7 Best Things to Do in Bahrain

By Waleed Al awad | 13, Mar, 2018
7 Best Things to Do in Bahrain

Planning to head to the Middle East for your next upcoming holiday? Then surely, Bahrain is a country that you musn't miss! This is a very small but immensely beautiful country which is just 765.3 square kilometers in size. Though it is small, the country has its own unique beauty, and furthermore, it offers a whole bunch of great and thrilling experiences, especially for millenials! And for a halal traveller, there is absolutely nothing to worry about since Bahrain is a Muslim country, so all the halal concerns that we, as Muslim travellers would normally have when we plan our holiday could be just simply rubbed out of our heads!

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So it's time to get your notepad out, put the title as “BAHRAIN” in big, shouty capitals and jot down these amazing locations that you must pop by when you visit the Kingdom of Bahrain!

1. The Tree of Life

Picture Credit - Alawadhi3000, commons.wikimedia.org

This is indeed an attraction very famous among travellers and attracts about 50,000 tourists every year who visit Bahrain so it's definitely something that is not to be missed. The miracle of this tree is that it grows in the middle of a barren desert where the temperature could spike up to 49 degrees, but it still stands lush and covered with an abundance of green leaves. The fact that Bahrain is also a country with very little rainfall makes everyone wonder as to how the tree survives, hence it's dubbed “Tree of Life." Some say that it gets water from an underground stream, others say it absorbs moisture from the air, but the answer is still uncertain.

This mysterious spectacle is something that is a definite must-visit during your halal trip to Bahrain.

Location: Off the Musakar Highway, between Riffa and Awali, near Jebel Dukhan, Bahrain, Jebel Dukhan, Bahrain

2. Bahrain City Centre

Picture Credit - citycentrebahrain.com

The Bahrain city centre is one of my favourite locations and shopping destinations in Bahrain. It's the largest mall in Bahrain, with a variety of cafes, restaurants, boutiques and shops for you to buy everything you need. Fashion for everyone, toys, cosmetics, luggage bags, sports gear, fitness equipment, home appliances, furniture, you name it, they've got it! This is a shopping paradise for both men and women and that'll turn almost anyone into a shopaholic in a matter of minutes!

But these are not the only reasons to visit this enormous mall. The mall houses a Cineplex with 20 screens running from 10am to 12pm. So when you are in Bahrain if you want to catch up with the latest blockbusters, or set a movie date with your significant other, you know where to go! The mall also comprises an indoor water park, bowling alley and an arcade with so many games for you to engage in to have a fun-filled day !

Location: 4650 Sh. Khalifa Highway، Manama، Manama 346, Bahrain
Contact: +973 1717 7771
Website: http://www.citycentrebahrain.com/

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3. The Lost Paradise of Dilmun

Picture Credit - www.lpodwaterpark.com

The lost paradise of Dilmun is the biggest water park in Bahrain. It's packed with thrilling rides and a variety of slides (body slide, tube slide, speed slides, super bowl, bomerango) and pools (spa pool, lazy river, oasis pool) to give you a thrilling and fun water-filled experience.

The park also hosts weekend DJs and holiday events for you to add another dose of fun after a day filled with splashing and dashing!

Location: Al Areen Bahrain
Contact: +973 1784 5100
Website: https://www.lpodwaterpark.com/

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4. Bahrain International Circuit

Picture Credit - bahraingp.com

This amazing, state of the art motor sport venue hosts a series of racing events, and mainly for drag racing, The GP 2 series and the annual Bahrain Grand prix. For all the car lovers out there, witnessing a race in this venue is something that you should put in your bucket list.

Visit https://www.bahraingp.com/ to get information on the upcoming events and races at the Bahrain International Circuit and plan your holiday to accompany it. It will surely be a holiday at Bahrain that you will never ever forget.

Location: Gate 255, Gulf of Bahrain Avenue, Umm Jidar 1062, Sakhir, Bahrain
Contact: +973 1745 0000
Website: https://www.bahraingp.com/

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5. Al-Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve

Picture Credit - alareen.org

If you are a botanical or animal enthusiast , the Al Areen wildlife park and reserve is a location in Bahrain that you musn't miss out on. The park is divided into four parks: the water birds park, the wild birds park, the wild animal complex and the dessert flora garden.

If you visit this park you would be able to witness a variety of animals and birds in their own natural environment.

You will also be able to see certain endangered animals of the Arabian region such as the Arabian Leopard, the Arabian Gazelle and many more.

All you nature lovers out there, this is going to be the number one location for you in Bahrain .

Location: sakir, Zallaq, Bahrain
Contact: +973 1784 5480
Website: http://www.alareen.org/

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6. Bahrain National Museum

Picture Credit - Anthony DeCosta, commons.wikimedia.org

For all you halal travellers with an eye and passion for history, this is a location that you must visit during your halal holiday at Bahrain.

The museum is home to different artefacts that cover the rich history and culture of Bahrain, especially artefacts relating to the Dilmun civilization.

The museum basically showcases the entire history, culture, religion, flora and fauna of the country and its people under one roof, and it's indeed a site that any traveller must visit during his/her stay at Bahrain.

Location: Shaikh Hamad Causeway, Manama, Bahrain
Contact: +973 1729 8777


7. The Lagoon Park

Picture Credit - http://www.thelagoonpark.com/ 

Finally, I have included this location in my list because I think this is the most relaxing and soothing location in the whole of Bahrain.  During our holidays there will be a certain day where all you want to do is just simply unwind and have a peaceful time with your loved one. The lagoon park will deliver just that!

The picturesque view of the lagoon and the cozy restaurants and boutiques will make you fall in love with the location almost immediately.

If you find yourself in Bahrain make sure you reserve one evening to visit the lagoon park. Treat your loved one to a delicious meal and beautiful walk admiring the beauty of the surroundings . It would be such a beautiful experience that you will never forget.

Location: Al Fanar Ave, Bahrain
Contact: +973 3596 9435
Website: http://www.thelagoonpark.com/



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