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Jalan Satria Sudirman, Sukaasih, Kecamatan Tangerang, Sukaasih, Kec. Tangerang, Kota Tangerang, Banten 15111, Indonesia

  • Mozza burger

    Terminal 1A (Soekarno-Hatta International Airport), Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia

    5.03KM Get Direction
  • Pizza

    Jalan Gading Serpong Boulevard, Kelapa Dua, Tangerang, Banten 15810, Republic of Indonesia

    7.85KM Get Direction
  • Syomay

    GF , Giant Raden Inten , JL. Raden Inten 2, Duren Sawit , Duren Sawit , 13440 Jakarta Timur , DKI Jakarta Indonesia

    8.46KM Get Direction
  • Es Duren

    Ruko Barcelona Blok C No. 19 (Gading Serpong), Tangerang, Banten 15310, Indonesia

    10.29KM Get Direction
  • Martabak Kubang

    JL. Raya Serpong KM 08 No. 25, Serpong, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

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  • Uzbekistan Ziyarah Tourism Week

    Presenting to you the highly anticipated Uzbekistan Ziyarah Tourism Week which will be held on 12-16 March 2020!Uniting top-notch specialists from everywhere throughout the world for seven days of occasions planned for empowering the Halal business in the region, Central Asia presents the Uzbekistan's Ziyarah Tourism Week which is the biggest event of the region. Islamic researchers, scholastics and the Halal industry specialists will talk about and enlighten the audience on subjects of the Islamic legacy, the travel industry, finance, architecture, food, modest-fashion style and associated segments at events and sessions in Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent, facilitated by the Government of Uzbekistan.The renowned speakers hosting the different sessions and conferences come from more than 30 different nations. The gathering will include religious scholars and representatives from driving establishments of the Islamic world, higher educational organizations, scholarly circles, and travel organizations. Some of the esteemed participants attending are Aziz Abdukhakimov who is the Deputy Prime Minister, Sheikh Usmonkhon Alimov who is the Chairman of the Muslim Board, Fazal Bahardeen who holds the CEO post at CrescentRating and Hon. Dr. Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin who is the Mufti of Perlis in Malaysia.Photo Credit: Ziyarah Tourism Week Some of the key aspects that will be touched upon and addressed are noted below: Halal Tourism Experts Significant universal and local specialists will talk about and dig deeper into the advancement in the Halal travel industry and the Halal business. Blueprint for Destinations The Uzbekistan's Ziyarah Tourism Week that is panned out for seven days will build up a pathway for destinations and feature their Islamic history which will enhance their culture to the Muslim world. Sector Immersion Training Travel agent representatives, hotel directors and the travel industry partners will be given an increase significant market mindfulness on the Halal travel segment and learn basic client care prerequisites of the Muslim travelers in the travel industry sector. Halal Chef World This program is intended to be an ability building and enhancing experience and learning venture that provides organized content throughout the course. Schedule for the Uzbekistan’s Ziyarah Tourism Week -Halal Tourism Immersion Training:For all experts hoping to dig deeper, comprehend and focus on the developing Muslim travel industry and be guaranteed by the world's driving expert on Halal Travel, CR Academy is the way to go! This institute gives quality preparing and accreditation programs to experts looking to more readily focus on the developing Muslim Travel Market and obtain certifications from the world's driving expert on Halal Travel. Travel specialists, hotel supervisors and the travel industry partners and stakeholders will increase significant market awareness of the Halal travel segment, learn fundamental client support necessities for Muslim explorers, and get accreditation. Join worldwide specialists in far reaching programs that will furnish you with driving experiences and get you accreditation on Halal travel. Presenters - Fazal Bahardeen (CEO, CrescentRating) who will touch upon the Overview of Muslim Travel Market and Muslim-Friendly Services. Nisha, (Elevated Consultancy) who will speak about Essentials of Customer Service Requirements of Muslim Travelers. Date: March 12, 2020 Address: Sahid-Zarafshon Hotel Bukhara   Salat Ul-Jumu'ah in the Grand Mosque of Bukhara:Tune in to the adhan given from Bukhara's notable Kalan minaret. This is trailed by the Salat-ul-Jumu'ah at the remarkable mosque of Bukhara – Masjidi Kalan. Photo Credit: falco on Pixabay Date: March 13, 2020 Address: Grand Mosque of Bukhara, Masjidi Kalan   International Ziyarah Tourism Forum 2.0:This is the official opening ceremony of the Uzbekistan Ziyarah Tourism Week. With attendees from across 30 different nations, the conference will include respected religious scholars and researchers, along with representatives from driving associations of the Islamic world, higher educational establishments, scholarly circles, and travel organizations. These famous worldwide and local specialists will talk about and explore the improvement and advancement in the Halal travel industry and the Halal sector in Uzbekistan. Photo Credit: Ziyarah Tourism WeekPresenters - Aziz Abdukhakimov (Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan Chairman of the State Committee for Tourism Development) Sheikh Usmonkhon Alimov (Chairman of the Muslim Board of Uzbekistan, Mufti) Hon. Dr. Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin (Mufti of Perlis, Malaysia) Fazal Bahardeen (CEO, CrescentRating) Date: March 13, 2020 Address: Sahid-Zarafshon Hotel Bukhara   Islamic Heritage Conference:Since of late, there has been a developing enthusiasm among Muslims in rekindling the rich Islamic legacy of nations across the globe. Central Asia, or Mawarannahr, as it was known as in medieval periods, was once home to thriving focuses of information and knowledge for the Islamic world. Muslim researchers contributed in the fields of science, humanities, medicine, space science and astronomy, and that's only the tip of the iceberg! This would extraordinarily add to human advancement. Photo Credit: Rachid Oucharia on UnsplashAt the Uzbekistan Ziyarah Tourism Week, respected Islamic researchers from around the globe will lead panel sessions to talk about Uzbekistan's Islamic history and how to properly elevate and promote destinations that are religious sites. Date: March 13, 2020 Address: Sahid-Zarafshon Hotel Bukhara   Halal in Travel Conference:CrescentRating, post 2016, has composed a few Halal In Travel gatherings around the globe. Industry experts and suited partners have increased and gained priceless bits of knowledge on how they can reinforce their situation and current standpoint in a segment that is at present worth billions of dollars. Photo Credit: falco on Pixabay At the Uzbekistan Ziyarah Tourism Week, travel specialists and bloggers will share their perspectives on current patterns in the Halal travel industry. Travel influencers will recount and narrate their encounters and understandings that they have gained while travelling in Uzbekistan. The conversations and suggestions will concentrate on making travel around Uzbekistan open, and particularly catered to Muslim explorers.Presenters - Raudha Zaini (HalalTrip, Singapore) will provide an insight to the Muslim Travel Market Overview and Women in Travel.Nur Hazirah Jamaluddin (CrescentRating) will speak about Understanding Digital Generation from a Gen Z perspective.Nisha (Elevated Consultancy) will shed some light on the Experiential Tourism in the Muslim Travel Market. Date: March 14, 2020 Address: Sahid-Zarafshon Hotel BukharaIslamic Architecture and Art Conference:The significant aspects of this conference feature the implication of Islamic engineering and craftsmanship to the world and investigate its impact across various districts. Researchers, students, architects and engineers will examine the subject of how present-day society can profit by traditional Islamic urban architecture and design. Photo Credit: Baqbergen Atabayev on Unsplash Date: March 14, 2020   Modest-Fashion Show: The Modest Fashion Show segment is where creators, brands, influencers, and purchasers can see the most recent patterns and trends and offer bits of knowledge related to the industry. Tashkent, the capital city, will play host to an energizing blend of developing and well-known fashion designers, in the company of global media, a platform where their hard work can be showcased. Photo Credit: Raden Prasetya on Unsplash  Date: March 15, 2020 Address: The Capital City, Tashkent   Halal Chef World:Halal Chef World is intended to be a capacity strengthening program for the catering industry. Culinary specialists who complete the evaluation will be granted CrescentRating accreditation in Halal Gourmet Dining. There is an immense range of points of interest for culinary specialists as well. They are given the chance to become familiar with the accepted procedures in Halal culinary aptitudes, recognize Halal ingredients and Halal substitutes along with share and combine recipes from prestigious worldwide gourmet experts. Photo Credit: Rene Asmussen on Pexels  Photo Credit: Fabrizio Magoni on Unsplash  Lodgings and Restaurants get to widen their reach to Muslim voyagers comprehensively and be better furnished with the correct information when considering the needs of a Muslim traveler. They also get an opportunity to carry out branding endeavors and increase exposure of their establishments. Date: March 16, 2020 Address: Citizen Hotel Tashkent   Registration If you wish to participate for the Uzbekistan Ziyarah Tourism Week you can sign up via the form available on the website -   Address - 171 Olmazor, Tashkent, Uzbekistan Contact number - +998951447714 Email -

  • Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa | A Halal Sanctuary In The Heart Of Nusa Dua, Bali

    Imagine crystal blue waters, the pristine strip of beach with fine golden sand. A private sanctuary right one of Bali's most relaxing provinces – Nusa Dua. Wake up to the best sites of nature and savor being just five minutes away from the beach. via GIPHY Take a breather from the hustle and bustle of life when you're a Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa. Meet the locals and experience the amazing Bali hospitality. This 5-star sanctuary was designed with accents of the Indonesian culture in a serene botanical setting. Here, you'll breathe the new ambiance and be surrounded by the beautiful architecture and natural elements that resemble Bali.  Image Credit: Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa Just 15 minutes away from the airport, you don't have to ever worry about having to sit through a long bumpy ride. This also means that you could leave a little later than usual before catching your flight back home. Image Credit: Nate Johnston on Unsplash The best time to visit Nusa Dua is some time between the end of May till the end of October – from NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). During this time, Nusa Dua is in the high season of clear blue skies with temperatures ranging from 24°C to 25°C on cooler days and 30°C to 31°C on warmer days.  Also Read: Pop By These Hidden Gems Of Bali The Next Time You're On This Island The Rooms Image Credit: Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa Nusa Dua understands that everyone has different preferences and styles, hence whilst you have the choice of bigger deluxe family rooms constructed to satisfy tired parents and excitable children, or deluxe rooms that offer just the right amount of space for solo or couples. There are also opportunities to splurge in a personalized manner and be transported to your dream. Image Credit: Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa Authentic hardwood floors, spacious balconies with the view of lush tropical gardens and perfectly crisp bedsheets and intricate wood carvings that accentuate the Bali ambiance. The rooms in Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa captures Balinese luxury and identity in even into the littlest details of the room.  Image Credit: Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa; Palace Club Lagoon Wake up to their immaculate outdoor lagoon and when the sun starts beaming, lounge at the patio just outside your room or take a quick dip in their outdoor pool. The Palace Club Lagoon Room and suites give you instant access to Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa's various pools or savor the breathtaking view, peering over palm trees at their spacious balconies. Image Credit: Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa; The Royal Residence The Royal Residence incorporates vintage drapery, heavy textiles, vintage wood within 2 levels. It ensures to encapsulate what classic Balinese royals once experienced. The Balcony extends out into the pool and garden views and it also has a private plunge pool for the whole family. Image Credit: Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa; Nusa Dua Suite The Nusa Dua Suite gives a homely feel, with different levels, neutral and warm tones. It has an upper level with encompassing views of the palm trees line the beach. The separate living area truly makes you feel you have rented a home in Bali. Image Credit: Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa; The Batur Suite The Batur Suite ensures that people who enjoy the outside nature, are gifted with a sleek lagoon swimming pool, decks for sunbathing all in a modern marble feel as well as a lush tropical garden. Image Credit: Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa; The Agung Suite The Agung suite with its white and lighter tones has an airy feel, with a spacious living area. The mature designs, making it the perfect place for 4 adults to come to relax their stresses away in a highly deserving manner. Note: Feel free to request for a copy of the local prayer time table to keep track of your prayers.  Also Read: Get Your Dream Floating Breakfast And Feel Like Royalty For A Day At These 5 Resorts in Bali! The Spa Image Credit: Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa; The Nusa Dua Spa A 5-star hotel with a 5-star top-notch spa makes the trip here an unforgettable experience. Nusa Dua Spa makes it their mission to offer traditional Balinese beauty and spa treatment. The product they use has been a national treasure to Balinese women for centuries. Image Credit: Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa; The Nusa Dua Spa They encapsulate modern luxuries that do not stray from providing their cherished clients with a genuine Balinese experience they will never forget; with coffee and lime body scrubs, milk baths, body, and skin oils that are carefully pressed, natural essential oils to relieve tensions, mixtures of spices, herbs, and plants native to Bali. Image Credit: Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa; The Nusa Dua Spa The Nusa Dua spa ensures to offer a relaxing, restful but also healing wellness experience as well as a traditional experience that could only be experienced in Bali. Dining The dining options are balanced at just enough for your stay of a week, 7 options to experience. Here is a break down of your breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Image Credit: Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa; Raja’s Balinese Cuisine Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa has four Halal-certified restaurants, each set to serve different types of cuisines. The Indonesian council of Majelis Ulama Bali has declared that the food served is Halal and according to the Islamic law. All ingredients and production processes are in accordance with the decree of Fatwa Commission of the Indonesian Council of Majelis Ulama Bali. If you're planning your stay within the Ramadan period, Halal iftar and sahoor will be made available upon request in the 4 restaurants and room services.   Raja’s Balinese Cuisine Image Credit: Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa; Raja’s Balinese Cuisine For an authentic Balinese experience, this dining experience not only serves award-winning food but it does so in an elegant fine dining ambiance. The architecture is wooden inspired, with engraved wooden planks, high planked ceilings in rich mahogany. This ensures that when your dinner of Kunyit coconut curries, sambal tapas, warm spiced Ayam Betutus arrive all your senses are overfilled with Balinese hospitality. Not forgetting the delectable traditional desserts. Note: The menu has an in-depth description of each meal for newbies. Tamarind Mediterranean Brasserie Image Credit: Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa; Tamarind Mediterranean Brasserie This halal-certified restaurant will call you from afar, with its complete structure in wood. The bamboo thatched roof houses an incredible restaurant. The views of the ocean will accompany the wide range of dishes from the west along with side contemporary Asian dishes. From Pizzas to linguine, aubergine dishes to chicken tikka, you can find the traces of Greece, Italy, India on the menu. The options don’t end there, go for dinner for an entirely different menu Tamarind understands the sweet tooth well, with beautiful exotic flavors such as tamarillo, mango and papaya pulp, and mandarins but it also understands classical flavors with inclusions of Toblerone, chocolate, and vanilla. Maguro Asian Bistro Image Credit: Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa, Maguro Asian Bistro If you are craving a different type of Asian cuisine, namely Hong Kong styled street foods, Japanese sushi or Korean barbecues, Maguro condenses the variety of Asian foods into a hip cool setting beside the pool. The fresh seafood will explode in flavor, the combinations of fresh local fruit and spices of Bali to add a kick to your dishes do not fail to spice up the holiday you’re experienced. There is also an international dessert list. Wedang Jahe Restaurant Image Credit: Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa, Wedang Jahe Restaurant Set in an idyllic setting with Balinese women artistically painted on a brick wall. The restaurant doesn’t offer a menu online due to its endless choices that change. Just be prepared for a mixture of local dishes as well as international ones. There you have it, Nusa Dua Hotel and Spa. You have an opportunity to make your dream holiday come true. Free Download: Wonderful Indonesia | Get Your Halal Travel Guide Address: Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa, Kawasan Pariwisata Nusa Dua, Badung, Bali 80361, IndonesiaPrice Range: IDR 1,778,502 onwardsMosques Nearby: Masjid ITDC Nusa Dua                                Masjid Agung Ibnu BatutahHalal Food Nearby: Bebek Tepi Sawah Nusa Dua                                   Queens of India Nusa Dua Website | Facebook | Instagram  ...

