Soak In the Local Vibe & Get These 10 Must-Try Street Food In Jakarta, Indonesia

By Halal Trip | 28, Aug, 2018
Soak In the Local Vibe & Get These 10 Must-Try Street Food In Jakarta, Indonesia

As a Muslim country, we can find an abundance of must-try Halal street food in Indonesia. Most of the local food can be found when you visit Jakarta and you will find some absolute must-have street food there! 

This is a travel guide for food lovers in hopes that it will help you explore your taste palette and satisfy your appetite. But all food isn't necessarily halal. We should always inquire about the meat and ask if lard/pork meat is being used. The following are 10 local favorites that you should absolutely go for!

1. Gado-Gado

Picture Credit: Tesco Real Food

This local item is almost similar to a greek salad but yet is tastefully different. This Indonesian dish comprises of vegetables tossed with fried tofu, fried fermented beans, crackers, boiled egg with a drizzle of spicy peanut sauce and is blended with the extra spicy chilli padi a.k.a Bird's eye chilli. It's a simple yet filling meal that cuts right through your mouth with that extra spice.

2. Siomay

Picture Credit: Notepam

This is a steamed fish dumpling that is created with fish paste and vegetables. It also has several choices of flavors such as tuna, mackerel, and prawn. This is a fantastic dish for a seafood lover. Each dish is prepared freshly and is made of bite-sized pieces. It is topped with none other than a spicy peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce to give just the right sweet and spice flavor.

3. Sate

Sate a.k.a Satay is an aromatic and marinated skewered meat that is char-grilled and is just absolutely mouth-watering. Also, this meat stick can be found in many stalls through-out Indonesia. Even though it is common, it is a must have when visiting Jakarta. The spices and various flavours used is thoroughly infused with the meat, making it moist and flavorful on the inside.

4. Mie Soto

Picture Credit: Tastemade

This is a heavy meal that is all about carbs and broth. There are a few variations of flavor in this item but the most favoured one is the chicken broth. The peppered broth is infused with herbs and flavors with the added ingredients of wheat noodles and chopped meat. This bowl of deliciousness will surely curb your hunger after a day of exploring.

5. Pisang Coklat

All that spice is sure to make you crave for something sweet and sinful. The chocolate coated bananas are wrapped in pancakes and is drizzle over with delicious chocolate sauce. Just looking at this holy grail of desserts is sure to make you salivate and desperate to dig in. This is a must-not-miss and is just what the doctor ordered!

6. Fritters

Picture Credit: Delicious

There are two types of Fritters that are famous over in the stalls for a quick fix of carbs or if you want to snack on something while you're exploring. Gorengan is a banana and cauliflower fritter that is a most famous snack among the locals. Its golden brown hue is a sight for the sore eyes. Sukun Goreng is breadfruit fritters that are lightly salted and crunchy.

7. Ketoprak

Picture Credit: Pergi Kuliner

This is a local favorite and is available on almost every street of Jakarta. It consists of fried tofu, steamed rice cake, vegetables and rice vermicelli. It might seem simple, but the flavors sure pack a punch. It is drizzled with sweet soy sauce to add an extra kick to it. This is a hearty meal that would leave you absolutely satiated.

8. Martabak Telur

Picture Credit: Rumah Mesin

This is an egg omelet that puts all the others to shame. It is a pan-fried egg omelet mixed with vegetables and ground meat. Usually, either chicken or beef is used. Just one serving of this will keep you begging for more!

9. Lontong Sayur

Picture Credit: Craftlog

If there isn't even one dish infused with coconut milk, it ain't Asian. This mouth-watering, aromatic, flavor-filled coconut milk curry broth is incorporated with steamed rice cakes and vegetables. The drifting smell is enough to bring in people with their noses to guide them. This dish a huge hit among the street foods of Jakarta.

10. Martabak Manis

Picture Credit: IDN Times

Also known as the Indonesian pancakes, are Indonesia's most popular street sweet treat. With the dough, some thick and soft pancakes are made, which has a beautiful golden hue. It is spread with margarine and filled with chocolate sprinkles, cheese, and peanuts. It is at its best when its freshly made and the condiments are still oozing and very tempting. Nothing can go wrong with satisfying your sweet tooth with this Indonesian aphrodisiac.

As you can see Jakarta is filled with stalls that contain food you can enjoy without worrying too much. Just to be on the safe side you should inquire about the meat items, other than that, the streets of Jakarta is one place that you should enjoy food as much as you please. These items are specifically Indonesian, so make sure to not miss out on anything if you decide to go for a visit!

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