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Profile image Amina Fukeerbucus reviewed Château de Labourdonnais 2 years agoRiviere Du Rempart

In the heart of the Wiehe residence, the Chateau Labourdonnais. Rich with the prints of the past.

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Profile image Amina Fukeerbucus reviewed Le Morne Brabant 2 years agoLe Morne Brabant

Located in the south of Mauritius. One of iconic places in Mauritius, marking the history of slavery.

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  • My Worst Plane Ride Ever

    We've all dreamt of the first time we'd take the plane and head for an unknown destination. And when finally the day has come, we just get so overwhelmed by everything, eager to be on the plane and take incredible pictures of the sky. So was I,... until my dream turned into an actual nightmare. 16th of April, I am ready to fly to Amsterdam and have my very first holidays abroad. Yay!! Everything was ready for me to go on an adventure, except I never imagined that staff and service would be so unwelcoming. Image by Matthew Turner from Pexels First stop, Nairobi, after 5 hours of flight, and I had to rush in order to get to my gate in order to catch my flight. Along with me, there was another girl who had to catch the same flight, so we started running for our lives on hearing that gates were closing. Arriving at the desk, we had to present our passports and boarding passes. She went through and as I stepped forward to present mine, I was told to hold back. The officer looked at me weirdly, then went over to her colleague and whispered something I couldn't understand. Coming back to me, I was shot with a loaded gun of questions on why I was going there if I knew anybody there, and what was my job. My eyes and thoughts were glued on the screen on which I could read " Final call" while I tried to reply to their questions as rapidly as possible. Since they didn't seem to approve of my answers, I was asked to show my ID card. "At last," I thought. But no! They were still very doubtful about me and I was asked to remove my veil for identification. Image by KayR Studios from Pexels I removed my veil and the lady scanned me as if I was a criminal. Finally, she had told me I was good to go and I sprinted to get on board. As I reached inside the plane, the air hostess told me to relax and no need to run since I was perfectly on time. On the words, I just heard the door slam shut behind me and I felt as if I was about to faint. But it was cool, I was heading to Amsterdam! I searched for my seat and since I was near the window, I had to get the 2 other passengers to move in order to get there. Once I was seated, I breathed heavily and let a sigh of relief. I made it this far and I was yet to go further. 14hrs of flight from now. But another unwelcoming experience was about to unfold. It was already 9 o'clock when I got on board and the last time I had something to eat was at 4.30 in the morning and since I had an incredible sprint, I was thirsty and tired. I searched for an air hostess and asked for some water. " I'll bring you that", on these words, she went off. 30 minutes went by, but no sign of a cup of water. I started getting irritated and at some point, I saw a steward and asked him for some water, yet, nothing. My irritation grew into anger and when I saw that other passengers were being served alcoholic beverages while I asked for water but was clearly not important enough to be served. Image by congerdesign from Pixabay  At some point, I stopped another air hostess, and I told her that it was already 45 minutes since I asked for a glass of water but nothing was served to me, to which she replied, "it's on its way". I had never thought that I'd be facing such a situation in order to get some water. It was frustrating and needless to say that I was looking angry and when finally the water came, I had let out my frustration but it didn't seem to affect them. During the whole flight, this particular air hostess avoided me but I was not going to let this situation go unnoticed. I had trusted the company to show a good service but it seemed that they didn't care about their customers. However, I was far from imagining that my troubles were over. As we flew over Holland, I was completely mesmerized by the beautiful aerial view and I thought that maybe the difficulties were worth it, but the company proved me wrong again. Upon my arrival, I started freezing (since I live in Mauritius and I am not used to temperatures below 20). I had to find my way to the luggage lounge and when I got there, I was surprised to see that my suitcase was missing. I had just traveled for 14 hours and I had nothing with me except my backpack in which there were no clothes. This was the last drop that made me feel like I made a huge mistake in trusting the airline company I had retrieved my luggage after 36 hours, which meant that I had to do unnecessary expenses on the first day and even when I got my luggage, the handle of my suitcase was broken and the padlock went missing. Upon opening my suitcase, I saw that it had been searched but nothing was taken from it. I finally decided to write to the company and it took them approximately 2 months before processing my complaint. Image by Peter H from Pixabay  I was happy that I was going on holidays for the first time and that I'd get to see a new place, discover incredible things and learn about a culture that is different from mine , but I was far from imagining that I would have to face so many hurdles before actually landing, and that too, without my suitcase. Nevertheless, I had a great time in Amsterdam. The only thing I can say is that, don't go for cheap tickets ,you'll end up paying heavily for it.  ...

