Aksu Restaurant: Tashkent's Ultimate Family Oasis for Delicious Dining Adventures

By Halal Trip | 15, Feb, 2024
Aksu Restaurant: Tashkent's Ultimate Family Oasis for Delicious Dining Adventures

The capital city of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, is known for its rich and diverse history, cultural heritage, Islamic influence, and Silk Road legacy. Combined with the welcoming hospitality of the locals, immersing yourself fully in your trip and experiencing everything is something to be desired. With so many things to do and enjoy, a trip is only complete when you enjoy the local dishes.

Introducing Aksu Restaurant, a halal-friendly choice for a deep dive into Uzbek cuisine with an elevated taste. With its halal menus and Muslim-friendly services, Aksu Restaurant is now accredited with a rating of AAA by CrescentRating. Giving visitors some ease of mind while exploring the authentic taste of Uzbekistan.

The CrescentRating system provides a rating for restaurants based on their overall Halal-friendliness, with C being the lowest rating and AAA being the highest rating. Factors regarding the availability of Halal food, the ability to cater to Halal standards, and other Muslim-friendly factors into consideration, giving Muslim visitors peace of mind while dining according to their beliefs.

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Aksu Restaurantaksu uzbek cuisines

Image Credit: Aksu Restaurant

More than just a place to dine, Aksu Restaurant is an experience to enjoy and remember. Located right in the city's vibrant center near Amir Temur Square, Aksu Restaurant embraces customers with its family-friendly, welcoming atmosphere and diverse and appealing food. Uzbekistan's rich legacy is reflected in its wonderful food and decor, which create an unforgettable atmosphere and invite diners to go on a gastronomic adventure.

As a Muslim-friendly restaurant, Aksu’s complete dining experience includes halal-certified food and Muslim-friendly facilities and services, which gives its visitors some peace of mind and an inviting environment. Aksu also offers diverse menus that will suit everyone to enjoy the dining experience.

Popular with its impressive dining experiences, Aksu Restaurant is the epitome of outstanding service that keeps visitors coming back. Every visitor is made to feel important and cared for by the staff's welcoming service on top of the great food selections. 


Family-Friendly Dining: Aksu Restaurant’s Recipe for Funfacilities for kids

Image Credit: Aksu Restaurant

Aksu Restaurant isn’t just a place to satisfy hunger; it’s a haven where parents can relax and enjoy their meal, while their little ones embark on their own fun adventures.

Picture this: stepping into Aksu Restaurant, greeted by the aroma of sizzling spices and the warm ambience of a bustling dining space. But what sets this eatery apart is its unwavering dedication to creating an inclusive dining environment for families. As they settle into seats, the indoor playground beckons from the corner, a haven for the restless energy of young diners.

Aksu Restaurant takes the concept of family-friendly dining to a whole new level: a professionally curated indoor playground with trained caretakers, ensuring your children are not only entertained, but also looked after with the utmost care and attention. Parents won’t need to worry about little one’s safety or well-being, as they’ll be taken care of under the good hands of these experts. Giving parents time to savor each flavorful bite of the meal, while letting the kids interact and have fun.

Craving for a dining experience that caters to your big family? Look no further than Aksu Restaurant! From mouthwatering dishes to a welcoming atmosphere designed with families in mind, it’s the perfect recipe for an unforgettable dining experience. Enjoy your time and let Aksu Restaurant take care of the rest – after all, family dining has never been this fun!


Delighting in the Culinary Tapestryaksu dishes

Image Credit: Aksu Restaurant

With a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes and reasonable prices, Aksu Restaurant, which specializes in traditional Uzbek cuisine, entices the palates of its customers. From fresh achchik-chuchuk, delicious beshbarmak, and flavorful nohat shurak every dish is prepared to utilize ingredients that are acquired locally with an authentic recipe that’ll scream “Uzbekistan”, guaranteeing a genuine and remarkable eating experience. 

While it is mainly known for its elevated Uzbek cuisine, Aksu’s culinary identity is also defined by its wide selection of European cuisines on its menus, ranging from pizzas to classic European desserts. To also accommodate different dietary requirements and allergens, a variety of options such as vegetarian selections is available to choose from.

Their menu has also been growing, and will only be better to cater to more diverse palettes. Try out their fresh and aesthetically pleasing sushi lineup, one of the newest additions to their already extensive menu. Aksu Restaurant is also known for its seasonal dishes, such as iftar specials during Ramadan, guaranteeing each visitor a culinary adventure on every visit!

*English menus are available upon request for the convenience of foreign customers, streamlining the ordering procedure and guaranteeing a seamless and delightful eating experience.


Location and Operational Hoursaksu restaurant interior

Image Credit: Aksu Restaurant

Known for its excellent food, affordable costs, timely service, outstanding atmosphere, and convenient location, travelers love how easily accessible it is. Making it a popular place to stop while doing sightseeing tours, confirming its status as Tashkent's top dining destination.

Address: 178 Mukimi Street, Chilanzar District, Tashkent 100003

Operational Hours: 08.00 AM - 11.00 PM


  • Delivery service & call center: +998 71 209 33 22
  • Branch hotlines:
    • +998 71 273 33 22 
    • +998 71 232 49 49 
    • +998 55 501 49 49

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Final Words

At Tashkent, Uzbekistan's Aksu Restaurant, every dish is a celebration of flavor and heritage, emerging as a shining example of culinary brilliance. A gastronomic adventure awaits you there. Every aspect of the dining experience, from its convenient location and warm atmosphere to its delicious food and great service, is carefully planned to make a lasting impression on guests. Enjoying worldwide delicacies or traditional Uzbek cuisine, Aksu guarantees gastronomic bliss and a memorable culinary experience for both seasoned tourists and first-time visitors. Make sure to reserve a seat so that you may enjoy a unique dining experience that honors Uzbekistan's rich culinary legacy.

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