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  • 9 Best Airbnb in Taipei You Must Consider for Your Next Taiwan Trip

    All images are taken from the respective Airbnb listings unless otherwise stated. If there’s one troublesome thing about planning a getaway abroad, it’s ensuring that you pick the right type of lodging, be it whether you’re travelling with friends or family. In case you’re arranging a trip to Taipei City, the one thing you would not need to stress over is lodging; Airbnb will give you plenty of choices to browse for your stay. Taipei has numerous fascinating Airbnbs and facilities that add an extra pizazz to showcase the typical Taipei lifestyle. Regardless of whether you are on a limited budget plan or on a luxurious vacation, they have numerous postings you can peruse. Airbnb hosts of Taipei make it their very own mission to guarantee that your stay in their condo or guesthouse is nothing short of a homely experience, and definitely give you a bang for your buck. Here are our top picks for the coolest Airbnb rentals in Taipei!   1. WZ-Casa   Location - Wanhua District, Taipei, Taiwan | 5mins away from Ximen MRT Station Listing type - This apartment can accommodate 6 guests. It has 1 bedroom, 3 beds and 1 bath. Price - $70 per night Check in - After 4:00 PM | Check out - 12:00 PM Check out this Airbnb listing here. Are you somebody who adores a lodging with an extraordinary view? This is the Airbnb for you! The apartment has an interesting interior design that gives you a comfortable vibe of Taipei. All the city's significant attractions are a short MRT ride away from this listing, like the Shida Night Market, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and the Longshan Temple. Abutting the condo is the Ximending shopping region and a lot more convenience stores if you need to purchase any necessities.   2. New York @ Taipei   Location - Wanhua District, Taipei, Taiwan | 5min away from Ximen MRT Station Listing type - Entire condominium can accommodate 6 guests. The studio consists of 3 beds and 1 bath. Price - $109 per night Check in - After 3:00 PM | Check out - 12:00 PM Check out this Airbnb listing here. Want to experience the New York lifestyle in Taipei?  This spacious apartment will deliver just the right New York feels with its New York themed interior (from their bedspread to their throw pillows)! This apartment is in the heart of the Ximen Business District with accessible hotspots like cinemas, shopping centers, gourmet cafés and even the Ximen MRT Station. How much more convenient can it get?   3. N'5 @Taipei   Location - Wanhua District, Taipei, Taiwan | 5min away from Ximen MRT Station Listing type - Entire condominium accommodates 6 guests. This lodging has 1 bedroom, 3 beds and 1 bath. Price - $111 per night Check in - After 3:00 PM | Check out - 12:00 PM Check out this Airbnb listing here. Create delightful memories of your Taipei adventure with your friends and family while putting yourself up at this state-of-the-art apartment. Loosen up at this up-to-date loft with an extraordinary eye-catching interior. On account of the condo’s huge windows, ventilation and lighting will be the least of your worries. This listing is fitted with three beds and has the capacity to fit up to six individuals. This conveniently located apartment is a 5-minute stroll away from the Ximen MRT Station. Buses are also easily accessible from the apartment – the routes cover a multitude of directions which makes it convenient for guests to explore the city. PS - The pricing is set for 4 guests. An additional individual will be charged $600NTD per night.   4. WZ-Casa Aurora Loft   Location - Wanhua District, Taipei, Taiwan | 5min away from the Ximen MRT Station Listing type - Entire loft can host 6 guests. It has 1 bedroom, 3 beds and 1 bath. Price - $36 per night Check in - After 4:00 PM | Check out - 12:00 PM Check out this Airbnb listing here. This apartment is hands down one of the most exquisite and tourist-friendly apartments available in Taipei.  