  • What You Should Do on The Last Day of Ramadhan

    It's the last day of Ramadan and our special guest will be leaving. Let's take some time out of our schedule today and make the most out of it. Drop your shopping bags aside, put those lavish dishes in the corner and focus. The final day is your last chance to catch the goodness and the blessings of Ramadan. So are you ready to be productive? Let's get started with these easy steps!   1) Up your Du'a game. Credit: Pixabay If there's one thing you can do anytime and anywhere, it's Du'a. The last day of Ramadan should be dedicated to Du'a for yourself, your family and the rest of Ummah.Rabbi habli hukman wa alhikni bissalihiin. (26:83) This is the Du'a of Ibrahim AS. This Du'a enjoins the fact of having authority as well as being in the company of the righteous. Remember that your life will be as good as the people you surround yourself with. Ibrahim AS lived in a time where idol worshipping was prominent and he looked up to Allah for help and guidance. This Du'a reminds us of the importance of being firm in what we do as well as having good companions around us.Rabbi inni lima anzalta ilayya minn khayrin faqiir. (28:24) The Du'a Musa AS made when he had set out into the unknown. At some point in our lives, we will feel we have wronged ourselves and others and it is important in those moments to remember the stories of Musa As. How he faced trials upon trials and yet never gave up and always looked for Divine guidance. Whenever you will feel the darkness around you, just like the dark night in which Musa left Egypt after he accidentally killed a man, remember this Du’a. And the beauty of this Du’a is that, despite the committed such a big blunder, he didn’t despair in the hope of Allah. Rather, he kept on asking for guidance. So, no matter how far you are from this religion, do not give up. Ultimately, the best Du’a on this last day remains: Allahumma innaka ‘affuwwun tuhibbul ‘afwa fa’fu ‘anni. The translation of this Du’a is, O Allah You are the One to Forgive, and You love to forgive, so please forgive me. The last days of Ramadan is the best time to ask for forgiveness, and this du’a happens to be the best du’a for forgiveness. Repeat it after every salaah, at the time of Iftaar, upon hearing Adhan. Verily, Allah is the Forgiver and He will accept your acts of worship.   2) I’tikaf Credit: Pixabay For those who are able to take a break from work or school, I’tikaf happens to be the best way not to miss Laylatul Qadr. Put your daily life on hold and focus on the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW where he would take a spiritual retreat and reflect upon the greatness of Allah. As the last day of Ramadan is finally upon us, do make the most of every second by spending time in reflecting on the verses of the Qur’an. This book was sent as a guide for the whole mankind and holds precious gems of the beauty of stories of Prophets, reminding us that trials are part of life and our final return is to Allah. Reflect upon the fact that another Ramadan has passed by and what has changed since last year and if you have been able to bring changes within you.   3) Takbir Credit: Pexels'Takbir' is derived as the Arabic phrase "Allahu akbar", which means "God is the greatest". Takbir itself means "Greater". Takbir is held once Ramadan ends and the month of Shawwal begins. In essence, the purpose of takbir is to show happiness and gratefulness to Allah SWT. During Takbir, groups of Ummahs will gather together and recite readings as follows:  Credit: Permohonan.myIndeed, takbir is a greatway to unify and strengthen ties between Ummah. Having said this, you should invite your family, friends and neighbours over to your house and recite takbir readings together. The more people, the merrier and the more rewards insya'Allah. Truly, this is the best way to get in the spirit of Eid and share our thanks to Allah.Happy advanced Eid Muslim brothers and sisters! :)...

  • 13 Hacks to Sustain Your Ramadan Vibe

    Can you believe it? We're already halfway through Ramadan and it feels like we only just started yesterday! I am sure many of us began this month feeling overzealous to wake up for Tahajjud everyday, read the entire Quran and fulfill as many acts of worship as best as we can throughout the month. And I'm positive that all of us have made at least some form of progress, whether it be little or a lot. Now that we've reached the halfway mark, it is so important that we continue to keep our adrenaline running and stay motivated to make full use of the remaining 15 days of Ramadan. So how can you sustain your Ramadan vibe? These 13 hacks will show you how!   Start your day right with a healthy suhoor meal It is no secret that many of us struggle to wake up for Suhoor as we are not morning people. However, it is always good to remember the benefits of Suhoor and how it is one of the best ways to start the day right and be productive. No, you do not need to be feasting during Suhoor because that might only serve to work against you and make you feel lethargic as the day progresses. Instead, a better option would be to begin the day by eating a light and healthy Suhoor meal!You do not need to have a very elaborate meal. Food like cereal, smoothies, milkshakes or fruits are perfect too. And why not add some dates to it and gain rewards for fulfilling a Sunnah?   Water power Of course, it is not easy to stay hydrated during Ramadan. But getting dehydrated will definitely bring health issues up and you don't want that to happen. So, the best option remains to intake a lot of fluid during Suhoor anf Iftar. However, you need to be cautious!Do not take a large amount of fluid at one go. That is dangerous because it can cause the salt level in your blood to drop. Rather, consume water bit by bit until you feel like you are hydrated enough. You can keep a bottle of water next to your bed just in case your throat feels dry during night-time.   Recharge with naps Do you know that it is sunnah to nap during the time between after Subuh prayer and before Zohor prayer? How wonderful, you can gain rewards while sleeping! Indeed, naps have been proven to increase your productivity and help you become more focused. And that is exactly what you need during Ramadan. So after getting back from work or school, have a 15 to 20-minute nap to help you feel energised to fulfill your Terawih prayers at night. Be sure not to miss your obligatory prayers too!   Be inspired at the Masjid The beauty of Ramadan is found in the motivational talks we attend at Masjids after obligatory prayers or Taraweeh. They never fail to uplift you and remind you about the purpose of fasting, as well as your purpose as a servant of Allah. If you can't make it to the Masjid, you can always find motivational Islamic talks online on sites such as YouTube!   Dive deep into the Quran The month of Ramadan is the month of the Quran. It was in this month that the Book was sent to Prophet Muhammad SAW as a guidance to mankind. So dedicate as much time as possible to recite verses of the Quran and ultimately, strengthen your faith in the process. Make it a point as well to understand the meaning of these verses and reflect on the words of Allah. Time and time again, you will find verses where Allah says " Don't you reflect?". Thus, this is a clear indication that He doesn't want us to merely recite His words. Instead, He wants us to read it whilst understanding His message. And remember, this book has been sent to guide us through this life and make us dignified human beings. So whenever you open the Quran now, recite and reflect.   Perform Taraweeh Don't be lazy! Yes, Ramadan makes us all feel tired sometimes. But you must constantly remind yourself about the benefits of Taraweeh prayer - one of it being that you can have all your sins be forgiven. Who wouldn't want that?Remember, Allah SWT has mentioned in the Quran that He promises ease after every hardship. So try your best and perform teraweeh as many times as possible to reap the infinite number of rewards during Ramadan, all for Allah.   Energise yourself with light exercises Let's be honest, we all tend to be on power saving mode in Ramadan so that we don't eventually pass out during the day. But little do we know, having a light jog or a few press-ups can actually help you feel better and make our day go even better than usual!So try practising light sets of exercises as frequent as you can this Ramadan and see the difference in yourself as time progresses!   Surround yourself with good people Now, more than ever that you should stick with people who make you feel whole and fill you with positivity. Find people who share the same goals as you and make sure you spend time with them reflecting on the goodness of life and the blessings of witnessing Ramadan.   Create a Ramadan planner and follow through it While you can always just purchase a regular calendar or jot down your achievements into your diary, the best way to track your Ramadan progress would be to use a planner. You can try using the Productive Muslim weekly planner. Efficient, organized and practical, The Productive Muslim progress planners will definitely help you to get things done much easier. What's more it's free!   Stay away from sins Ramadan is all about blessings and reaping the maximum number of rewards you can. Think of it in terms of a game where you get bonuses upon opening a treasure chest. And right now, you're just getting plus points over plus points for every single act of goodness and worship you're accomplishing. It would be a pity to lose all these rewards because of sins. Make this Ramadan a turning point in your life by making a promise to Allah that you will bring postive changes into your life and stick to it, especially during this month of repentance.   Read stories of the Prophet One of the things that can really keep you going during the month of Ramadan is to read the stories of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Ramadan is an eventful month and you'd be surprised to know that several important events took place within the month of Ramadan itself, like the revelation of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad SAW. Reconnecting to the history of our religion is something that will not only motivate you spiritually, but also give meaning to all the good deeds which you been told to practice ever since you were young.   Give back to the community Ramadan is the month of sharing and caring. It's time to go out in the community and help those who are in need. It's also the moment where you put yourself aside and step in to help others. It's that time of the year where we truly live by the Ayat in the Quran where Allah says : "The believers are but brothers, so make reconciliation between your brothers and fear Allah that you may receive mercy." - Surah 49 verse 10   Get everyone involved During the sacred month, make it a must to share the beauty of this month with people of other communities. Explain to them what makes this month special and grant them a small taste of the goodness this month brings about. And the best way to do this is: to share dates. Not only will you get rewarded for informing people about Islam, but you will also get rewarded for sharing food as well as the intention of doing good. At the end of the day, who's the real winner? :)   Make a list of things to be grateful for Ramadan is the month of gratitude, where you take a step back from your daily routine and try to see your life from a whole new angle. Take a minute to be grateful for the food Allah has provided you with, reflect upon the fact that you can go to pray without being oppressed. In short, be grateful for what He has given you. Be grateful for the smallest blessing He has bestowed upon you in your life. Overall, let's all keep going and put our blood, sweat and tears to reap all the benefits of this month. The best part of Ramadan is yet to come! (:...

