A Muslim's Guide to Beautiful Lombok Island

By Halal Trip | 13, Oct, 2015
A Muslim's Guide to Beautiful Lombok Island

Known for its breathtaking white-sand beaches, lush greenery and laid-back atmosphere, the Indonesian Island of Lombok offers something for everyone.

The predominantly Muslim island is an excellent destination for Muslims looking for a relaxing getaway and offers plenty of facilities for Muslims in Lombok. Due to the numerous Muslim-friendly facilities in Lombok, and its Islamic heritage, the island is in fact at the center of Indonesia’s Islamic tourism drive.


Halal Food in Lombok

Muslims in search of Halal food in Lombok will not have to go out of their way. Restaurants serving international and local cuisine are located throughout the island, but the best Halal restaurants in Lombok can be found within the main city areas. While here, tourists must make it a point to dine at one of the numerous Halal restaurants that serve traditional Indonesian dishes. Some must-try dishes include Ayam Taliwang, Sate Rembiga, Sate Ikan Tanjung, Plecing Kangkung, and Bebalung.

Visitors will also be able to find internationally renowned fast-food outlets in Lombok such as KFC and McDonald’s - all of which are Halal. For seafood lovers, fresh seafood is served at restaurants all over the island. Most Halal restaurants in Lombok also do not serve alcohol, which makes the destination even more attractive to Muslim travelers.


Mosques in Lombok

Muslim tourists will also be pleased to know that there are countless mosques in Lombok - the island is in fact known as the ‘Island of 1,000 Mosques’. The call to prayer or the Adhaan can be heard throughout Lombok, and mosques and minarets make up a huge part of Lombok’s impressive landscape.

Masjid Bayan Beleq is the oldest mosque in Lombok and is a popular tourist attraction, while Selong Great Mosque is the main mosque on the island. Muslim tourists will also find prayer facilities in Lombok for men as well as women.


Top Attractions in Lombok

Lombok offers visitors of all ages a variety of fun things to do and see, especially those that are water-related, due to its pristine beaches and exquisite reefs. While some tourists choose to relax on the beach or to swim in the crystal-clear water, others snorkel, scuba dive, surf, and fish. Popular beaches in Lombok include Selong Belanak Beach, Mawun Beach, and Tanjung Aan Beach. Exploring the island and its townships, such as Senggigi, and trekking to the peak of Mount Rinjani is an absolute must. Standing at 3,726 meters, this is one of Indonesia’s highest volcanoes, and also happens to be an active one. A popular place to buy beautiful pottery is Masbagik Village. Visitors will be able to see pottery being made in the small backyards of the homes found in the village and will also get the chance to purchase them.

A great way to observe the locals and to see them out and about would be for tourists to visit the Pasar Mandalika. At this market, varieties of fruits, vegetables, spices, fish, meats, and grains can be found. The Gili Islands - three small remote islands lying just offshore, are also popular stops when in Lombok. Some of the other top attractions in Lombok include Narmada Park, Pusuk Monkey Forest, the village of Kuta, the island’s waterfalls, and the traditional markets.

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