Situated close to the Ximen MRT this posting has a loft bed that takes up the upper half segment of the room in order to make it cozier and more homely for the visitor. This aspect sets out this posting from the rest and gives you a completely extraordinary ambiance to the setting of this spot. The interior too contributes to the homely feeling that the accommodation provides such as the well-crafted ornaments placed around the loft.   5. The Cat House   Location - Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan | 3min away from Zhongshan Elementary School MRT Station Listing type - Entire apartment accommodates 5 guests. It has 1 bedroom, 2 beds and 1.5 baths. Price - $37 per night Check in - 3:00 PM - 2:00 AM | Check out - 12:00 PM Check out this Airbnb listing here. This listing is basically calls out to all the crazy cat lovers out there! Not only does the condo come furnished with amenities, it is also accompanied by 3 cute kitties! Chacha, Xiaohei and Miko will guarantee that your stay in this loft overflows with comfort and cat cuddles galore! If you wish to explore the area, the condo is simply a 3-minute stroll to the Zhongshan Elementary School MRT Station, and from that point, a considerable lot of Taipei's attractions are a couple of stops away. PS – Contact the apartment propertior for a discount!   6. KAWS   Location - Taipei City, Taiwan | Ximen MRT Station Listing type - Entire loft can accommodate 3 guests. This studio consists of 2 beds and 1 bath. Price - $450 per night Check in - 8:00 AM - 2:00 AM | Check out - 12:00 PM Check out this Airbnb listing here. Gaining praise from countless guests who have stayed at this loft, the proprietor - Kenny is one of the most obliging and helpful of hosts. He will guarantee every one of your necessities and prerequisites are met throughought your whole stay. To take it to another degree of being obliging, Kenny additionally provides his visitors with a pocket Wi-Fi! Amenities-wise, if you are looking to entertain yourself, there is a cinema close by to the lodging. PS - The pricing is set for 2 guests. Every additional individual is an extra $500NTD every night.   7. “Morning! Dahu”   Location - Neihu District, Taipei, Taiwan Listing type - Entire apartment accommodates 9 guests. There are 3 bedrooms, 4 beds and 1 bath. Price - $86 per night Check in - After 4:00 PM | Check out - 11:00 AM Check out this Airbnb listing here.  If you're travelling with a large group and would like to have some privacy and let loose while being together, (not separated like how you would be if you opt for a hotel) this spot ticks all the boxes! Besides utilizing the condo as a base for notable attractions in Taipei, make sure you visit the Dahu Park Lake which is close by to the apartment. The subway (which is just 8 minutes from the apartment) is also an alternative option to use to roam around Taipei.   8. Unnamed 4-Pax Family Room   Location - Wanhua District, Taipei, Taiwan | 1min away from Ximen MRT Station Listing type - Entire apartment can accommodate 4 guests. This studio has 2 beds and 1 bath. Price - $68 per night Check in - After 3:00 PM | Check out - 12:00 PM Check out the Airbnb listing here. This loft is ideal for a small family, or if you are visiting Taipei with your closest buddies. This brilliant and modern studio condo is in a building within walking distance of the Ximen area and is close to the Ximen MRT station, convenience stores and restaurants. Due to the convenient location of this apartment, a great deal of attractions are around the zone; The National Taiwan Museum and Taipei Cinema are some hotspots you can visit if you wish to wander out and explore. To ensure the security and wellbeing of their visitors, the proprietors volunteer to meet their visitors face to face during registration to get well acquainted and make them feel comfortable. To top it off, they even gift you complimentary welcome refreshments upon your arrival!   9. Taipei 101   Location - Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan | Near Taipei City Hall MRT Station Listing type - Entire house can host 2 guests. This listing has 1 bedroom, 1 bed and 1 bathroom. Price - $77 per night Check in - After 12:00 pm | Check out - 11:00 am Check out this Airbnb listing here.   This modern listing is every explorer's dream house. It's situated a stone's throw away from numerous attractions. The house is near the shopping mall of Xinyi District, within walking distance to Hankyu, Noble Women's Department Store, Watsons, Cosmed and Wayshow Cinemas. It is a 7-minute stroll from the City Hall MRT and East District, and a 2-minute walk from Lane 30, Yongji Road, which is a road flooding with a variety of food indulgences. There's a bank and a park located close to the house as well. Are you all drooling yet? Check out The Halal Travel Podcast hosted by Hazirah, Nurul and Raudha as they talk candidly about travel, food, life and everything else in between and sometimes with awesome guests! Listen now! ...

