Toronto: These 5 Halal Eateries Are Absolute Must-Try(s) When You're in Toronto, Canada

By Amina Fukeerbucus | 27, Jul, 2018
Toronto: These 5 Halal Eateries Are Absolute Must-Try(s) When You're in Toronto, Canada

Food is the answer to everything. You can't just visit a country without going into its finest restaurants or discovering the different cuisines they serve. If you're passing by Toronto and looking for some great place to have a meal, check out these 5 Must-Try Halal Eateries in Toronto!

1. Top Gun Steak

Picture Credit: Top Gun Steak and Burgers Facebook

Fresh ingredients, lavish flavors and chewy salads, Top Gun Steak & Burger is a burger house which proposes big burgers with beef patties, seasoned with aromatic herbs and served with some good warm fries. The burger house also offers chicken burgers as well as vegetarian burgers on its menu. On top of that, you can choose between a number of extras that you can add on top of your meal and drinks to accompany your monster feast. And what is a loaded meal without some crunchy and spicy sides to top it all off? Top Gun Steak and Burger redefines the traditional sides by adding some spices and meat to the fries.

Address: 251 Augusta Ave., Toronto, ON M5T 2L8
Contact: (416) 593-2777

2. Burger Factory

Picture Credit: Burger Factory Facebook

Now, who doesn't love having a big bold burger with fries on its side? The Burger Factory in Toronto is a utopia for burger lovers who will get to choose from a wide range of burgers, made with fresh ingredients all seasoned with the finest herbs and spices for a delicious and mouthwatering taste. Also, you can choose between a number of sides and combos as well as funnel cakes. If you're a fan of huge burgers towered with cheese, lettuce, and meat then this haven will definitely satisfy your cravings. You surely don't want to miss this huge burger franchise while being in Toronto.

Address: 265 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1Z4.
Contact: 416-263-9009
Opening hours: 11AM to 10PM (Mon-Sun)

3. Xawaash

Picture Credit: Xawaash Restaurant

Specialized in Somalian cuisine, Xawaash will let you experience all the goodness that traditional Somalian cuisine has to offer. These meals are prepared with fresh ingredients that will suit your mood and wallet. Xawassh proposes an alluring menu filled with grilled meat and chicken kebabs, as well as Falafel & Hummus for its vegetarian clients. You can also choose from a number of pita wraps and salads from the menu and conclude your meal with a sweet treat. If you're just looking for some hot coffee, you will find a delectable choice of espressos, lattes, and chai at Xawaash.

Contact: (416) 747-7222
Opening hours: 11AM to 10PM (Mon-Thu)
                         11AM to 11PM (Sat)
                         12PM to 10PM (Sun)

4. Mr. Pide

Picture Credit: Khurram Shaz Facebook

If you're tired of Italian pizzas and want to try something new while being in Toronto, then Mr. Pide is the place to drop by. Known for its Turkish pizza style, Mr. Pide offers a twist in the art of making this Italian dish. Each pizza is seasoned and accompanied with lamb or beef, depending on your choice. You can choose from 21 different pizzas and seasonings that will definitely bring the feels of being in Turkey.

Address: 800 Danforth Ave., Toronto, ON M4J 1L6
Contact: (647) 351-7433
Opening hours: 11AM to 10PM (Mon-Thu)
11AM to 11PM (Fri-Sat)
11 AM to 9PM (Sun)

5. Kabul Express

Picture Credit: Kabul Express

Specialized in Afghan, Indian and Pakistani cuisine, Kabul Express is a must-visit for foodies who enjoy spicy and hot meals. Kabul Express offers a large variety of dishes, sides, and dinner. You can choose from a variety of Dall, chicken curries and naans. As for those who enjoy marinated fish or chicken, will definitely satisfy their cravings with the Tandoori Meals, prepared with selected spices and herbs.

Address: 126 Dundas St East, Toronto, ON, M5B 1E2, Canada
Contact: 647-351-1111
Opening hours: 11AM to 2AM (Mon-Sun)

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