  • You Can't Miss Out on These When You're In Cairo

    Egyptian food is completely delicious, mouth-watering and unforgivingly lush, but sadly it is also underrated. It's hard to find Egyptian restaurants abroad when you have other Middle-eastern food competitors like Lebanon, Morocco, and even Syria. However, this gives Egyptian food an advantage, with no expectations, these dishes will blow your mind with the unusual and delicious combinations, fresh flavors and satisfying ingredients. via GIPHY Starters or Fast Food 1. Foul Image Credit: One Arab Vegan; The Foul is a dish made for all, regardless of their social status, thanks to how nutritious it is.  Foul or also known as Fava Beans – The Egyptians are known for their love for Foul in the Middle East. Foul Medames are blended into a paste, with cumin, oil, and salt. You can eat it as a side dish with bread as a starter or you can also find them in sandwiches. You can't get bored with this classic. There are also other variations like the Foul Iskandarani with salad toppings, Foul Medames, Garlic Foul, Chili Foul, and the list goes on. 2. Koshari Image Credit: The Mediterranean Dish; The Koshari may not be the healthiest meal out there, but it really is a meal unique to the Egyptian culture. If you want to eat fast food with no fuss but plenty of flavors, Koshari is the delight of Egypt that can never disappoint. With a base of buttery macaroni (a type of pasta) soft rice, flavored lentils, a tangy salsa sauce, hearty chickpeas and caramelized onions (Now, this is the best bit). You have a hearty dish that will keep you full and satisfied (And did I mention how sleepy you'll get after this heavy meal? You have no idea). 3. Tamia Falafel and Tahini Image Credit: Pille-Riin Priske; The Falafel tastes amazing when it's still warm and crisp. Don't forget to dip it in the Tahini for an extra tangy taste.  Honestly, this is the poor man and a rich man's food. In the West, a sandwich of this type costs up to $10, in Egypt it won't cost you more than 50 cents.This sandwich is best bought in 2,3,4 or more, One is not enough. You get a choice of a mini thin baguette or little pouch of pitta bread, filled with Tahini, mixed salad (fresh tomato, onions, cucumber, salad, and herbs), sometimes Hummus and finally the warm falafels that are squashed to make sure every mouthful explodes with flavor. via GIPHY Note: The Egyptian falafel uses the famous Foul Medames, Fava Beans, Chickpeas, a mixture of spices (varIant to each individual) and with no doubt parsley, coriander, and green herbs to give its signature color. Also Read: A Muslim's Guide to Shopping in Cairo: 10 Must-Visit Places! Main Dishes 1. Mahshi Image Credit: Vedat Zorluer; Though you'll find this dish relatively common in the region, the Mahshi is still a must-try in Cairo where different cities will have different renditions of the Mahshi or the Dolma. This dish has different names as is also known as Dolma in Turkey. Consisting of many variants including Courgette, vine leaves, peppers, cabbage leaves. They are often stuffed with spiced rice but you can also find minced meat ones and even rarely minced chicken. You can never be bored and each home or restaurant adds their twists to the dish, so it's difficult to not like this dish. A classic and it would be a shame to miss out! 2. Pigeon and Molokhia This one is not for the light-hearted. If you are a meat lover and want to try one of Egypt's signature meat dishes, then pigeon is the way to go. Egyptians love this dish paired with a good 3ish (bread also meaning life) and Molokhia stew made with the plant of Corchorus. The texture of this stew is quite slimy but it takes some getting used to. Dating from Ancient Egypt, you can be transported back to Egyptian Pharaohs by eating this dish. 3. Macaroni Bechamel Image Credit: Nawal Escape; This dish can be too dairy-heavy so pair this dish with the Egyptian Chamomile Tea or any type of tea to ease the tummy.  Egyptians claim to be the inventor of this dish, but pasta is Italian and Bechamel is French. However, the compilation of this dish is very Egyptian. Pasta is layered on top of each other into a block and covered with creamy Bechamel, minced meat, a bit of tomato sauce and even more Bechamel. It's comfort food for most and can be found in every restaurant. 4. Sujuk and Kibbeh Image Credit: Renata C. F. Correa RenataCorreaMG; The Kibbeh can be a little daunting, but you know what? Just go for it! A meat feast for meat lovers. Sujuk is the classic spicy sausage which you can find alone, with your classic sides of rice or chips, on pizzas, in sandwiches, on Fateera and the list goes on. As for Kibbeh, a definite either love it or hate it situation, is liver fried with garlic and onions. The flavor isn't overpowering but the texture is not for the light-hearted. 5. Fateera My personal favorite, it's an Egyptian pizza with a buttery fine pastry base. Its endless layers of pastry goodness can be eaten sweet or salty. Either filled with delightful cream (Ashta), nuts or chocolate, drenched in syrup. This tempting pie can hardly be shared. For those who prefer savory or want a meal you can have any of your favorite pizza toppings, meat, chicken, veg and cheeses, instead, they are hidden between the layers. Also Read: 10 Museums Around The World That You Must Visit Dessert 1.Kunefe The joy you feel when you pull the Kunefe away and see the strings of cheese is extra rewarding. Though the syrup may be too sweet, the cream surrounding the dessert creates a good balance. For those with a sweet tooth, Kunefe although Palestinian in origin, can be found all over Egypt. Kunefe is vermicelli drenched in a caramel syrup sauce with a surprise center of stringy cheese that absorbs the outside flavor. The original Kunefe is topped with crushed pistachios and more of the delicious sticky syrup. Modern variants include peach and icecream, Nutella, white chocolate and many more. When you're in the middle east, it's essential to try the original then experiment with the new twists. 2. Umm Ali Image Credit: Dinner With Julie; The Umm Ali is a dessert meant to be shared with a group of friends or families which resonates well with the middle eastern culture.  Umm Ali translates as Ali's mother, but don't worry this is a completely vegetarian dessert. No mothers were harmed in the making of this dessert. The story goes that the Wife of an Ayyubid leader (a royal caliphate from Egypt) would make this dish, especially for her husband. There are many variations of this dessert but it can be difficult to find the right one due to its supreme delicacy. It is a layered pudding dessert with fine pastry layers, a sort of milk pudding, raisins, pistachios, any kind of nuts, cinnamon and finally roasted till a golden. via GIPHY There you have it, 10 Egyptian dishes to try and the variants and other dishes will introduce to a whole new world of food, even Aladdin couldn’t have on his magic carpet ride....