  • 6 Ways to Enjoy the Beauty of Daegu, the "Large Hill" City of South Korea

    This third largest city in Korea is located in South-Eastern Korea, about 80 km from the coastline. The name of the city literally translates to “large hill” due to its position at the central plain of the Yeongnam region. In ancient times, Daegu was a prominent city, thus having lots of cultural and historical sites all over the region. Daegu has a humid subtropical climate which is ideal for producing its famous high-quality apples. This city is maybe not as well-known as Busan or Icheon, but there are gems yet to be discovered but worthy to be included in your itinerary when visiting Korea.   How to get there Source: Giphy Daegu can be reached either by airplane, train or bus. Since taking a bus requires quite a long time, we recommend you to go by airplane or train from Busan or Seoul to Daegu. Korean Airlines (KAL) and Asiana Airlines fly there a few times daily from Seoul’s Gimpo Airport and Incheon Airport. KTX trains from Seoul run daily every 20 minutes from 5:30am to 10:10pm and take about 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach Daegu. Trains from Busan run daily every 20 to 30 minutes from 7:15am to 9:45pm to the Dongdaegu Station (the trip takes about 1 hour). Note: the flight and train schedule might change due to the pandemic.   What to do in Daegu, Korea Daegu attractions consist mainly of its historical and cultural treasures left by the past civilization and its breath-taking natural landscapes. They even have lots of nice parks (you might want to check Duryu Park, Dalseong Park, Gyeongsan-Gamyeong Park within the city). However, the city has also evolved to be a modern, metropolitan city with contemporary arts, fashion and high-tech industries.   1. Enjoy city view from the iconic landmark, Woobang Tower Source: @neatfish on Instagram Woobang Tower is also called 83 Tower because this 202-metre tower is equal in height to an 83-storey skyscraper. The tower was completed in 1992 and has become the Daegu landmark with an observatory, a sky lounge and a revolving restaurant with amazing night views of the city, as well as a theme park called E-World built around it. There is an ice rink, waterfall, fountains, lighting displays, and flowers, as well as rides, exhibition and performance halls, and restaurants within the complex. On top of that, you can try Sky Jump, a bungee-jumping platform at an elevation of 123 metres, or getting on Tower Skyway (cable car) that travels across the entire park, allowing you to get a bird's eye view of all the park's rides and shows.   2. Pick fresh fruits at Guam Farm Stay Village Source: @tndud1990 on Instagram Guam Farm Stay Village is Daegu’s fruit farm located near the city. There, you can find a variety of fruits – including apples, grapes, peaches, and chestnuts that you can try on the spot. Also, starting from the time when cherry blossoms are about to be in full bloom (during the spring season), you can experience farming activities such as planting various vegetable seeds, thinning out apple trees, rice reaping or plucking of beans. For those of you who plan to go there as family vacation, this place would be the perfect spot for your kids. They also facilitate a farm-stay program, where you can grow and taste vegetables such as lettuce and chili.   3. Have a shopping spree while exploring nearby attractions Locals have said it: when you go to Daegu, you must visit Seomun Market, the oldest traditional market in Daegu founded during the Joseon Dynasty. The market has more than 3,500 stalls selling all kinds of items from high-quality textiles, handicrafts, silver products, and dried seafood. It is especially crowded in the evening as the market turns into a food market serving street foods. The must-try delicacies, among others, are makchang (beef intestines) and tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes). Just don’t forget to ask to make sure if the food they serve is halal. Credit: @street_framer on Instagram You can also go to other attractions nearby such as Geundae Alley where the iconic Gyesan Cathedral is located, and Kim Kwang-Seok Street which was named after a folk singer-songwriter (1964-1996) who lived in a house on this alley. Along the alley you will see beautifully rendered portraits and murals, many with a trompe-l’œil effect and inspired by his music. Credit: @max_the_dog98 on Flickr For those of you who are into oriental medicine/herbal, you must visit Daegu Oriental Medicine Market (Daegu Yangnyeongsi). Founded in the Joseon dynasty, this market is one of the 3 Korean traditional medicine ingredient markets in Korea. Here you can buy Korean tea and herbal medicine including goji, gingko, and ginseng for a cheap price. You will also find clinics with doctors specializing in oriental medicine dating back to the Joseon Dynasty.   4. Relax at a Jjimjilbang Credit: @leeseokho_tte on Instagram If you like to visit places locals go to, you must visit a Jjimjilbang. Jjimjilbang is a large bathhouse, similar to Japanese onsen, that opens 24 hours. There you can find Korean kiln saunas, steam rooms, heated pools and cold pools, jacuzzis, showers and massage tables. Just like Japanese onsen, the soaking pools are segregated and you will be required to remove all items of clothing. If you are not comfortable being undressed among strangers, you can visit their exercise areas, clothed saunas, arcade games and also sleeping areas with ondol (under-floor heating) with special clothes they provide in the communal areas once you pay the entrance fee.   5. Enjoy Daegu’s beautiful natural landscapes Biseulsan Recreational Forest Credit: @adventurous.aurora on Instagram Nature lovers will find Daegu delightful as there are many beautiful places where you can hike or simply enjoy beautiful scenery (especially during Spring and Autumn), namely Palgong Mountain, Biseulsan Recreational Forest and Apsan Park. At the Southern foot of the Palgong mountain, you will find temples like: Donghwasa, that has beautiful columns and carvings beneath its eaves with a history that can be traced back to the end of the 5th century; and Gwan-Amsa where Gatbawi, a 4-metres tall Buddha statue carved in-situ with a slab on his head. Palgong Mountain Cable Car Source: @moon_5____on Instagram At Apsan Park you can either hike or get into a cable car that runs to the top for convenient access to Apsan Observatory for a panoramic view of Daegu (the view is stunning at night!). But if you prefer a less sweaty trip, you might want to consider visiting Daegu Arboretum and Suseong Lake. The arboretum (botanical garden) will give you stunning views of a huge range of trees and plants, as well as several large greenhouses that contain more exotic specimens; whereas Suseong Lake is a place for slow walks and relaxation where you can do paddle boat ride or enjoy water musical fountain shows while chilling at restaurants and cafés around the lake.   6. Visit art/cultural centres and museums Source: @p__s_s_ on Instagram The other iconic building you must visit and snap beautiful photos at is The Arc Cultural Center. The magnificent modern architecture of this building makes it look like a giant upturned shell. The building was designed by New York’s Asymptote studio as part of the World Expo 2012. You can also visit museums such as Daegu National Museum where you can learn about the culture and history of Daegu, and Daegu Art Museum where you can view exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. Credit: @sookhee_yoon on Instagram    Bonus for BTS fans! Via Giphy The city of Daegu might sound familiar to BTS fans because it's the birthplace of two beloved members of the group, V (Kim Tae-hyung) and Suga (Min Yoon-gi).  Suga's alternate stage name and alter-ego is even dedicated to his hometown – Agust D, which spells DT Suga backwards, DT being short for Daegu Town. Just another reason to check out and love this beautiful city! As you can see, there are many places you can select from to craft your Daegu itinerary. Staying one or two nights (depending on your interests) might be good enough to explore Daegu and enjoy the beauty of the Korean city of “large hill”.   Check out The Halal Travel Podcast hosted by Hazirah, Nurul and Raudha as they talk candidly about travel, food, life and everything else in between and sometimes with awesome guests! Listen now! ...

