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Five daily prayers

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  • Muslim-Friendly Cities on the 2023 Formula 1 Calendar

    It is time for a new season! The 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship will feature a 23-race action-packed schedule, setting a new record to host the most races in the history of the sport. This will...

  • 10 Mosques to Look Out for in 2023

    The mosque is not merely a physical construct with specific architectural features. The mosque is the house of God, a sacred place. Even the small, insignificant mosque at the corner of the street next...

  • Visiting the Magnificent Grand Mosque of West Sumatra

    Have you ever imagined yourself visiting an incredible mosque without a dome? Yes, you read it right. A mosque without a dome! Thanks to Indonesia’s West Sumatera province, HalalTrip discovered this...

  • 10 Outstanding Architectural Marvels in the Islamic World

    Our world is full of beauty, most of it is God-made, and a fair share of it is human-made. Much of the world’s history and heritage has been carried through the ages by architecture and presented to...

  • The Importance of the Holy Month of Muharram

    The Hijri calendar's first month, Muharram often referred to as Muharram-ul-Haram, ushers in the Islamic year. It is a very auspicious month because it is the only one to which Allah's name has been affixed;...

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