  • Japan's Most Aesthetic Hostels You Need To Check Out

    Tokyo is the capital city of Japan, a bustling cosmopolitan city. With its modernity and well-preserved history, there are so many things you can do and see in Tokyo. Whether you travel solely for nature or to shop, Tokyo offers its visitor vast choices of shopping, entertainment, greenery, and culture. These different sides that you can find while exploring will surprise you and make your trip a memorable one. Japan, in general, is known to be an expensive country if you compare it to any other Asian country. No doubt, I must admit that it is true. But this shouldn't hinder you from visiting the country. With proper planning and sourcing out for the best itinerary that best suits your budget, you can enjoy the best out of what Tokyo has to offer. Booking accommodations in Tokyo might come as a surprise to you as it can be really costly. I am not a hostel person in general. But due to budget, I narrowed down my necessity and happened to stumble across hostels in Tokyo. Here are some of the hostels that you should book if you are visiting Tokyo!Also Read: Tokyo Olympics 2020 | 9 Out-Of-This-World Things You Need To Know 1. Bunka Hostels Tokyo Image Credit: Bunka Hostel; Conveniently located in Asakusa, a district filled with history and shopping streets. Bunka Hostels Tokyo is located in Asakusa, a district filled with history and shopping streets. A 5-minute walk from Asakusa station, this hotel's location makes it easy to navigate to the city center. This hostel is known for its contemporary concept combined with the Japanese element. Image Credit: Bunka Hostel; With an interior of clean and minimalist Japanese concept, Bunka Hostel is easily any backpacker's dream. The clean cuts of its furniture and the strong wood accent simply accentuate Japanese architecture. Image Credit: Bunka Hostel; The female dormitory is equipped with curtains and is kept separated from the male dormitories. This makes the hostel a safe and secure place for female travellers to stay in. You can choose from three different kinds of rooms; mixed dormitory, female dormitory and family room. Daily house-keeping and superb customer service will make your stay a comfortable and pleasant one. With exceptional reviews on most booking sites, there shouldn't be an excuse not to consider this as your accommodation! Plus points: Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms inclusive of public areas. Laundromat and luggage storage may help in the planning of your itinerary if needed. A shared dining area is available on the top floor. Price per night: From SGD38 Address: 1-13-5, Asakusa, Taito-Ku, Tokyo 111-0032 Website | Facebook | Instagram 2. OakHostel Sakura Image Credit: Hotels of Tokyo; Oakhostels Sakura offers a dormitory room for female only. This is perfect for female travellers to Tokyo. Oakhostels Sakura is one of the hostels established under Oak Hotel. As this hostel is conveniently situated near Oshiage Station, you can easily add Tokyo Skytree as part of your ininerary. Apart from that, there is a direct train access from Narita Airport, making your journey from the airport an easier one. Oakhostels Sakura offers dormitory room; either mixed or female-only. You might want to check out their single room as I feel that it is slightly less expensive as compared to other hostels. Plus points: Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms inclusive of public areas. Laundromat and luggage storage may also help in the planning of your itinerary if needed. A shared dining area is available and made free for use. Price per night: From SGD28Address: 4-6-9, Narihira, Sumida-Ku, Tokyo 130-0002 Website | Facebook  3. Mustard Hotel Shibuya Image Credit: Mustard Shibuya Hotel on Facebook; Mustard Shibuya Hotel is conveniently located near the city's entertainment street. Shibuya is known for its latest fashion and street culture.  If you are looking to stay in a bustling town area like Shibuya, check out Mustard Hotel Shibuya. Opened in 2018, this hotel is situated in between of Shibuya Station and Ebisu Station. Mustard Shibuya Hotel is known for its collaboration with various artists in a program called "Creators in Mustard" to showcase various artworks and exhibitions. Image Credit: Mustard Shibuya Hotel; Mustard Shibuya Hotel offers rooms with a simple yet eye-catching design.   