  • Barakah Lifestyle: 7 Things You Need to Do to Keep Yourself on Track This Ramadhan

    The blessed month is already upon us and it will be gone in no time. That is why it is important for us to make the most of it and try to reap all the benefits of this amazing month while we can.We all have ups and downs and yet we keep trying. So, this Ramadhan, promise yourself that you're going to turn your life around and make the best out of every moment of this month. And in order to help you in becoming the best version of yourself, here are a few tips:   1) Mindset is everything A happy mindset creates a happy person, there is no doubt about this. And you want to spend your Ramadhan being happy and grateful for the countless bounties of Allah. Start by having positive quotes or even ayats that can uplift you. Be sure read them daily or even stick them somewhere that is visible to you all the time like on the walls of your room. This will help you to become more optimistic throughout the month and more determined to become a better Muslim.   2) Build a positive circle Having a positive grouo of people around us is a must, especially in a society where people tend to feel like everything is a burden and there is a lack of appreciation for the small blessings. Find people who motivate you, uplift you and make you smile at the beauty of life. Especially in Ramadhan, where people sometimes feel a bit down because of long tiring hours at work, it is important to have a nice circle of positive people who will remind you the benefits of fasting and make you feel that you're not alone.   3) Plan it out Being organized helps in making good use of your time. If you're a fan of bullet journal, you might want to create a special section in it for Ramadhan and write off your daily accomplishments in it. If you're a fan of planners instead, then create a planner where you set out all the tasks you wish to complete daily. This will help you stay organised.   4) Get yourself an accountability buddy Just like in any other month, you will experience ups and downs and sometimes, you will feel like quitting or feeling like it’s hard to go an extra mile. This is when having a motivated friend will be useful. Together, you will motivate one another and will eventually help each other in attaining each of your Ramadan goals.   5) Build up good habits Ramadhan is the easiest month in which you can build up good habits. With the Shaytan chained up and the Mercy of Allah upon us, try to go an extra mile every day and build up at least one good habit this Ramadhan. Tip: It's better to start small and be constant until the end of the Holy month   6) Stay focused on your goals Once you have planned out what you want to improve on yourself during Ramadhan, stay focused on your goals. Be constant and do not let anything affect you. It's okay to feel tired but remember, Ramadhan comes only once a year and you don't know if you will get to witness another Ramadhan. All the sacrifices that we make during this sacred month will not go unnoticed. So keep going and don't give up!   7) Dua Dua is the weapon of the believer and it is by far the most powerful one. During this holy month, strive to make dua at every moment of the day. Verily, Allah will not turn away from your request as long as you keep on asking Him, and remember, He is the One to guide you and open doors for you when you can't seem to find any solution....

