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131 E 6th St Tempe AZ 85281 USA

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(480) 894-6070


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  • New Halal Restaurants and Cafes to try in 2022

    Travel is back and with Singapore borders reopened, travelers entering (and the locals too) must be thinking about what are some new spots to try and dishes to feast on. We’ve collected 6 new MUIS Halal-certified...

  • Halal Foods That You Should Try: Singaporean Hawker Style

    Hawker centers are seen as important community spaces in Singapore. Just imagine, stepping into a space bustling with people, the wafting fragrance of freshly cooked food, and the sizzling sound of a wok....

  • Indonesia's Pedagang Kaki Lima & Their Must-Try Dishes

    The life of the Indonesian people cannot be separated from the existence of street vendors known as "Pedagang Kaki Lima". Vendors of this type can easily be found in a variety of cities across Indonesia,...

  • Eid Shopping Behaviors During Ramadan

    The holy month of Ramadan is a very special period of time for Muslims around the world. It can be said that no other month in the year punctuates the lifestyles of Muslims like Ramadan does and a definite...

  • Reflections on the Last day of Ramadan

    Ramadan is more like a school than just a holy occasion. Of course, it's not a physical school, but rather a temporal one. We embrace the first days of Ramadan prepared to drop our worldly lusts for the...

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