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Jalan Nasional 3 - Garut

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Nanjungjaya, Kersamanah, Garut Regency, West Java 44185, Indonesia

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  • HalalTrip to Indonesia – Day 4 in Bandung with Nurfatiin

    I'm writing this while on my way to the airport. I was too comfortable in the hotel to blog. We left Garut bright and early in the morning for Bandung. All of us were excited. Lelah and I were exceptionally excited to be back in the city that we loved so much. Yesterday was all shopping. We basically shopped the whole day. My luggage is crying for space! I bought 10 boxes of henna, multiple shawls, clothes and etc. Who says no to shopping anyway?? Our destination was Rumah Mode, Saung Angklung Mang Udjo(where we had a chance to play the angklung. I throughly enjoyed myself there!) and Jalan Riau. Our last stop was breathtaking. Our hotel. It was beautiful. It was everything I wanted in a hotel. I felt like a princess last night sleeping in our room. I felt like Cinderella! The Noor Bandung is amazing. This Islamic-based hotel, owned by a Muslim makes you feel safe. I had to go down late at night but I felt safe walking down the aisle of the hotel. The interior, subhanAllah. InsyaAllah if I do come again, I will definitely choose to stay at The Noor Bandung again. No doubt. Thank you Bandung for the hospitality. Special thanks to my followers who came all the way down to the hotel and gifted me things. I feel so welcomed and I appreciate it. I left my heart in Bandung the last time I came. I left my heart here again. . Click here to view my timeline! ....

  • Halal Tour to Bandung with HalalTrip – Day 4 in with Fatin in Indonesia

    A Bandung tour with Fatin. This is her 4th day of  her tour to Bandung.  Tour Guide to Bandung - Darut Tauhid From Garut we went to Bandung, which took us about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Our first stop was at Darut Tauhid located near the city of Bandung. A lot of Islamic activities were centred around the area. To my husband and me, it looked like an urban Islamic concept place with business, education and plenty of knowledge on offer. We found this place a very interesting place to go to. Tour Guide to Bandung - Rumah Mode We then went to Rumah Mode – a factory outlet place where a lot of rejected branded clothing and bags were sold. In Bandung there are quite a lot of factory outlets and Rumah Mode is a famous factory outlet because it has a one-stop centre compared to other places. It is also bigger, offers a lot of choices and has more facilities such as reflexology, toilets, cafes, musolla, etc. Tour Guide to Bandung - Udjo Angklung place After we went to Rumah Mode, we went to see the Udjo Angklung place for its unique traditional Indonesian musical instruments. We learnt to play Angklung with the instruments itself and we were entertained by the students performance. It was a really unique experience! My husband was called to the stage to dance along too. Tour Guide to Bandung - Shopping at Jalan Riau From there, we continued shopping at Jalan Riau. The road consisted of quite a number of factory outlets. I went to the Hijabstory boutique and the clothing there are soo beautiful! We then checked in at Noor Hotel, just nearby. It was one of the most beautiful hotels I've ever seen. . Click here to view my timeline! . ...

  • HalalTrip to Indonesia – Day 3 in Garut with Nurfatiin

    Phew! Today was rough. We were on the road most of the time and it was bumpy. We drove up and down and by the end of the day, I got really sick. Lelah even threw up. I just needed to find my equilibrium. But even with all that, we had a great time. We started off with lunch at Nasi Liwet "Asep Strawberry" Ciaro, Nagreg. This really was the highlight of the day. All off us on the trip agreed that this tops the day. Right from the point when we entered the restaurant, the view had me. Imagine eating overlooking mountains and paddy fields! The air was very cool. And of course the food was amazing. I think I gained 3kg already. Hehe. Then we headed off to Pondok Pesantren Suryalaya Tasikmalaya. It was really an insightful visit. After that we were back on the road. The drive to our resort was a long and arduous one. But the it was all worth it. The resort was nothing short of amazing. I love Garut. I'll be back. . Click here to view my timeline! ....

  • HalalTrip to Indonesia – Day 3 in Garut with Fatin

    We had a long day today since we were travelling by car from Jakarta to Garut. Along the way we made several stops. The first stop was at Asstro which was short for Asem Strawberry. It had a very nice view with great places to eat; the view of the paddy field is rarely seen in the city. My husband and I really enjoyed having lunch here as they served delicious food with privacy for each guest. We then stopped at Pondok Pesantren Suryalaya. This place caters to people who want to get closer to Allah S.W.T. There were students who used to be drug abusers but after staying at Pesantren for quite some time (around 40 days or more, depends) they managed to get rid of their addiction. After we went to Pesantren, we went to a lake named Situ Lengkong Panjalu. Over there we took some pictures by the lake and we strolled around the shop. This place was one of the earliest places where Islam started to spread. From there we went to Garut and had take-away for dinner. Garut is a place where an active volcano is located. Hot springs are very popular here. The weather is also nice and it is cold at night. Basically today's trip was mostly spent in the car since travelling from one place to another took some time (3-4 hours each). However my husband and I did enjoy today's trip and we can't wait for tomorrow! . Click here to view my timeline! ....

  • HalalTrip to Indonesia – Day 3 in Garut with Yuyu

    After we had our breakfast today, we left Jakarta and headed straight to Bandung which took about 3-4 hours to get there. We stopped at Nasi Liwet Pak Asep Stroberi for lunch after travelling for a few hours. The view was spectacular; we can feel the fresh air as we breathe. The food, also, was quite amazing. Even Habib enjoyed himself there. We continued our journey to Pesantren Suryalaya. We received a warm welcome from the host, and were given a few quick briefs about the history of the Pesantren. After we prayed at their mosque, we continued our journey and headed to Situ Lengkong. We finally arrived at our destination after a 2 hour trip. The lake there was said to be pure by the locals. It also had an amazing view. Although we didn't have a chance to take a tour around the lake in boats, we took a few pictures which is nice. Then we continued our journey for another 3 hours to Garut and stayed at Danau Dariza hotel. . Click here to view my timeline! ....

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