  • Revive The Ramadan Spirit With 5 Easy Steps

    The Holy month has finally arrived! And just like all the previous years, everyone is currently doing all that they can to welcome Ramadhan in the best way possible.As Ramadhan is the month when the Quran was first revealed to Prophet Muhammad SAW, Allah has given us the opportunity to gain an endless number of rewards this month. And so, let's reap the benefits of this beautiful month learn how to get the most out of Ramadhan!   1) Perform acts of Sunnah Mankind has been gifted with the greatest role model who has ever walked on this Earth. Humble by nature, beautiful in his manners, the Prophet Muhammad SAW left something so valuable to mankind before leaving this world: his Sunnah. During Ramadhan, try to include as many small Sunnah acts as possible in your daily life as your ibadah (worship) will be multiplied by 70 during Ramadhan! You could start your day with doing Tahajjud at night, doing 2 Rakaah’s of sunnah prayers for Fajr or eating dates in the morning. Don’t forget to smile, that too, is Sunnah! (:   2) Recite and reflect on the Qur’an This is the month of deep reflection and understanding of Allah's beautiful words. Reading the Qur’an is one thing, but one should actually take time to reflect and internalise Allah's words that were delivered to Prophet Muhammad SAW during the night of Laylatul Qadr. Once you’ve started reading the Qur’an, take some time to read up on the stories of other prophets, along with their trials and what can be learnt from them.   3) Seek forgiveness from Allah Ramadhan is the yearly sin-eraser. It allows us to be in a purified slate and it also loads us with multiple rewards for our good deeds. But if you want it to be right from the start, you need to work on it. Seek forgiveness often and ask Allah to forgive you for whatever you have done wrong knowingly or unknowingly. Remember, Allah loves those who ask for forgiveness and make sincere intentions of bettering yourself. As such, be sure to make full use of Ramadhan by becoming closer to Him through Tawbah (repenting to Allah for your sins). Also, learn to be conscious of Allah’s presence. Realize that the ground on which you’re walking is still thanks to Allah. The mountains are still because Allah wants it to be this way; the air you’re breathing isn’t toxic thanks to Him. Learn to be conscious of His presence and to appreciate whatever He has given to you. Nothing happens without His will and He has control over everything.   4) Share the love with the people around you Ramadhan is the month of sharing, bringing people closer together, being selfless and learning to live in peace with one another. So why not share the Ramadhan vibe with the people around you by giving food to your neighbors, friends or anyone for that matter. This could be a great way to show them what Ramadhan is all about.   5) Go beyond your limits Ramadhan isn’t easy, rather it is challenging. It challenges your limits, pushes you to look deep down into your soul and forces you to reflect on your purpose on this Earth. This Ramadhan, go beyond your limits by helping out those who are less fortunate than you. You may do so by volunteering at local mosques and cook or give out food to people in need. Do your part in making this world a better place and strengthen the ties with everyone around you. This world is already so full of hate so let's combat it by contributing acts of kindness as and when we have the opportunity to. Be the one who will make a change and show that you care enough to help others who are not as lucky as you. It doesn’t have to be something big. Just start by small steps and others will follow.Ramadhan has so much to offer us and here we are, finally on the first day of this blessed month! Let us thank Allah for giving us the chance to experience Ramadhan this year. Ramadhan Mubarak!...

  • 8 Hotel Buffets in Johor to Consider for Your Next Makan Showdown

    When it comes down to food, we can't neglect any detail. Be it in the taste, presentation or the quality. And that's why you would want to give a try to all the goodness that comes served hot or cold in Johor. Get ready for a culinary roller coaster that will leave you speechless.   1. Cafe BLD Credit: @cafebld on FacebookLooking for some quality breakfast or lunch while chilling in a 5-star hotel? Cafe BLD is the place to be! Offering a mix of local and international cuisines as well as a variety of pastries and delicacies, Cafe BLD will surely embark you on a culinary experience. Whether you're looking for some hot soup of spicy dishes, Cafe BLD has what it takes to make you drool. Make sure you check it out! Address: Renaissance Johor Bahru Holel, No. 2, Jalan Permas 11, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, JohorOperating hours: 6:30AM to 10:30PM (Daily) Website: +6073813333   2. Bakar-Bakar Steamboat N Grill Credit: @RestoranBakarBakarSteamboatNGrillBandarBaruUda on FacebookIf you’re a barbecue fan and looking up for some spicy and brazed food, Baka Bakar Steamboat is the one for you! Get ready for a culinary ride that will make you discover the goodness of minutely prepared dishes with amazing flavors. Bakar Bakar Steamboat will offer you to choose between a number of marinated meat and fish served with crunchy salad. Address: No. 1 1-01 Jalan Padi Emas | 1/5 Uda Business Centre, Johor Bahru 81200, MalaysiaOperating hours: 12.30PM to 12AM (Daily)  Contact:+60 17-784 2210   3. Cafe Para Para Credit: Cafe Para Para Whether it’s lunchtime or you need to grab a quick bite before continuing your day, Cafe Para Para has what it takes to hold you back with its plethora of multinational cuisines. Take part in a unique dining experience with its highly colored combination of culinary styles that will leave you speechless and ready for the next plate! Address: No. 18, Jalan Harimau, Johor, 80250 Johor BahruOperating hours: 24 hours (Daily) Website:   4. The Grand Gem Credit: @thegrandgem on FacebookThere’s no accurate time for tea time. That’s’ the philosophy of tea lovers, and if you’re one of them, you need to check of the Grand Gem. Proposing a number of amazingly rich and exquisite plates that will ravish you. Just sit back and enjoy all the goodness of a delicious meal. Address: GBW Hotel, 9R, Jalan Bukit Meldrum, Tanjung Puteri, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor, MalaysiaOperating hours: 11:00AM to 11:00PM (Mon-Sun) Contact: +60 7-221 6666   5. Harbour Café Credit: @cafeharbour on InstagramIf you’re looking for some great local food to try out or even some international cuisine, Harbour Café is the place to be! Harbour Café offers the best of both worlds with its incredible signature dishes that will certainly delight you. BBQ lovers, behold! You will definitely enjoy the seafood BBQ prepared and served there. As for the younger ones, 6yrs -12yrs, there’s up to 50% discount for you! Address: 1 level, Hotel Jen, Block, 79000, 1, Persiaran Puteri Selatan, Puteri Harbour, 79000 Nusajaya, JohorOperating hours: 6:30AM to 10AM, 12PM to 2:30PM, 6:30PM to 10:30PM (Daily)   6. Ishwara Asian Brasserie and Terrace, Le Grandeur Palm Resort Johor Credit: @LGPRJ on FacebookCozy and comfy with style and elegance, Ishwara Asian Brasserie and Terrace is one of the most enchanting places to enjoy a unique dining experience. From local to Asian cooking styles, discover this whole culinary world live while being seated at the terrace surrounded by a vibrant garden. Address: Jalan Persiaran Golf, Off Jalan Jumbo, 81250 Senai Johor, Malaysia Contact: +60 7-599 6000   7. Salt n Pepper Café Credit: @hanmercafe on FacebookYou might have heard of that one place which serves amazing roasted lamb. Well, look no further! Salt n Pepper has so much to offer in terms of food items. Choose between Asain and Malaysian cuisine. As for tea lovers, what a better way to enjoy a steamy cup of tea along with a mouth-watering pastry? Address: 88 Jalan Ibrahim Sultan, Stulang Laut, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor Darul Takzim. Website: 7-221 9999 ext. 5106   8. Marcopolo Kitchen Credit: @themarcopolokitchen on FacebookFamily themed, cozy, simple and modern. This is how you will feel at Marcopolo. Whether you’re looking for a steamy cup of coffee or a delicious meal, Marcopolo’s menu will definitely have something for you. Choose from the Brunch or A la carte menu for the grownups and the Kid's manu for the little ones. Address: 35, Jalan Indah 15/2, Taman Bukit Indah, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, MalaysiaOperating hours: 11:30AM to 10:30PM (Weekdays)                             9Am to 11:30PM (Weekends) Website:

  • Long Weekend? Go On A Slow & Steady 3D2N Trip To Saigon

    What's the next best thing after chocolate ice cream? Let me give you a hint; it's a trip. With this 3D2N itinerary to Ho Chi Minh, get ready to experience a trip that will make you discover and explore the history of the country as well as its gastronomy. And count on us to get you some interesting addresses. Buckle up! Here we go. Day 1 Cu Chi Tunnels Start your adventure with a trip back in time, 1948 wartime. Be in the shoes of the Vietnamese soldiers, fighting for the people of Vietnam. During those hectic days, a 120km tunnel was dug underground, having enough space for them to live. Today, the Chu Chi Tunnels is a tourist attraction which shows the lifestyle of soldiers underground. Whilst you venture inside the tunnels, you'll discover living areas and kitchens. Don't forget to keep a lookout for the deadly traps they built for their enemies. **Disclaimer: Visitors with a tendency of being claustrophobic or may experience breathing problems should abstain from going inside the tunnel. Lunch at Shamsudin Cu Chi Restaurant Credit: Halal Food - Shamsudin Restaurant on Facebook After spending all morning outdoor at Chu Chi Tunnels, it's time to fuel up and hit the road for lunch! Located 20 mins away by car, Shamsuding Cu Chi Restaurant serves Malaysian dishes such as fried rice, traditional dishes, seafood and many more. Don't worry about your prayers! There are small rooms for visitors to perform their prayers.  Address: Nhà hàng gần trung tâm Q.1 địa chỉ tại 53 Hồ Hảo Hớn, P.Cô Giang, Q.1, Tp HCM và 761A Tinh Lo 15, Ben Dinh, Xa Nhuan Duc, Huyen Cu Chi. Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamOpening Hours: 6.30AM to 10.30 AM (Daily)Contact No.: +84 90 339 94 30 Facebook After a scrumptious meal, time to head back to the hotel and freshen up! Maybe you could even squeeze in a nap before dinner and your shopping spree at the Ben Thanh Market.  Dinner at Musa Kariem Restaurant Located along Malaysia Street, Musa Kariem Restaurant is definitely our favorite halal restaurant so far! They serve a mix of Malaysian cuisine, Thai cuisine,  and the local Vietnamese cuisine as well! Expect good food at affordable prices. Not to mention, they also come in filling portion sizes. Address: 47 Nguyễn An Ninh, Phường Bến Thành, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, VietnamOpening Hours: 6AM to 11.30PM (Daily)Contact No.: +84 28 3823 9288 Facebook Cua Tay Ben Thanh Market Shop, shop & shop! In this part of Saigon, women go craaaazy over the cheap tailoring services. When you enter the market you'll find souvenirs that you can bring back home after your holiday. However, further in, you'll find tailoring services that offer a wide range of cloth together with tailoring services that absolutely affordable. Most tourist flock to this part of Saigon to splurge on tailor mad ethnic costumes such as the traditional Baju Kurung. Now, don't be surprised! These tailors are so efficient that they will be able to deliver your completed costume the next day to your hotel! Day 2 Mekong Delta Who doesn't enjoy a boat ride? Well, at the Mekong Delta, you're going to find much more than just a regular boat ride. The Mekong Delta is a floating market where you can find all kinds of fruits and flowers. Ride along this 40,000 square km long river and discover the originality of the markets which are by the way huge contributors to the economy of the country.  Halal Mekong Restaurant Hop on a tour package for today and sail your way to the Halal Mekong Restaurant. This restaurant mostly caters to large tour groups or family. They serve Malaysian cuisines that are prepared warm for you. Address: Thới Sơn, Châu Thành District, Tien Giang, VietnamOpening Hours: 8AM to 6PM (Daily)Facebook Then, head back to the hotel after spending the whole morning exploring the rural areas of Saigon. Get a quick bath and a nap before really diving into the real Ben Thanh Night Market! Dinner at Halal @ Saigon Located in District 1, Halal @ Saigon offers Vietnamese, Malaysian as well as Vegetarian Food. With dishes ranging from 50,000Đ (SGD 3) to 370,000Đ (SGD 21), Halal @ Saigon is perfect if you want a sharing meal or a one-serving meal.  Address: 31 Đông Du, District 1, Ho Chi Minh CityOpening Hours: 10AM to 10PM (Daily)Contact: 0901 442 773 Website | Email | Facebook  Banh Tahn Market We all travel to find unique souvenirs and discover the culture of a country. Banh Tahn Market happens to be the place to find local crafts, branded goods, and souvenirs. Don't hesitate to walk through the different stalls and discover what the Vietnamese lifestyle has to offer. And if you want to enjoy some local food, you'll find food stalls all around to enjoy the local cuisine. But the best part is at night, the whole market is magically transformed into a vibrant place at night, buzzing with life. Don't forget to get yourself a cup of Vietnamese Ice Coffee! You'll find a few sellers by the road with their mobile push cart. Day 3 War Remnant Museum If you want to travel back in time and understand those days when the war was still deeply anchored on the Vietnamese ground, look no further. Opened in 1975, the War Remnant Museum is a historical gem that has more than 20,000 documents and artifact, all providing a close look-up to the consequences of war. You will get to see films, as well as exhibits based on the theme of the day. Address: 28 Võ Văn Tần, Phường 6, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minh 700000, VietnamOpening Hours: 7.30AM to 12.30PM | 1.30PM to 5PM  Contact No.: +84 28 3930 5587 Website | Email Pho Muslim After tiring walks in the sun and sightseeing, end off your day with some local food prepared with all the goodness that Vietnam has to offer. If you want to enjoy a good meal and have a culinary experience, Pho Muslim is the place to be. Get lazy and cozy at this small local restaurant which will surely maze you with its Vietnamese soups and for the more daring ones, you can order the spicy squid. Address: TK25/18 Đường Trần Hưng Đạo, Cầu Kho, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, VietnamOpening Hours: 6AM to 12PM | 4AM to 10PM (Daily)Contact No.: +84 90 879 71 58 Lastly, to end off your trip, explore Ho Chi Minh City and walk along its busy streets. There you go! Have fun on your Ho Chi Minh City getaway!...

