All You Need to Know About Sandboarding / Sand Surfing

By Ihab Ou-ouda | 31, Aug, 2022

You can surf in the ocean, and you can snowboard just fine if you know the technique, but do you know you can also use a board to have fun in the sand?

Yes, it's sand surfing. And if you don't usually travel to places with a lot of sand, you've probably never heard of it.

So, what's the deal with sandboarding or sand surfing, why people are into it now, and where can you perform this joyful activity? Let's find out...

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What is Sandboarding?

Also known as sand surfing, it's exactly what it sounds like. Instead of surfing the waters, you surf the sand. And where can you find plenty of sand? Two options: beaches and desert dunes.


What is the origin of Sandboarding / Sand surfing?

Fun fact, sandboarding is much older than snowboarding and surfing. The earliest archeology of people performing sand surfing return to the times of ancient Egypt. Some records show that people have always been sandboarding in the desert.


Is Sandboarding hard?

As long as you have the proper equipment and wax your board, sandboarding is as easy as it gets. A high-quality sandboard, good sandboarding wax, and a dry environment with lots of sand are all it takes to have fun.


Is Sandboarding safe?

When it comes to safety, sandboarding shouldn't really be categorized as an extreme game because it's actually very safe. Don't get me wrong, it's not 100% risk-free, but it's definitely less risky than snowboarding because the board doesn't reach very high speed.

Even if you fall from your board, you'll probably be more annoyed by the sand's heat than the actual fall. Have you ever fallen in the sandbox when you were a child? Remember? It really doesn't hurt.


Where to Sandboard?

Erg Chebbi Dunes in the Sahara Desert, Morocco
Erg Chebbi Dunes

Image Credit: Peter Schulz on Unsplash

Erg Chebbi Dunes is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Morocco. People just love to camp in the desert like in the Arabian Nights, and that region in North Africa is the perfect spot. Aside from that, you can enjoy all sorts of activities there, namely smooth Sandboarding on the Sahara Dunes.


Oregon Dunes in the USA

Located on the Oregon coast, Oregon Dunes are the largest coastal sand dunes in North America. It's a really fun place to Sand Surf if you're anywhere near Oregon.


Concón in Chile

Known locally as Las Dunas de Concón, which is a cool-sounding name, these dunes are located in Valparaíso and have the most stunning view of the Pacific Ocean.

It takes a little bit of time and effort to reach the top, but it's all worth it.


Monte Kaolino in Germany
Monte Kaolino Germany

Image Credit: H.HelmlechnerCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Germany is certainly nowhere near a desert or dryness for that matter. But that doesn't stop it from holding the Sandboarding World Championships in Monte Koalino. They even feature a funicular elevator because Germans like to make everything perfect.


Great Sand Sea in Egypt

If you want to sand surf, you'd better find a big sea of sand. What if I told you it's actually not too far away on some other planet? The Great Sand Sea in Egypt is one of the most exciting spots to sandboard, especially knowing Ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago also used to do it there.


Tottori Sand Dunes in Japan

Japan has to be the most wholesome country in the world; Dunes and Camels are also there. Tottori Dunes are a great spot to experience the Desert vibe in the Far East of Asia.


Kangaroo Island in Australia
Sandboarding in Kangaroo Island, Australia

Image Credit: Deborah PickettCC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Little Sahara of Kangaroo Island in Australia has some of the most beautiful white sands ever. With its multiple peaks, Little Sahara is a great spot to develop a knack for sand Surfing.

There you have it; that's pretty much all you need to know about sandboarding from the internet. Make sure your next vacation takes you somewhere near lots of sand where you can sand surf.

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