Mustard Shibuya Hotel has a wide range of rooms to accomodate different needs and preferences of guests. You can choose from dormitory rooms to private rooms. The hotel's design is simple, yet functional; perfect for those who adore minimalist designs. Plus points: Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms inclusive of public areas. Laundromat and luggage storage may help in the planning of your itinerary, if needed. A shared dining area is available and made free for use. There is also a bicycle rental service. If you're up for some thrill, you can even rent a skateboard, with its designs inspired by the Japanese culture. With all of these activities in store for you, you are sure to enjoy your stay at Mustard Shibuya Hotel.  Price per night: From SGD44 Address: Shibuya Bridge B, 1-29-3 Higashi, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0011 Website | Facebook | InstagramAlso Read: Check Out This New Muslim-Friendly Youth Hostel In Tokyo 4. Hostel Den Image Credit: Hostel Den on Agoda; Hostel Den gives off a modern feel with a traditional Japanese touch.  Hostel Den is the first Muslim-friendly hostel, providing prayer rooms and also maps for Halal restaurants. The location of this hostel is smacked right in-between 5 different stations. Each of which is being used for different subway lines which makes your alternative mode of transportation vast. This hostel offered dormitory for mixed, male-only and female-only, and also private rooms with shared bathrooms. Plus points: Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms inclusive of public areas. Laundromat and luggage storage may help in the planning of your itinerary if needed. A shared dining area is available and made free for use. There is also a portable Wi-Fi rental service provided. Price per night: From SGD32Address: 4-13-8, Nihonbashi-honcho, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan, 103-0023 Website | Facebook | Instagram 5. Sadou Hostel Image Credit: Sadou Hostel on Facebook; Sadou Hostel is a must-stay hostel if you are into Japanese culture. The rooms are modern and spacious, yet furnished with a tint of traditional Japanese elements.  Located in the Ueno district, Sadou Hostel is based on the philosophy "Once in a lifetime opportunity." They offer various Japanese cultural events like tea ceremony, flower arrangement and calligraphy, to name a few. It is a must stay hostel if you want to learn more about Japanese culture as the rates tend to be cheaper as compared to other places. This hostel provides dormitory-style rooms; mixed, male and female.  Plus points: Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms inclusive of public areas. Laundromat and luggage storage may help in the planning of your itinerary if needed. A shared kitchen is available and made free for use. Price per night: From SGD44Address: 1-11-7, Higashiueno, Taito-Ku, Tokyo, 110-0015 Website | Facebook | Instagram 6. Beagle Tokyo Hostel & Apartments Image Credit: Beagle Tokyo Hostel & Apartments on Agoda; This Hostel has an interesting wooden interior design which is visually pleasing.  This hostel is worth the mention despite being situated further away from the city area (and that is if you don't mind.) Located just 8-minutes away from Haneda airport, Beagle Hostels is suitable for guests with late-night flights as they provide a free airport shuttle. Do note that booking is required for this service. Also, the dormitory rooms are separated between males and females. You might want to check out the family room if you are traveling with your family. Interestingly, they provide a prayer mat for those staying in the family room! What are you waiting for? Check out this Muslim-friendly hostel now! Plus points: Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms inclusive of public areas. Laundromat and luggage storage may help in the planning of your itinerary if needed. Price per night: From SGD40 Address: 1-15-16 Haneda, Ota-Ku, Tokyo, 144-0043 Website  Also Read: If You're in Japan, Don't Miss Out on Mazulu Halal Beef Noodle Restaurant! With an abundance of hostels available in Tokyo, you will be spoilt for choices. Reading reviews will help you to narrow down the best hostels to stay in. I hope this list can help you to plan for your next trip to Tokyo!...

