. Click here for a complete city guide on Beijing. Itinerary Day 1:   After Fajr: Early Morning to Mid- Day Destinations Temple of Heaven: A beautiful green park with paved walkways. The Qinian Dian, a pretty and historic hall. Tian’an Men Square: Huge square to the left of which you can see the Great Hall of the People and to the right side is the National Museum. Takes about 3 hours.   Mosques: Niujie Mosque Halal Restaurants: Niujie Muslim Supermarket Restaurant at Niujie Street, Jubaoyuan at Xi Niujie Li, Nanlaishun Restaurant at Nancaiyuan Jie.     Afternoon: Afternoon to Evening Destinations. 1. Forbidden City: Several attractions here including the Palace Museum, Hall of Supreme Harmony, Hall of Union, Imperial Garden, etc. Takes about 2-3 hours. Mosques: Niujie Mosque Halal Restaurants: Niujie Muslim Supermarket Restaurant at Niujie Street, Jubaoyuan at Xi Niujie Li, Nanlaishun Restaurant at Nancaiyuan Jie. Evening: Evening Destinations and Dining Options. Beihai Park: Has a beautiful lake and hill, great place to relax. Takes about 1 hour. Jingshan Park: Climb the hill here to get some great views of the Forbidden City. Takes about 1/2 an hour. Qianmen Traditional Culture Street: Runs from Jianlou to turning of Tiantan Park. Mosque: Niujie Mosque Halal Restaurants: Niujie Muslim Supermarket Restaurant at Niujie Street, Jubaoyuan at Xi Niujie Li, Nanlaishun Restaurant at Nancaiyuan Jie.     Day 2: After Fajr: Early Morning to Mid- Day Destinations. Great Wall: Visit main sights of Great Wall; Badaling Great Wall, Badaling fortress, etc. The tour can take 2 hours. 3 hours for travelling to and from the site. Mosques: Dongsi Mosque Halal Restaurants: Beijing Golden Palace International Restaurant at the Golden Palace Friendship Store Co. close to the Badaling Great Wall.   Afternoon: Afternoon to Evening Destinations. Xiushui Street: The Silk Market has a wide variety of silk, cashmere, clothes and leather goods. Mosques: Huashi Mosque Halal Restaurants: Yong Feng Lou Muslim Restaurant at Qianmen-Street.   Evening: Evening Destinations and Dining Options. Summer Palace: Built along the Kunming Lake with splendid pavilions and halls. Takes about 2-3 hours. Wangfujing Street: Shop at some of the best malls and plazas of Beijing. Mosques: Dongsi Mosque near Wangfujing Street Halal Restaurants: Donglaishun Muslim Restaurant at Wangfujing Dajie, Crescent Moon Muslim Restaurant at Dongsi Liutiao. Miscellaneous:  If you have an extra day, visit the Beijing Zoo and climb up the Drum Tower. Restaurants: Beijing has a good selection of halal restaurants. The best place to find traditional local halal food is the Niujie Quarter close to the Niujie Mosque. Souvenirs: Jewellery, traditional clothing, ivory carving, palace lanterns, silk, etc. The best places to shop include the Wangfujing Street, Qianmen Street, Xidan Commercial Street, Hongqiao Pearl Market, Silk Street, etc. Transportation: The best way to travel around is by public transport. Subways are the most convenient means of travelling around. Taxis are also available in the city.  ...

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