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  • 5 Cities to Visit for Their Foods Around the World

    It's the season of traveling and the right time to visit the best food cities in the world! When you ask anyone about their recent travels, most will reminisce about the food they had on their trip, good...

  • 7 Great Travel Photo Hacks, Aesthetic Pictures Guaranteed!

    Part of the beauty of traveling is getting great photos, but how do you get good photos if you are not a professional photographer? Well, we have what you need: travel photo hacks that will step up your...

  • 5 Best Travel Hacks You Wished You Knew Sooner

    Airports are again congested, our vacation schedules are booked, and everyone is planning and preparing for the trips they're taking this year, so it appears that travel is finally returning to normalcy....

  • Best Places to Get Halal Steaks in Singapore

    Being known as a foodie haven comes with the challenges of having a lot of halal food choices and dishes to try in Singapore. Whether you're looking for the Best Chicken Rice in Singapore, the Best Murtabaks...

  • Visiting the Magnificent Grand Mosque of West Sumatra

    Have you ever imagined yourself visiting an incredible mosque without a dome? Yes, you read it right. A mosque without a dome! Thanks to Indonesia’s West Sumatera province, HalalTrip discovered this...

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