6 Best Halal Restaurants in Moscow

By Salmah Shahnawaz | 24, Jan, 2018
6 Best Halal Restaurants in Moscow

With all the political concerns about Russia in the news, don’t let it put you off from visiting their incredible country. If you are a history buff, Russia will have a special place in your heart as it has a lot to offer. Even if history is not your thing, you cannot help but be enticed by the richness of the culture, the buildings that date back centuries, and the museums and theatres that inform us of how Russia has helped shape our world into what it is today. With buildings the architecture and colors of which look like something straight out of a Disney movie or Harry Potter, you will be delighted by all the potential Instagram material. Moscow has a documented 16 percent of Muslims which puts them in the running for ‘Most Muslims in Europe’ (not including Turkey). This means that it is home to one of the biggest mosques in EuropeMoscow Cathedral Mosque – that can accommodate 10,000 people and is a sight to behold with its simple exterior and gold dome adding to its beauty.

It also means that finding nearby Halal restaurants in Moscow, Russia is easier than you think. While there are a few places that are strictly Halal – meaning they serve Halal meat and no alcohol is available at the restaurant – most other places have Halal menus but offer alcohol to guests as well. The Halal sign is not difficult to spot though, and you can be assured of the restaurant’s certification. In an attempt to increase Muslim travellers to Moscow, two hotels cater specially to Muslims with certain rooms being equipped with Qur’ans, prayer mats, a basin to take ablution in, and the direction of the Qiblah, as well as having a separate kitchen with new cutlery and utensils to ensure 100 percent Halal food is being served to their Muslim guests.

When it comes to finding Halal food, there are street kiosks serving Halal kebabs, and Halal eateries in Evropeyskiy Mall and THE21 Food Market at New Arbat on Arbat Street – it is not difficult to locate Halal food places in Moscow, Russia. In addition to those, here is our list of the best Halal places in Moscow:


1) Uryuk Restaurant

uryuk restaurant

Image Credit: en.restoran.ru

Uryuk is a classic Russian café-style restaurant that serves some of the best Uzbek food. If you have never tried food local to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia and the likes, a visit to Uryuk is a must. With various outlets across Moscow, you just have to check Google maps for the one closest to you. Inexpensive food, top service, a warm atmosphere that allows cosy seating for groups are just some of the reasons why these cafés are so populated. A word of caution, however: Most of them have pubs on the premises, or at the very least, serve alcohol to their guests, so be prepared. The food itself is Halal.


Address: Check Google maps for the closest one to you!

Website: www.mrlivanets.ru

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2) Mr. Livanets

mr livanet lebanese cuisine

Image Credit: www.mrlivanets.ru

Lebanese cuisine at its best in Moscow. Classic hummus, pita bread and meat can make your taste buds sing in the contemporary, Middle Eastern decorated restaurant. The slightly expensive rates are made up for by the great atmosphere, service and taste. Mr. Livanets hosts large parties well, so go there with a big group! Note: They serve alcohol.


Address: Glinishhevskiy Ln., 3, Moscow 125009, Russia

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3) Chaikhana Shurpa

Located in Avia Park Mall, Chaikhana Shurpa is an Uryuk-like restaurant with a similar cuisine. They are well-known for their excellent service, ambience and food, with a lot of people saying a great way to spend the afternoon is lunching at the restaurant after roaming the mall. Kick up your feet and relax after that mall workout! You will want to sink into their overstuffed couches and soak up their cosy atmosphere while dining on their Uzbek delicacies.


Address: Aviakonstruktora Mikoyana St., 10 | Mall AviaPark, Moscow 125252, Russia

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4) Tajj Mahal

tajj mahal restaurant moscow

Image Credit: TripAdvisor

The different outlets offer different ambiences with the one at Arbat Street being more crowded and noisy and the other outlet being more relaxed. Take your pick depending on your mood and company because it will have an impact on your experience. The restaurant, like many others, allows smoking shisha, and the eatery at Arbat Street is said to be more smoke-filled than the other. Consider yourself warned! As the name suggests, Tajj Mahal offers Indian cuisine as well as Pakistani, Middle Eastern, Japanese and European. Their Uzbek food, however, is great, and the interiors always get a special mention, as does the service. Note: They serve alcohol.


Address: Boshoy Kislovskiy St., 1/12, Moscow 125009, Russia

2nd outlet: Arbat St., 6/2, Moscow 119019, Russia

Click here for more information on Tajj Mahal 


5) Vai Me!

If you haven’t made it to Georgia yet (the country, not the American state) fear not because the food served here is as good as that in Georgia. Light and simple dishes are made to perfection and they offer great vegetarian options as well. Good food married with even better service and a friendly atmosphere makes Vai Me! a must-visit. Note: They serve beer.


Address: Bolshoi Ovchinnikovsky lane., 16, Moscow, Russia, 115184

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6) Khalyal Barbekyu

khalyal barbekyu

Image Credit: Mahi Blog

Tired of proper meals and just want some fast food? Khalyal Barbekyu is your place to go! Despite the tag “fast food”, everything is made to order so you can expect fresh meats and meals. Add the low prices, unlimited bread and great service, and you’ve got a good reason to go to Khalyal Barbekyu.


Address: Aviakonstruktora Mikoyana, 10, Moscow 125252, Russia

Click here for more information about Khalyal Barbekyu

If you are planning a Halal vacation in Russia, you don’t have to look hard to find Halal food places in Moscow. Despite the service of alcohol in many restaurants, their meat and menu are Halal. Use the Halal Trip App to locate ‘Halal food places near me in Moscow’ and share your Halal food reviews there as well so that anyone who wants to find Muslim-friendly food in Moscow, Russia will know where to look.

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