7 Best Camping Places All Over The World

By Saniya Baxi | 28, Nov, 2023
7 Best Camping Places All Over The World

Camping offers an incredible chance to get closer to nature. There is nothing quite like being under the vast open sky, listening to the therapeutic cacophony of fauna and winged creatures, and soaking in the fresh air that urbanites are often deprived of.

Whether you are interested in camping in warm desert sunshine or amidst majestic mountains or are the kind of person who prefers exciting activities, look no further, as here are our 7 Best Camping Places All Over the World.

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Mount Cook, New Zealand
Camping in Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

Image Credit: Karl Anderson on Unsplash

Home to the highest peak in New Zealand and the rivers of glistening ice, Mount Cook, popularly called “Aoraki” (meaning cloud piercer), beckons campers with towering peaks, breathtaking glaciers, and snow fields, all under the vast glittering sky. This renowned heli-skiing spot offers scenic views of the spectacular South Alps, lush temperate rainforests, and glaciers, including the mighty Tasman Glacier and the Hooker Glacier. If you enjoy adventurous activities like hiking, there are plenty of options to choose from, such as Hooker Valley Track, Sealy Tarns, and Kea Point, among others.


Yosemite National Park, USA

Stunning waterfalls, iconic granite rock cliffs, sweeping valleys, and diverse flora and fauna are a few reasons why Yosemite National Park should be your go-to camping destination. Wedged between the Sierra National Forest and the Stanislaus National Forest, Yosemite National Park is a haven for nature enthusiasts. If you love adrenaline-pumping adventures, then you are in for a treat, as this park offers them in abundance: biking, rafting, rock climbing, skiing, fishing, golfing, swimming, hiking, snowshoeing, horseback riding, ice skating, and more.

If you are lucky, you may spot red foxes, black bears, spotted owls, bighorn sheep, and other animals. The best campground in Yosemite is the Upper Pines, which is set against the jaw-dropping backdrop of the Merced River. It provides access to the park’s iconic sights like Half Dome and Mirror Lake. Other sites in this park that are highly recommended are the ethereal Yosemite Falls, El Capitan Meadow, and the enchanting Glacier Point.


Vancouver Island, Canada
Camping in British Columbia Canada

Image Credit: Scott Goodwill on Unsplash

If you are looking for camping on untamed beaches, unspoiled wilderness, and slow-paced rejuvenation for your mind and soul, Vancouver Island in Canada awaits your presence! Nestled between mountain ranges and the Pacific Island coast, the island has numerous activities like surfing, whale watching, hiking, scuba diving, and skiing.

Spend your time at the Cathedral Grove, which has centuries-old towering marvels like Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar. Standing amidst the oldest and tallest trees in the country is a humbling, one-of-a-kind experience. Elevate your experience by camping in the Cowichan Valley—the Gordon Bay Provincial Park, which is around a 15-minute drive from Lake Cowichan town—which is considered to be one of the best camping sites in the Islands.


Garden Route National Park, South Africa

Unravel the magic of a diverse range of topography, from indigenous forests filled with wide flora and fauna and pristine rivers to spectacular cliffs and surreal lagoons at the Garden Route National Park, South Africa, that pave the way for an unforgettable camping experience.

You can take a stroll on the beach, enjoy the birding and forest excursions, or go mountain biking and bungee jumping. Apart from this park, you can also visit Sedgefield, Garden Route’s Tranquil Town, the perfect place that offers amazing hiking and cycling routes and a viewpoint overlooking the azure ocean for a glimpse of the gorgeous Southern Right Whales.


The Isle of Arran, Scotland
Camping off the coast of the Isle of Arran Scotland

Image Credit: summonedbyfells on flickr, CC BY 2.0

Dubbed "Scotland in Miniature", the enchanting Isle of Arran presents the essence of Scotland’s intriguing landscapes. Campers will be treated to sparkling lakes, dramatic mountain peaks, and sandy beaches. Enhance your adventurous spirit by embarking on a journey on Arran’s highest mountain, Goat Fell, which gives captivating views and makes your climb worth it!

A coastal amble to the historic King Caves near Blackwaterfoot not only adds to the cultural dimension of your adventure but also gives splendid views of the sandstone cliffs along the path. You can also engage in fun activities like goat feeding, water sports, and biking tours to elevate your camping experience. The Isle of Arran is not merely a camping destination but a multifaceted adventure that gives you a memorable camping experience.


Sahara Desert, Morocco
Gathering around the fire in the Sahara Desert Morocco

Image Credit: Tomáš Malík on Unsplash

While forests and beaches are great for camping, have you ever thought of desert camping? For a mesmerizing camping experience, explore the enchanting beauty of the world’s largest Sahara Desert in Morocco, where every grain of sand whispers tales of history and culture. Camping here goes above and beyond merely gazing at the serene sky and basking in the sun.

The golden-hued dunes offer exhilarating activities like sandboarding, camel trekking, and quad biking, which are a few of the activities that you will surely relish. Under the celestial canopy, savor the delicious Moroccan cuisine and the world-famous mint tea. The ideal season to camp here is from October to March, when temperatures are mild.


Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

Tucked away on the serene Osa Peninsula, the Corcovado National Park boasts the title of "the most biologically intense place on Earth in terms of biodiversity." It is one of the most significant and protected National Parks in Central America and a dream paradise for camping lovers with its verdant forests.

It is a camping odyssey as it encompasses one-third of the peninsula and gives you front-row seats to marvel at the wonders of nature. With over 500 species of trees, more than 365 birds, around 40 river fish, more than 117 amphibians, and 140 types of mammals, including sea cows, killer whales, and rough-toothed dolphins, this is the place where you befriend the wild and commune with nature like never before.


Final Thoughts

These camping destinations will get your travel plans sorted for the next few months. The raw power of nature seamlessly blended with your camping escapades is the perfect guide to relax, recharge, and refuel yourself! All these places will leave you in awe and give you memories bound to last a lifetime. Safe travels!

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