Anywhere You Need To Go In Taipei Is Near This Hotel | Apause Inn

By Assia Hamdi | 04, Mar, 2021
Anywhere You Need To Go In Taipei Is Near This Hotel | Apause Inn

Address: 5F, No. 8, Guanqian Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan, Zipcode: 100


A well-seasoned traveller knows that a perfect hotel needs a good location, cleanliness assured throughout the establishment, comfortable lodgings and great customer service. Apause Inn is the perfect definition of all these attributes. It provides the perfect combination of all that is important in a hotel along with a quiet simplicity that makes it the perfect place to lay your head after a day of touristing.

Muslims are in for an added treat as the Apause Inn doesn’t forgo Halal and Muslim-friendly services that take into consideration Islamic sensibilities. Because of this, the Apause Inn has been given a Crescent Rating of 5.

The CrescentRating system rates the overall Halal-friendliness of hotels on a scale of one to seven - with one being the lowest rating and seven being the highest. A rating of 5 is awarded to hotels that are able to provide information regarding Prayer times and prayer direction as well as information on nearby Halal food and Mosques. They also have a halal certified kitchen or restaurant (except in the Middle East). 

Read on to discover why Apause Inn could be perfect for you!



The Presidential Office Building, Taiwan

The Presidential Office Building. Image Credit: CEphoto, Uwe Aranas on Wikimedia Commons

The Apause Inn’s location could not be any more central than it is! You will save quite a bit of spending on transport by booking a stay in this hotel due to its central location, as a lot of the main gems in Taipei are within walking distance.

The Presidential Office Building and the Taipei Zhongshan Hall, a building which historically held the Taipei City Public Auditorium are both less than 10 minutes away. If guests desire a bit of greenery in Taipei’s urban landscape then why not visit the 2/28 Peace Memorial Park just 5 minutes away. The sites to visit around the Apause Inn are numerous and guests are encouraged to get walking around the city. The staff are more than welcome to offer advice and routes to follow.


Hotel and Rooms

Image Credit: Apause Inn

The theme of the Apause Inn is one of simplicity to highlight its modernity and cleanliness. Budget and Mid Price hotels often opt for decor that could please some but leave an unsavoury impression on others. However, Apause Inn presents a clear palette to suit everyone and focus on substance rather than aesthetics.

Image Credit: Apause Inn

All rooms have the required amenities and services needed to make your stay comfortable. Guests of the Apause Inn can expect a room with air conditioning, kettle for tea brewing, flat-screen TV, free toiletries during their stay and a private bathroom in each room. The Apause Inn understands the need for staying connected and provides free WiFi throughout its premises and rooms. There is also a well-equipped fitness room if gym lovers want to stay in shape during their stay.


Muslim-Friendly Services

Image Credit: Apause Inn

The hotel’s cosy and simple approach goes a step further to ensure Muslim guests are comfortable. Staff are trained on halal and Islamic requirements ensuring all their religious needs are taken care of. Muslims can expect the Qibla, prayer direction marked in the room, a prayer timetable and prayer mats in their rooms. Finally, the toilets also feature washlets which fit in line with Islamic teachings on cleanliness (Tahaarah).

The staff at the Apause Inn are more than happy to offer halal breakfasts from the hotel’s halal-certified kitchen. The hotel also does not have a bar, discotheque, gambling lounge or serve alcohol on-site which ensures a more holistic halal experience for guests.


Hotel Halal Dining Services

Image Credit: chen victor from Pixabay

Food is always on our minds and when in Taiwan how can one miss out on the busy and exciting flavours! The Zhongzheng District offers a wealth of halal food to satisfy your cravings and ensure you are following your religious requirements.

The hotel’s location is so great there are countless Halal eateries within walking distance perfect for digesting your meals.

Choose from more traditional options like noodles soaked in a flavoursome beef broth and crunchy vegetables. Guests can visit Chang Beef Noodle Shop or Muslim Beef Noodles Restaurant for halal options of Taiwanese food. Be sure to try out the hot pot which has something for everyone, meat lovers, vegetarians and spice lovers.

Chang Beef Noodle Shop

Image Credit: Travel.Taipei

Address: No. 21, Yanping South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan

Contact: +886-2-23312791

Muslim Beef Noodles Restaurant

Address: No.23, Yanping South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan

Contact: +886-2-23318203

Taiwanese Specialities that are halal (always double-check):

Image Credit: Yung-pin Pao from Pixabay 

Other specialities to ensure you try whilst in Taiwan are Scallion Pancakes, these pancakes can be vegetarian and enjoyed practically anywhere, these flaky flatbread similar to an Indian paratha or afghan boulanee are delicious and will melt in your mouth.

Stinky Tofu is not for the faint-hearted but can be a great way to get acquainted with Tawinese tastes, stinky tofu is normally fermented with herbs, dried fish or shrimp, bamboo, mustard, and amaranth.

On the dessert wagon, tourists should be sure to try the shaved ice, an Asian approach to sorbets loaded with sweetened condensed milk or sugar ginger syrup for the sweetness. Pineapple Cake should not be missed not only for its tarty taste and crumbly pastry but because of the history and importance that surrounds this cultural statement. Taiwanese see this cake as bringing wealth, fortune and prosperity.

Other Halal restaurants:

If you want a break from Taiwanese and Chinese inspired food, then the Zhongzheng district has a wealth of options to choose from. Gusto Pizza offers Italian Napoli style pizza with halal options and Saathiya Indian Cuisine Taipei gives its customers a taste of India. There are even Turkish and Moroccan eateries.


Nearby Mosques

Taipei Grand Mosque

Image Credit: Undiscovered Taipei

Address: No. 62, Section 2, Xinsheng South Road., Da'an District, Taipei City , Taiwan 10650

Contact: +886-2-2321-9445


The Apause Inn is a mere 10-minute drive away from the Taipei Grand Mosque, a healthy 45-minute walk or a 25-minute public transport trip. The routes to the mosque from the Apause Inn are varied and can be clearly explained by the staff.

Muslim Prayer Room at the Taipei Main Station

If you are in a rush to pray or require somewhere closer, Taipei Main station provides a Muslim Prayer Room in the basement. The Muslim Prayer Room is open from 6.30 to 11.30 due to the bustling nature of the area.

Taipei Cultural Mosque

Also in the same district resides the Taipei Cultural Mosque, a modest mosque that merges local inspirations with the classic features of a mosque. Initially set up as a, not for profit organisation with the aim to provide a place of worship for Muslims, the mosque is now 5 stories high and is open 24 hours long.

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