  • Inilah 7 Rekomendasi Kuliner Halal yang Kamu Harus Coba di Paya Lebar Square & SingPost

    Kamu mungkin ingin mencari makanan setelah berjalan jalan di kota sambal menikmati pemandangan dan berharap sudah menyiapkan camilan sebelumnya karena khawatir tidak menemukan makanan halal yang harganya murah di Singapura. Tapi untuk apa menghabiskan waktu menyiapkan camilan padahal banyak tempat makan yang cocok untuk orang Islam di Singapura? via GIPHY Kalau kamu berada di sekitar Paya Lebar Square atau Singpost ada banyak pilihan di sana. Kedua tempat itu cocok untuk nongkrong atau cuci mata di toko toko baju dan berbagai kafe, apalagi kalau kamu pecinta kuliner. Berbagai restoran dan kafe seperti Nuodle dan Hawkerman bisa ditemukan di sejumlah titik keramaian kota. Mau cari mie panas atau roti yang baru dipanggang? Paya Lebar Square dan Singpost jawabannya! Also Read: Here's Our Top 7 Halal Food Recommendations You Need To Try At Least Once At Paya Lebar Square & SingPost Nuodle Ini harus dicoba kalau mampir di SingPost Center! Mereka hanya menyediakan tiga hidangan mie - Beef La Mian yang khas (SGD $ 8,80), Seafood La Mian (SGD $$ 8,80), dan Cool Mixed La Mian (SGD $$ 9,90). Hidangan disiapkan dalam 5 menit dan disajikan dalam porsi besar! Beef La Mian klasik adalah favorit di antara para penggemar Núodle; mie disajikan dengan irisan daging sapi, lobak bersama dengan daun bawang dan minyak cabai - semua ini mengambang dalam kaldu sapi jernih. Minyak cabai menambahkan sensasi tenggorokanmu, tapi inilah yang menyatukan semua rasa dalam hidangan. Kamu bisa memilih jenis mie sesuai seleramu dalam kaldu tipis, normal, tebal, rata atau pakai daun bawang! Ya, kamu tidak salah baca. Daun bawang. Tapi itu hanya mie normal yang ditarik ke dalam bentuk daun bawang daun. Mie berserat luar disiapkan di rumah - memberik nuansa otentik pada sajian. Status Halal: Halal CertifiedAlamat: 10 Eunos Road 8, Singpost Centre #01-136, Singapore 408600Jam Buka: 8.30AM to 10.30PM (Mon-Sun)Telepon: +65 6747 1588Email: info@nuodle.asiaWebsite: Maki-San Kredit Foto: Maki-San di Facebook Apa sih yang lebih baik dari sushi yang itu itu saja? Sushi buatanmu sendiri! Inilah tempat pertama di Singapura yang memungkinkanmu membuat sushi dan salad buatanmu sendiri. Dan pastinya halal. “Subway of sushi” yang dibuat sendiri, Maki-san benar-benar menyenangkan. Prosesnya sederhana, langsung saja masuk, isi kolom pesanan mereka - dengan 26 macam isian Sushi, 13 taburan, 21 macam saus, serta 11 isian spesial yang beragam, sehingga kamu bisa menjadi puas bereskpresi sesukamu. Status Halal: Halal CertifiedAlamat: 10, Eunos Road, 8 #B1-165/166, Singapore, 408600​Jam Buka: 11.30AM to 9PM (Mon-Sun)Telepon: +6567476801Email: moshimoshi@rollwithmakisan.comWebsite: Facebook | Instagram Hawkerman Kredit Foto: Hawkerman di Facebook Hawkerman adalah ciptaan aktor Singapura Ben Yeo. Ini adalah bentuk modern makanan pinggir jalan tetapi terus berkembang dan merupakan salah satu tempat makanan halal terbaik di Singapura. Hidangan ayam goreng, popiah, dan Mie Hokien adalah menu yang paling terkenal dengan cita rasa jajanan pinggir jalan yang otentik. Dengan harga mulai dari SGD $ 2,9 hingga SGD $ 12,9, kamu bisa memilih beragam hidangan dan minuman selain itu mereka juga menyajikan makanan penutup. Mereka menyajikan Ayam Popiah dengan isian pelang  yang pastinya akan terlihat bagus di feed Instagrammu. Ayam goreng mereka disajikan dengan banyak cara. Salah satu hidangan populer yang mereka sajikan adalah ayam goreng yang dilapisi dengan saus bawang bombay dan daun bawang. Ini adalah tempat yang tepat untuk pecinta kuliner yang suka mencari sesuatu yang berbeda karena Hawkerman menyajikan makanan jajanan tradisional dengan penuh kejutan! Status Halal: Halal CertifiedAlamat: Singpost Centre #B1-128/129 409006, 10 Eunos Rd 8, Singapore 408600Jam Buka: 11AM to 10PM (Mon-Sun)Telepon: +65 8110 5218Website: Facebook Swee Heng 1989 Bakery Cafe Kredit