  • Travel News Wrap: 19 October Week

    Singapore Airlines relaunches the World’s Longest Flight Image Credit: Isaac Struna on Unsplash From 9 November 2020, Singapore Airlines (SIA) will operate from Changi Airport to JFK International Airport in New York. SQ23 and SQ24 will fly thrice a week on this route, both ways. Due to the demand for flights to New York, this resumption of flights to JFK International Airport will help with a mix of passenger and cargo traffic. Flying the A350-900, this route will replace the Singapore-Newark route that was suspended due to the climate of the global pandemic. Currently, SIA is operating non-stop services to Los Angeles, USA.    Traveling to Thailand is now possible for Singaporeans Image Credit: Dan Freeman on Unsplash Traveling to Thailand for Singaporeans have been made possible again with the recent developments in Thailand. However, this border-reopening comes with certain conditions that must be met in order to enter Thailand. Since October 7, Thailand requires a Special Tourist Visa (STV) for anyone to enter their country.  Similar to earlier reports, Singaporean residents will have to meet strict conditions in order to be eligible for entry to Thailand. You can view these conditions here. Some of the conditions that have to be met are that visitors must stay in Thailand for a minimum of 90 days and must not have any criminal record either in Thailand or Singapore. Additionally, visitors must also only fly with Singapore Airlines in order to gain access to the country. Please refer to the Thai Embassy’s website for more details.   Germany-Singapore Green Lane Arrangement Image Credit: Håkon Sataøen on Unsplash As announced in a joint press statement, Germany and Singapore have recently agreed to set up a Reciprocal Green Lane for essential business and official travel. Similar to the other existing reciprocal green lanes, visitors traveling under this arrangement will have to abide by the COVID-19 safety measures which have been agreed on by both countries. The decision of this announcement came as both countries have shared that they are planning to use the green lane as a model for similar arrangements between Singapore and the European Union in the future. The details of the arrangement have not been released yet, at the time of writing. Please check with the respective authorities for more details.   Australia is currently in talks with Singapore, Japan, and Korea Image Credit: Paul Carmona on Unsplash In other news, Australia has also been busy with the establishment of their own travel arrangements. Recently, Australia is in talks with Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and the South Pacific nations on the reopening of travel. This development came after a steady decline in infections since early August. The countries selected for this have been limited to countries that have been performing well on the health front, according to the authorities in Australia. It has been reported that the arrangement to resume travel between Australia and the countries in question will help businesses on both sides of the arrangement. Currently, no dates have been set for the launch of the travel agreement. Please refer to the respective authorities for more details. Singapore Tourism Board (STB) partners with Airbnb Experiences Image Credit: Zhu Hongzhi on Unsplash Virtual Tourism has been the talk of the town in recent times. Now, the Singapore Tourism Board is partnering with Airbnb Experiences to promote Singapore with the help of Virtual Tourism. The partnership will offer a range of online experiences that are said to be “one-fo-a-kind activities designed and hosted by locals” to the global audience. These Virtual Trips experiences will include cooking sessions with locals, guided museum tours, and dance classes, a virtual visit to The Intan (Peranakan home museum), and a sustainability-themed tour of the Cloud Forest in Gardens by the Bay amongst others.   United Kingdom Quarantine List Update Image Credit: Eva Dang on Unsplash Some recent changes have been made to the United Kingdom’s travel corridor list.  Escaping the cold winter has is now a reality with the addition of Spain’s Canary Islands, The Maldives, Denmark, and Mykonos being added to the ‘safe’ destinations list. Travelers will not be required to be quarantined upon their return to the UK from these locations from the morning of Sunday, 25 October. However, there are still some safety requirements that have to be met in order for travelers from the UK to enter these destinations, except for Mykonos. Please refer to the respective authorities for more information on the safety requirements of traveling...