  • Penang For A Short Getaway? 8 Dishes You Need To Try!

    "Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is endlessly delicious." Or so we have heard. When it comes to traditional cuisine, you cannot let your thoughts dictate your hunger. Rich in flavor, abundant in taste and texture, traditional food is anything but boring. It fills your stomach with deliciously prepared meals and embarks you on a culinary discovery. And what could be better than discovering traditional food in its hometown? Whether you're having a quick bite or just need something to munch on, don't forget to try these dishes while you're in Penang. via GIPHY 1. Char Koay Teow Credit: Wok & Skillet Meet the national favorite dish in Malaysia and Singapore. The Char Koay Teow is a minute preparation of flat rice noodles and shrimps. This dish is the perfect equilibrium between sauces, textures, and taste. It combines a number of fresh ingredients which can also be topped with duck eggs for more taste. We recommend the Sany Char Koay Teow Basah. Address: Jalan Tokong Ular, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau PinangContact: +60 19-456 5493Operating Hours: 4PM to 2.30AM (Mon-Sun) 2. Popiah Fresh spring rolls filled with radish, fresh veggies and a sweet sauce added to it. There are two types to popiah, one being fried ad the other comes in a wrap, also known as Popiah Basah. However, you can't claim to have eaten popiah if you haven't added crab meat with it. Address: Jalan Dato Keramat, 10400 George Town, Pulau Pinang, MalaysiaOperating Hours: 2PM to 10PM (Fri-Wed | Closed on Thursdays) 3. Roti Canai (Malaysian Flatbread) Credit: Wikipedia Now, this is the most popular street food you'll find across Malaysia. Crispy, chewy and best served hot, the Roti Canai is basically a flatbread but unlike any flatbread, you might have tasted so far. The Roti Canai is prepared with coconut water which gives it quite an exotic taste. The bonus point with this flatbread is that it can accompany almost any Asian meal. So, don't be afraid to take a bite. Our recommendation to you is the Roti Canai found at Argyll Road.Address: Jalan Argyll, George Town, 10050 George Town, Pulau PinangOperating Hours: 6AM to 12.30PM (Mon-Sun) 4. Chicken 75 Credit: DEEN MAJU on Facebook When you're stopping by Penang, there will be one place you'll definitely need to go to grab a meal, and that is Deen's Maju Nasi Kandar. With amazing service and dishes at the disposal of its clients, Deen Maju has earned its glorious reputation through its tasteful dishes and especially the Chicken 75. Rated as one of the best dishes in Penang, the Chicken 75 is a dish prepared with 15 different spices which give a greater taste and flavor to the plate. Address: 170, Jalan Gurdwara, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang, MalaysiaContact: +60 12-425 2421Operating Hours: 2.30PM to 11PM (Mon-Sat | Closed on Sundays) 5. Mee Goreng Spice lovers, brace yourselves! Here comes the plat de résistance for you! Born from a fusion of Indian and Muslim dishes, the Mee Goreng is a proportionate serving of noodles, cuttlefish, potatoes and bean sprouts which are stir-fried and delightfully seasoned with tomato, chili and soy sauce in order to amplify the taste. For this dish, you gotta try the Hameed Pata Mee Sotong. Address: 19, Lebuh Pantai, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau PinangContact: +60 13-431 9384Operating Hours: 24 Hours (Daily) 6. Penang Rojak A very representative dish of the different flavors and textures available. The Penang Rojak is a delightful mixture of bean curds, fritters, bean sprouts, cuttlefish and a wide variety of fruits generously topped with a thick peanut syrup. This dish promises to be an explosion of flavors in your mouth and make you discover the creativity behind the Malay cuisine. 7. Penang Teochew Chendul Credit: Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul on Facebook Sweet and unique in taste, that's how we'd describe this popular sweet dish. The Penang Teochew Chendul is a unique composition of shaved ice, accompanied with green rice flour jelly, red beans and fresh coconut milk topped with sugar syrup. It's certainly not your usual Ben&Jerry chocolate ice cream, but it has got awesome flavors and colors you need to dive for, especially during the hot, humid days! And we recommend you to try the Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul. Address: Various LocationsContact: +60 4-262 6002Operating Hours: 10.30AM to 7PM (Mon-Fri)                                  10AM to 7.30PM (Sat & Sun)Website | Facebook 8. Apom Manis Credit: Choo Choy May on Malay Mail Crispy on the outside and soft and chew on the inside. The Apom Manis is very similar to the crepe, except it has a soft center. Just like how you can fill your crepe with Nutella or even strawberries, the Apom Manis can be sweet or sour depending upon your liking. Whether you're in a rush or you just need some grab on snack to munch on, the Apom Manis is the ideal treat for you. Penang Famous Apom Manis Address: 7, 1, Lorong Kuching, Pulau Tikus, 10350 George Town, MalaysiaOperating Hours: 8.30AM to 1PM (Mon-Sat | Closed on Sundays) Enjoy the awesomeness of each plate and delve into a world of love and food. After all, there is no love sincerer than the love of food....

