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  • GMTI 2022: Reassurance is a Recurring Theme in Key Travel Trends

    With the reopening of borders, the loosening of restrictions, and the subsequent revival of the tourism sector across the globe, people are keen to travel, and ensuring that the destination is safe continues...

  • 7 Things to Do in Punggol Waterway

    Punggol Waterway Park is undoubtedly one of the most spots you can visit in Singapore if you like the outdoors. With its theme parks, Punggol Waterway is definitely worth visiting when you and your friends...

  • History of Muslims and Mosques in Hong Kong 

    The Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Centre, the largest mosque in Hong Kong When it comes to Muslim history, Hong Kong might be the last place in your mind. The city is known for its dim sum dishes and martial...

  • Things to do in Upper Seletar Reservoir

    An unexplored park well-known for its rocket-shaped tower and solitary Casuarina tree within the Central water catchment system. The park is considered to be one of the four reservoirs located in the northern...

  • Halal Foods That You Should Try: Singaporean Hawker Style

    Hawker centres are seen as important community spaces in Singapore. Just imagine, stepping into a space bustling with people, the wafting fragrance of freshly cooked food, and the sizzling sound of a wok....

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