  • Get The Full Airline Experience Without Leaving the Ground at these Hotels & Restaurants

    Cover Image Credit: Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash This year has been a really weird time for the aviation and travel industry. With the travel restrictions in place for many countries, many airlines had to ground most or all of their planes in their fleet. This is bad news especially for the plane enthusiasts, who long for the experience of flying again. One way that they can somewhat relive this experience is through aviation-themed restaurants and hotels around the world! Sadly, most of the restaurants are not halal but here are some of the most interesting aviation restaurants and hotels from around the world for us to adore and maybe even book a hotel visit if we are in that country. Some of the restaurants are not halal but are covered just to show the idea and novelty of the whole experience.   Restaurants Dreamliner Airways Cafe (HALAL) Image Credit: Dreamliner Airways Cafe on Facebook The aviation theme that it has is already special, add to that that it is one of the only one that is halal makes it truly unique. Finally, something that we can try! Located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, this restaurant lets diners experience the joys of flying. With great attention to detail, the cafe’s decor is modeled after the interior of a commercial jet equipped with windows and airline seats. Even the staff there don on flight attendant uniforms to give you that extra level of immersion. The only different thing about the cafe and flying for real is the food that they serve. Which is really not a bad thing to leave out of flying for real, a stark contrast of the beloved microwaved airline food. The cafe serves a range of Western and Asian cuisine with generous portions, great for the hungry “traveler”. As halal aviation-themed restaurants go, Dreamliner Airways Cafe is definitely something that is really unique. This Cafe is Halal as of the time of writing.  Location: The Dreamliner Airways Cafe, No. 7, Jalan Harmonium 35/1, Taman Desa Tebrau, Johor Bahru Opening Hours: 11 AM - 11 PM (Daily) Facebook Thai Airways Restaurant (NON-HALAL) Image Credit: Sam Chui Thai Airways have been making airwaves recently with the launch of their plane-themed restaurant. Located in Bangkok, Thailand, the Thai Airways Restaurant was set up to capture and recreate the authentic inflight experience for the visitors to their restaurant, with airline seats, decor, and of course the plane food. It’s like flying with Thai Airways but without leaving the ground.  The airline takes the experience of the guests seriously as diners will have to ascend the Passenger boarding stair truck (that truck with stairs that you use to get into the plane sometimes) to enter the restaurant, which will surely help in the guests immerse themselves into the experience.  To top it all off, guests will be gifted a boarding pass when they leave as a souvenir for their visit.  Sadly the restaurant is not halal at the time of writing. First Airways (NON-HALAL) Image Credit: First Airlines Speaking of immersion, this listing takes it to the next level. Your mind will be tricked into thinking that you are actually flying over distant lands, in first class too! Operating in Japan from 2016 onwards, this Virtual Reality flight experience brings visitors around the globe on virtual tours of different countries without even leaving the ground. Decked with first-class flight seats and a commercial plane interior decor, even the staff are dressed like actual flight attendants. If you are interested in the “plane”, it is modeled after the Airbus A310. The food and fake window scenery will change based on where the virtual reality tour is held at. Countries including New York, Paris, and Rome are just some of the countries that they offer. A really interesting take on aviation with the help of cutting edge technology. The restaurant is not halal at the time of writing. Runway 34 Restaurant (NON-HALAL) Image Credit: Runway 34 Restaurant If you are more of a propeller kind of person, then Runway 34 will excite you. Located near Zurich Airport, Switzerland is unlike anything from the previous listings. This place not only has the looks and feel of a plane, but Runway 34 also has the whole plane, the real deal. Parked in the middle of the hangar, the plane sits as a centerpiece for the restaurants where diners can choose to have their meals inside or outside the cabin. The plane in question is a retired Ilyushin Il-14, a twin-engined commercial and military personnel and cargo transport aircraft from the 1950s. The plane really does help the restaurant pull off the retro 1950s look well. The restaurant is not Halal at the time of writing. Hotels Hotels that you have to see it to believe it! STF Jumbo Stay Stockholm Image Credit: Jumbostay This has to be the closest thing you can get from bringing your mattress into the airplane cabin to sleep in! Located in Stockholm, Sweden, this repurposed jumbo jet literally lets you stay in the cabin of a retired Boeing 747. Space are aplenty too with the 747’s huge cabin space, there are several dorms and rooms. It is even equipped with a luxury suite in the cockpit! Vliegtuigsuite Teuge Image Credit: Another entry to this list of Aviation hotels is the Vliegtuigsuite Teuge in the Teuge, Netherlands. This retired Ilyushin 18 is now a single elongated suite that lets you experience owning the whole plane all to your self. The airplane is big enough for a bedroom area, a kitchenette, and a jacuzzi among other things. All the luxury without any turbulence! Costa Verde 727 Fuselage Home Image Credit: Uniq Hotels Ever wondered what would happen if a plane got stuck in a tree? They get turned into a hotel suite of course! Somewhere in the Costa Rican Jungle lies a salvaged Boeing 727 up in the trees. The painstaking process of placing it up there looks to be very worth it though, as it is safe to say that this is one extraordinary hotel! What makes it more interesting is that the interior decor is predominantly made of wood. From the furniture to the wall, the amount of wood is definitely something you would think of first when you see a salvaged airplane. There you have it some of the different places that offer you the flying experience without even leaving the ground. Frequent travelers and plane enthusiasts can now at least reminisce the days where we were all free to fly around. Maybe with the current border situations still looking to be very uncertain in may parts of the world, more airlines can follow the examples of these places, who knows our next staycations and meals might even be in the cabin of a once flying commercial airliner!...