  • Your Trip To Delhi Will Not Be Complete Until You Try These 8 Delicious Halal Restaurants!

    Visiting a new country is always exciting. You get to discover new things, learn about the culture, the people and their different daily routines. However, the one thing that will always intrigue people when they're travelling abroad is the FOOD! The different spices, cooking techniques and settings of a restaurant is something that we will always remember about the trip. It will take some time before we forget about the flavors we have tasted or even the way the dishes were presented to us. If you're in Delhi at this very moment or you're planning to go on a trip to this wonderful destination soon, be sure to stop by these 8 Must-Visit Halal Restaurants! Check out our guide to New Delhi 1. Karim's Hotel Picture: Sushil Gupta With their motto "The royal food to the common man", Karim's Hotel is far from being just a typical local restaurant that you might stop at for your lunch or dinner. Having a history which dates back from 1913, Karim's Hotel made its debut in the hands of Haji Karimuddin who wishes to make their food a royal treat. Its heavily loaded menu will make you want to try all of them and discover the true taste of Indian cuisine. You will get to choose between a delectable choice of curries, tandoori and biryani. Address: Karim's Hotel Pvt Ltd, 16, Gali Kababian, Jama Masjid, New Delhi 110006Operating Hours: 9.30AM - 11.30PMWebsite: KarimHotels 2. Al-Nawaz Restaurant Picture: AlNawazFoods Specializing in Mughal and Indian cuisines, the Al-Nawaz restaurant offers a plethora of flavors prepared and cooked minutely by its great chef who has more than 5 years of experience in 5-star hotels. The Al-Nawaz restaurant has a very diversified menu with delicious spicy meals that will definitely seduce you. Try their recommended dishes and enjoy the goodness of Indian spices and the sophistication of Mughal cuisines all in one plate. Among many others, you can choose between Chicken Tikka Masala, Dum Pukht Biryani, Kalmi Kabab and Mutton Barra. There is no better way to end a Delhi dinner than with a sweet and savoury dish. Al-Nawaz proposes the delectable Kheer, an Indian delicacy made of rice, condensed milk, almonds and sweetly-flavored with cinnamon. Address: 50 A, Abul Fazal Enclave Rd, Abul Fazal Enclave, Block A                 Jamia Nagar, Okhla, New Delhi, Delhi 110025Website: AlNawazFoods 3. Rule The Rolls Picture: DesignByMeta Started back in 1972 by Haji Banda Hasan, Rule The Rolls is more than just an ordinary food place. Apart from a broad selection of mouth-watering kebabs, ranging from Paneer Tikka Rolls, Chicken Tikka Rumali Rolls and Mutton Rolls, the restaurant also offers veggie options for those who prefer a healthier meal. For as little as little as $4, you'll get to choose from its special dishes menu which comprises of Mutton Haleem, Chicken Stew, Chicken & Mutton Kofta. Address: SG 74, Galleria Market, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon and 49 A, Khan Market, DelhiOperating Hours: 12PM - 11PMWebsite: RuleTheRollsIndia 4. Nizam's Kathi Kabab Picture: Swiggy If you hear people bargaining at a Kathi Kabab place, then it's Nizam's! Famous all over Delhi, Nizam's Kathi Kabab, has multiple outlets that offer a variety of tasty rolls which are stuffed with mutton, chicken or even paneer. For the more daring ones, you can get a triple combo Kathi Kabab or even a super duper combo roll. Aside from the rolls, there are different flavors of curries that you can try or you can have a taste of their Biryani.  If you want to go an inch further in discovering the many secrets of their Indian cuisines, you will have to try out the sweet dishes recommended by the restaurant. Address: Can be found at H-Five, Plaza Building, Connaught Place and many more!Operating Hours: 11AM - 11PMWebsite: Nizams 5. Namak Mandi Picture: HumansOfPakistan Looking for some quality time in a cozy restaurant? Search no more! Namak Mandi is the right place for you. Run by the chef Imtiaz Qureishi and his brother, Namak Mandi unites great cuisines and savory tastes under one roof. The Shuruat (starters) of the meal comes with seasonal drinks and cold press juices that portray the cultural diversity of India. As you proceed with the meals, be prepared to drool over their tender tandoori chicken, accompanied with sides such as Papad or Raita. If you're a seafood lover, the Dakhani Prawns might be the dream plate for you. This dish is prepared with medium prawns cooked with curry leaf and black pepper, topped with flavored rice. Of course, there are many other unique plates which you can choose from off their menu. Address: Shop Number 307, 3, Nelson Mandela Marg, Vasant Kunj II, Delhi 110070Operating Hours: 11.30AM - 11.30PM 6. Afghan Darbar Picture: DeepNongkhlaw Small and cozy, it's just the right place for a quick lunch before strolling down the city of Delhi. The Afghan Darbar invites you to discover the amazing food that Afghan has to offer. Among the many à la carte dishes that you can choose from, you definitely have to taste their must-tries. From the seafood section, seafood lovers can choose between Fish Fry or even Fish Tikka. Chicken lovers get to relish over the Chicken Kadhai, which is a tandoori chicken cooked in onion, tomato, and capsicum. Ultimately, how can you get off the table without trying their Qabuli Uzbeki? This dish is prepared with lamb, brown rice, chopped carrots and raisins. Of course, your meal has to end with a sweet delicacy. You have to try one of their Afghani sweet dishes, the Sheer Yakh. It is an Afghani ice-cream prepared with finely chopped pistachio and a teaspoon of rosewater. Address: E-96, Lajpat Nagar 2, New DelhiOperating Hours: 12PM - 11PM 7. Khan Chacha Picture: JustDial Visited by locals, tourists and even celebrities, Khan Chacha has already built an empire over Delhi. With more than 50 years of culinary history, this food place offers a welcoming service as well as great food to its daily visitors. You'll get to choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, as well as delicious sides to accompany your mains. For veggie lovers, they have a whole selection of Tikka, rolls and even vegetarian Biryani. As for chicken and mutton lovers, you'll get to choose between chicken rolls, peri-peri rolls, and even Chicken or Mutton Biryani. Address: Connaught Place, Khan Market, Aerocity and many moreOperating Hours: 12PM - 11PMWebsite: KhanChacha 8. Mazar Restaurant Picture: AzimIslam Specialising in Afghani cuisines, the Mazar Restaurant has quite a tasteful selection of dishes on its menu. Make sure you try their Mutton Chopan Kebab and the Pulao. If you're looking for something lighter but just as satisfying, don't hesitate to try their chicken soup. As for dumpling lovers, you'll be pleasantly surprised by their Mantu - steamed dumplings filled with chopped meat and onion, topped with Daal and sprinkled with mint. Don't leave the table until you conclude your dining experience with their famous Baqlawa, a sweet Turkish pastry that has fascinated many with its crunchy crust and sweet pistachio filling. Address: Shop no 1, 78, MCD Hospital Rd, Block I, Lajpat Nagar II, Delhi 110024Operating Hours: 12PM - 11PM Read more Halal Travel Blogs...

