8 Things To Note When Your Cute Toddlers Are Tagging Along For A Vacation In 2019

By Amina Fukeerbucus | 10, Dec, 2018
8 Things To Note When Your Cute Toddlers Are Tagging Along For A Vacation In 2019

Parenting can be hard at times, especially when we're bringing our kids along for a vacation. We constantly find ourselves shopping and packing more stuff than they (*coughs* we) actually need.

If you're planning to take your toddler on vacations in 2019, here's a checklist that will come handy in order to ensure the well-being of your little princes or princesses.

Pssst... We even got some feedbacks from real moms on how it can be done!

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1. Baby Carriers

There is a simple and hassle-free way to keep an eye on your little one even when you're loaded with stuff.

Comfy and easy to use, baby carriers will help to ensure uninterrupted journeys during your trip. As a plus point, it's also a way to spend some quality time with your little one.

Nashreen.H, a mother of 3, even went a step further by saying that she used to give a mini backpack to her son. A toddler might also want to have his own little teddy to carry. 

2. Warm clothes

Being up in the clouds is a great feeling. Enjoying awesome views from the top can only be complete with the comfort of a fluffy outfit. Warm clothes allow you to enjoy the cool breeze when the temperature drops at night.

Keep your little one warm and cozy during your trip. You will never when you would need warm blankets so do bring at least one mini blanket along.  Better be safe than sorry! 

3. Entertainment

If you want your toddlers to be well-behaved, you might need to keep them entertained. You know your cute little baby better than anyone else. So, bring some of their favourite toys along to keep them busy during the trip.

Nashreen recalls the days when her eldest child, Zuhayr started traveling. "When he was still a toddler, in order to keep him entertained, I'd bring puzzles, modeling clay or even wooden construction toys," she said.

So, take it from a mum and don't forget to grab a few items when you're packing for your next getaway to keep your toddler entertained

4. Baby Wipes

Picture: Reader's Digest 

Baby wipes will save the day! Be it in the plane or during your vacation, you will never know when you need to change your toddler.

So, keeping wipes might save you from a lot of trouble especially when your baby needs to go at unexpected places where wet tissues are not available at public toilets.

5. Paper it!

What could be more fascinating than a painting made by Picasso? A toddler's drawing! Made with love and from the very core of their infinite imagination, kids will never cease to amaze us with their drawings.

Spare some time during the trip to bring your children to an attraction that allows them to play with markers and colouring pencils. You can even bring their very own colouring or drawing books from home.

In order to make it even more interesting, make them draw something related to the trip. Just make sure your toddler doesn't end up doing mustaches on anyone.

6. Keep the tablet handy

Kids love colors and that's a fact. Although you're going on vacation to unplug from all the electronic devices, you might want to keep your tablet ready for your toddler. Get some nice cartoons they could watch.

Alternatives to fun cartoons are educational and Islamic videos that can help expand the knowledge of your little ones. Do ensure that the content they are watching can benefit and nurture them.

7. Foodie Lover

Being a toddler is tiring. After all the walking and throwing tantrums, our little ones would surely want to munch on something.

Since trips can be tiring due to the long journeys and exciting activities, it is better if you'd keep a few snacks with you in case your toddler asks for something to eat.

Cereal bars, biscuits, candies, anything that can put a smile on your child's face. Since you know the preferences of your child best, do remember to pack something he/she will enjoy.

8. Make onboard games

Onboard games can be anything and everything as long as it catches the attention of your toddler. You can ask them to search for something on the plane or train. In order to make it more enjoyable, you have to play it with them.

Yrfana .V, a mother of twins recalls, "To keep them entertained, I'd asked them to search for people with yellow socks and if we are traveling by car, I'd ask them to look for license plate number with a precise figure."

Planning a trip takes a lot of effort and considerations. That's why we are here you assist you.

We know that having a kid on board is no easy task so do get everything prepared prior to your trip to ensure that you don't face any setbacks along the way. We wish you amazing holidays ahead and may the upcoming trip be the best one!

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