  • 10 Best Virtual Experiences To Cure Your Wanderlust

    We all miss traveling, don't we? As we are still battling a pandemic worldwide, travel restriction has been prolonged (but it’s looking to be quite promising). And with stringent measures like social distancing and quarantine, one could only dream about traveling and seeing the world again. With advanced technology, the world has been brought closer to us. The existence of virtual travel experiences can cure part of our wanderlust. Not going to sugarcoat my words, seeing the actual thing is way better of course. As we are waiting for the world to heal and the situation to get better, here are the 10 best virtual experiences you need to check out to cure your wanderlust!   1. Marvel the Seven Wonders of the World Image Source: Photo by Fahrul Azmi on Unsplash I have always dreamed about exploring the Seven Wonders of the World, but let's be real. Spreading across different continents, I am sure there will be a lot of planning to do and the time to be allocated to explore every one of them. While we're in this phase, how about checking out this article from the New York Times? Listing down the Seven Wonders of the World, you can sit back and enjoy the 360 videos of the monuments. This includes The Taj Mahal and The Great Wall of China. With each video, you can also read brief information, adding up to your experience. 2. Ride around Japan on a Rickshaw! Image Source: Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash The VisitJapan Youtube channel has plenty of travel videos that are worth watching to cure your wanderlust. Some of these 360 videos have been around even before the pandemic breakout. If you haven't check out any of these videos, then this is the time for you to do so.The Let's go Rickshaw series brings you around cities of Japan on a rickshaw! Even though the cities are limited, it is pretty much informative and exciting. Ride around Asakusa and witness the Sensoji Temple or watch the relaxing countryside of Oita at the comfort of your house. You can also enjoy the 360 videos of the Japanese culture, making you want to fly right away to Japan after the restrictions have been lifted. 3. Explore the Yosemite National Park Image Source: Photo by Aniket Deole on Unsplash Yosemite National Park is located in California's Sierra Nevada. It is known for its majestic waterfalls and its granite rock formation. Tourists have been flocking to Yosemite all year round regardless of the seasons. Even though we cannot hike the Yosemite for some time, let this website shows you the remarkable view that you shouldn't miss.The Virtual Yosemite website allows you to explore the national park without boundaries. Pan around the popular spots and read up on the brief descriptions to learn more. Relax by listening to the water gushing down Nevada Falls or be awed by the nature surrounding Glacier Point. 4. Enjoy the Aeriel View of the Zhangjiajie National Park Image Source: Photo by Matt Zhang on Unsplash Located in the Hunan Province of China, Zhangjiajie National Park was recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The notable thing about this park is the pillar-like rock formation, making them look like they appear right out of a fantasy book. And it must be due to this that it became an inspiration for the movie Avatar.This Youtube 360 video will bring you through the Zhangjiajie National Park through a birds-eye view. Expect to see the Tianmen Mountain Temple and a glimpse of the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge. You can also spot the Bailong Elevator, known to be the world's highest outdoor elevator. With an informative voiceover, the panoramic mountainous view will definitely take your breath away. 5. Explore the Active Volcanoes at Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park Image Source: Photo by Jack Ebnet on Unsplash The Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park is surrounded by two active volcanoes, Kīlauea and Mauna Loa. Currently, only a certain area of the park is open to the public, and some stringent measures are imposed due to the pandemic.When else will we get the opportunity to explore an active volcano? Not only will you be able to listen to the sound of the erupting volcanoes but also witness the volcanic landscape, including the lava tube. This video includes an informative guide that will make your experience more lively and exciting. 