Foto: SWEE HENG 1989 Classic di Facebook Siapa yang sanggup menolak gula gula dan makanan yang dipanggang? Hanya bisa didapat di Swee Heng! Kamu  akan dimanja oleh berbagai pilihan roti dan kue. Outlet modern menawarkan tradisi dengan kejutan dan tempat menarik untuk berfoto. Swee Heng 1989 menyediakan kudapan yang dipanggang klasik dari Singapura serta suguhan yang dinikmati secara internasional. Ini adalah tempat terbaik untuk mendapatkan kopi dan kue dan menghabiskan "me time". Pelayanan mereka sangat baik dengan staf yang sopan dan efisien. Swee Heng menyajikan beberapa makanan halal terbaik di Paya Lebar dengan harga terjangkau. Kamu bisa mendapatkan kue atau roti dengan harga SGD $ 3. Beberapa menu yang harus dicoba adalah Classic Otak, Vienna Sausage, Durian Passion dan Butterscotch Muffin. Status Halal: Halal CertifiedAlamat: #B1-158, SingPost Centre, 10 Eunos Rd 8, Singapore 408600​Jam Buka: 7AM to 9PM (Mon-Sun)Telepon: +65 6655 0300Website: Facebook | Instagram Kraftwich Kredit Foto: Kraftwichsg di Facebook Sandwich adalah makanan cepat saji yang sehat dan sangat fleksibel sehingga kamu dapat menikmatinya saat sarapan atau makan siang atau bahkan sebagai camilan. Jika Anda terburu-buru untuk bekerja, pilihan terbaik untuk Anda adalah salah satu sandwich segar olahan tangan dari Kraftwich! Mereka juga menawarkan menu sarapan, salad, makanan penutup, dan minuman. Sandwich mereka yang populer berkisar dari SGD $ 8 - SGD $ 9, salad mulai dari SGD $ 9 - SGD $ 13, sementara makanan harganya mulai dari SGD $ 13 hingga SGD $ 15. Mereka menggunakan bahan-bahan segar setiap hari untuk menyediakan sandwich dan salad terbaik yang bisa kamu nikmati. Jadi, pastikan untuk mengambil sandwich saat kamu makan siang! Status Halal: Halal CertifiedAlamat: 60 Paya Lebar Road #01-09/10, Singapore 409051, Singapore 409051​Jam Buka: 7.30AM to 10PM (Mon-Sat)8AM to 10PM (Sun)Telepon: +65 6702 2950Website: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube Wok Hey Wok Hey adalah kedai takeaway dengan gaya Amerika-Cina yang menyajikan beberapa zi char yang lezat. Mereka menyajikan mie goreng dan nasi goreng yang terbaik! Ada beberapa kedai yang menawarkan pilihan lain. Kamu bisa memilih 4 varian - nasi goreng telur, nasi goreng Shanghai, udon atau ramen, dan 3 pilihan seperti ayam, sapi, atau udang. Kalau kamu ingin merasakan yang lebih, kamu bisa memesan add-on premium segar dari berbagai pilihannya hanya dengan SGD $ 1. Harga keseluruhan dapat berkisar dari SGD $ 1 hingga SGD $ 8. Hidangan terbaik mereka adalah nasi goreng telur dengan udang berbumbu. Jadi pergilah ke Wok Hei untuk beberapa zi char yang mantap! Menurut perwakilan Wok Hey, toko ini sedang menunggu untuk mendapatkan Sertifikasi Halal. Kami menyarakan kamu untuk mempertimbangkan tempat ini sebelum mendatanginya. Status Halal: Menunggu Sertifikasi Halal (per tanggal 13 July 2018)Alamat: 60 Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 409051​Jam Buka: 11.30AM to 10PM (Mon-Sun)Telepon: +65 6694 0088 Facebook | Instagram Kaffe and Toast Kredit Foto: Coffee & Toast di Facebook Kalau kamu tidak bisa mencari hidangan favoritmu yaitu mie dan masakan Thailand yang pedas, pergilah ke Thai Noodle Bar di Kaffe and Toast! Di sini banyak sekali Mie! Mereka menawarkan beberapa hidangan lezat seperti Noodle Beef Boat Noodle dan Beef Brisket Boast Noodle with Tendon, serta hidangan lainnya seperti Rendang Ayam. Jika Anda membutuhkan makanan sehat dan mengenyangkan maka Kaffe and Toast adalah pilihan terbaik! Status Halal: Halal CertifiedAlamat: #B1-157 Singapore Post Centre, 10 Eunos Road 8, 408600Jam Buka: ​8AM to 9PM (Mon-Thu, Sun)8AM to 9.30PM (Fri-Sat)Telepon: +65 6789 2327Email: Facebook | Instagram Jadi lain kali kamu sedang di Singapura, jangan bingung mencari makanan halal! Lihat saja daftar restoran Halal Singapura kami dan temukan pilihanmu atau kunjungi semuanya! via GIPHY...

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