9 Instagrammable Destinations That Wouldn't Break Your Bank (Hopefully!)

By Amina Fukeerbucus | 18, Jul, 2018
9 Instagrammable Destinations That Wouldn't Break Your Bank (Hopefully!)

Traveling is undeniably one of the most beautiful pleasures of life. Taking great pics, tasting amazing food, checking out clothing outlets, discovering new cultures and communities. It has so much to offer to you. However, when you're a student, you can't always afford expensive destinations and vacations.

Hit the summer holiday spots with low budget destinations that will definitely make their way to your Instagram feed. Ready? Set? Hashtag!

1. Fez, Morocco

A true tale of the Mille et Une Nuits. Delve into the history and culture of this Moroccan city that vibes through colors and exquisite gastronomy. Fez promises to embark you on a delightful journey of discovery of the architecture of the Royal Palace of Fez the Andalusian Mosque along with some incredible views and restaurants around. For those who love wooden art, the Nejjarine wooden arts and crafts will surely delight them with the lustrous oriental lampshades. If you're looking forward to a mesmerizing oriental holiday, look no more! Fez is what you need. With incredibly breathtaking views, you're sure to keep your Instagram feed at the top.

2. Vietnam

Let the beauty and gastronomy of Vietnam seduce you with its flavors and colors that will leave you asking for more. Being budget-friendly, Vietnam offers relatively cheap accommodations and breathtaking sights to its visitors and is slowly making its way through the list of known holiday spots. You will get to discover the local life and culture for a cheap price while enjoying street food. Lose yourself into the history of this country that so much to offer in terms of culture and sights.

3. Croatia

After the world cup, time to discover the country of the Croatian team. Lose yourself into the splendorous views and beaches with fine sand. Let the rustic charm of the country steal your heart, and discover Croatia's history through its fortresses dating back from the medieval times. Art and culture lovers will definitely find their bliss in the history of architecture of Croatia, with old churches and builds which have been made in Renaissance and Gothic style. And if you're keen for some unique outdoor experience, then hiking in the mountains of Croatia are a must.

4. Bulgaria

From ancient ruins to great nature spots, Bulgaria is a unique mixture of the old and modern world, combining colors, architecture, and history through its monuments, edifices, and food. Enjoy exceptional views and food at a relatively low price, while relaxing at the sound of waves or skiing your way down the mountains. Bulgaria will definitely lure history lovers with its great number of museums and artifacts preciously conserved. And if you want something really dramatic to show your followers on Instagram, make sure to check out the Plovdiv Roman stadium.

5. Barcelona, Spain

Let Barcelona take you into a mystical ride in history, culture, and architecture. Discover one of the most breathtaking cities which is home to a number of prestigious museums and alluring Medieval and Catalan Gothic architecture. and you would certainly not want to miss the Santa Caterina Market. the busiest market in Barcelona. As for art lovers, the Picasso Museum is a must-visit attraction with more than 3,500 artworks under its roof.

6. Peru

Picture Credit: Nicola Tröhler on Unsplash

Leave the world behind and travel back in time to the glorious days of the Inca civilization. Peru offers you jaw-dropping sights and a vibrant nature that will make you want to go on an adventure. Its valleys, canyons, and ruins promise to give you great picture spots while its forests will put you under a spell. If you're looking for some adventure and great Instagram adventures to share, look no more! Peru is what you need.

7. The Cook Islands

Picture Credit: Tourism Cook Islands

A well known relaxing spot by Rugby players, the Cook Islands is a vestige of wild nature that will make your summer holidays an incredible experience. Having the "world's most beautiful lagoon", the Cook Islands will charm you with astounding beaches and tropical climate. However, the beauty of this small yet charming island doesn't stop its views and beaches. Its diversified gastronomy with fruits and seafood will surely leave food lovers speechless. Fresh food and lots of good stuff await for you on The Cook Islands. Just don't forget to hashtag everybody in!

8. Naples, Italy

Picture Credit: Mi O My Italy

When you think of Italy, you might think of expensive Italian restaurants or accessories, but, you'd be stunned to know that Naples can make you experience all the beauty of Italy at a low budget. Being one of the oldest cities in Europe, Naples is full of cultural sights, seaside castles, and ruins that will intrigue you. Also, you'll be able to enjoy pizzas at a quite low cost while feasting your eyes with the magnificent view of the Bay of Naples.

9. Uzbekistan

If you're tired of the daily hustle and bustle, and you're looking for some relaxing time, then Uzbekistan is the right place to spend your next holidays. The country is an extraordinary blend of cultures and offers to its visitors a panorama of cultures and gastronomy that will definitely satisfy your craving. Uzbekistan will surely surprise you with its splendid museums, Masjids, and architecture. You wouldn't want to miss a selfie near the Registan, would you?

Stay at the top of the Instagram posts with some unique pictures and stories from those unique and low budget places that will definitely make others wonder. Book your flight, pack your bag and take your camera. Adventure awaits.

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