  • Be Mesmerised By Creatures Of The Water At These 5 Aquariums Around The World

    If you're a fan of the Planet Earth series or even Finding Nemo, chances are you wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to see marine creatures that are full of mysteries and simultaneously a delight to the eyes. Now, not all of us can board a submarine and explore the deepest and darkest parts of the ocean. But fret not! The marine world is about to unravel its hidden mysteries in front of your very eyes. Here are 5 aquariums you will definitely have to check out at least once in your life. 5 must-see attractions at Disney Sea Japan 1. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium Picture: Crossley Architects Get ready to be submerged (literally) in one of the largest aquariums in allof  Asia. Bearing a 509 feet long underwater tunnel, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium has the longest underwater tunnel in the world. With such an incredible length, be prepared to see the hidden gems of the ocean right above your head as you walk through the tunnel. You will definitely be mesmerized by the shoals of fish gracefully swirling in the water or maybe be thrilled by the sight of sharks roaming around, waiting to attack their prey. Address: No. 1388 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai , ChinaOperating Hour: 9AM-6PM                              9AM-9PM (During Chinese New Year and Summer Holidays)  2. L'Oceanografic Picture: Wikipedia A true leap into the future! With its sophisticated and modern design, L'Oceanografic is anything but ordinary. This massive glass building located in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia happens to be the largest tank of all Europe. With more than 45,000 species of marine life sheltered and bred under one roof, L'Oceanografic is a place that will leave youngsters as well as the elderlies breathless. Be prepared to find bottle-nose dolphins swerving in groups and flame jelly-fish slowly making their way through the water. Behold Beluga lovers! You'll be under the binding spell of Kylu, the cute baby beluga whale. Address: Carrer d'Eduardo Primo Yúfera, 1, 46013 Valencia, SpainOperating Hour: 10AM-6PMWebsite: 3. Dubai Mall Aquarium Dubai is like a dream come true. Well, it's also a place where the world's largest acrylic panel exists! With more than 33,000 marine creatures, Dubai Mall Aquarium is a feast for the eyes. Among the many species found in this colossal aquarium, over 400 sharks and rays can be seen swimming around. Be ready to get amazed by the King Croc, the fiercest reptile known. Let your imagination run wild as you explore the depths of the sea. Address: Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, The Dubai Mall, Doha Street                 Off 1st Interchange - Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, U.A.EOperating Hour: 10AM-12AMWebsite: TheDubaiAquarium 4. Aquarium of Western Australia Picture: IFlyFirstClass This 130 ft long aquarium based in the coastal suburb of Australia is a must try for the Adventure seekers. With a number of species protected and bred in its aquarium, the Aquarium of Western Australia will be sure to impress you with its colorful corals, shoals of clownfish, cuttlefish and beautiful sharks. Those who want to experience the marine life at its best can get into the deep waters for an additional fee and take a closer look at sharks and rays by joining the aquarium dive master. Address: 91 Southside Drive, Hillarys 6025Operating Hour: 10AM-5PMWebsite: Aqwa 5. Georgia Aquarium Picture: Last but not least, the largest aquarium in the entire planet, the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta! This colossal aquarium is the only place in the West to house the whale sharks. Home to 100,000 sea creatures, the Georgia Aquarium is a world of fantasy where your eyes will feast on the beauties of the sea. Get ready to embark on a roller coaster of emotions and hues and blues while you lose yourself into the marine life. Address: 225 Baker St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313, USAOperating Hour: 10AM-9PMWebsite: GeorgiaAquarium Let your inner Nemo out and explore the depths of the oceans inside those jaw-dropping aquariums, full of life and mystery. Let your eyes feast over the most beautiful of sea creatures. Watch the waters swirl and dance and let your imaginations flow. Read our Halal Travel Blogs...

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