6. Learn on the constellations at Bryce Canyon Image Source: Photo by Peter Thomas on Unsplash Located in the Southwest area of Utah, Bryce Canyon is notable for its hoodoos landscape. Its iconic spot is the Bryce Amphitheater, showcasing the irregularly eroded hoodoos.Known to have the darkest night sky in Northern America, it is no doubt that Bryce Canyon is the best place to go stargazing. This video tour lets you witness the amazing night sky glittering with sparkling stars and learn on the visible constellations. 7. Watch the Live Cams of Various Animals in Monterey Bay Aquarium Image Source: Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash Monterey Bay Aquarium might still be closed for the public due to the pandemic, but this doesn't mean that we won't be able to witness the sea creatures. Monterey Bay Aquarium is located in California and is known to be the first to exhibit the kelp forest.Currently, the Monterey Bay Aquarium provides live cams that you can watch in the comfort of your home. You can choose from various animals like the kelp forest, penguins and even sharks. Unfortunately, there is a timing for the live cams but during off-hours, you can still watch the pre-recorded videos of the animals. 8. More Live Cams from Georgia Aquarium Image Source: Photo by Tai's Captures on Unsplash Georgia Aquarium is located in Atlanta, United States. It homed various sea specimens like Beluga Whale and Manta Rays, to name a few.Similar to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, you can watch live cams of the sea creatures. They too have timing for the live cams. As such, you can only watch the pre-recorded videos during off-hours. Check out the Beluga Whales and the Southern Sea Otters webcams. It will definitely melt your heart from its cuteness. You can also read up on the animal facts and learn about their habitat and characteristics. 9. Ride the Rides at Walt Disney World Image Source: Photo by Park Troopers on Unsplash Deprived of taking thrilling rides and visiting an amusement park? Then look no further than the virtual Disney World on Youtube. Even if you have visited this amusement park before or it is still in your bucket list, it is worth checking them out!Walt Disney is a theme park located in Florida, United States. With various activities and attractions found in this park, you will never get bored walking around (virtually). Its Youtube channel lets you experience the rides like Slinky Dog Dash of Toy Story Land and Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain to name a few. As Walt Disney World is near the city of Orlando, your virtual experiences do not only encompass the theme park. You should check out the Virtual Orlando Tour blog and check out attractions like Legoland and Madame Tussauds Orlando. 10. Fill Up Your Time with National Geographics 360 videos Image Source: Photo by Hiroko Yoshii on Unsplash We are all not foreign with National Geographics, known to bring us the documentaries and magazines surrounding topics about science, geography and even the world culture and history.There's no difference in the 360 videos that they produced, still informative and educative. But it will definitely bring about a new excitement while you scroll down the list of videos. Learn about the Coral reef and the effort to preserve them or get up close with the tiger sharks. When else will you get the opportunity to swim with them? If museums are more up your ally, check out our past blog "10 Best Virtual Museum Tours In 2020", where we list museums around the world offering you a chance to visit them without being physically there. There you have it, the 10 best virtual experiences to cure your wanderlust. The time we can start to travel again is still bleak but these videos might cheer us up a little. I have to say that some of the videos are therapeutic, a getaway from the hectic life. Give it a try, and for sure you will enjoy it as much as I did....