Celebrating World Tourism Day 2022

By Muhammad Jodi Pratama | 12, Aug, 2022
Celebrating World Tourism Day 2022

Traveling is not just a culture created by the community, but it has evolved into a lifestyle and implemented into each of our personal lives. However, with the increasing popularity of tourism that involves and revolves around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it is never too late to understand and recognize the efforts on fulfilling those SDGs where one of them is through World Tourism Day. Here’s all you need to know about World Tourism Day!

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All you need to know about World Tourism Day

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World Tourism Day has been celebrated every year since 1980 on the 27th of September and is deemed a milestone in global tourism. The day and its statutes were initiated by Ignatius Amaduwa Atigbi and United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). 

The day is celebrated with the aim of raising the awareness that tourism would have a great contribution and big impact on social, cultural, political, and economic sectors in order to reach Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By celebrating this day, hopefully, the role of tourism would also be acknowledged by the international community, while at the same time promoting education, sustainable tourism, and supporting local businesses for a better future. 

2022 World Tourism Day and things you can expect

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The 42nd World Tourism Day would be held in Bali with Indonesia as the host country. The theme for this year is #RethinkingTourism, which is suitable for a post-pandemic conditions. Due to the crisis, creativity and transformation are needed in mitigating the challenges of restarting the whole economic condition. 

This is the perfect opportunity in order to get more people in feeling the benefit of the restart of tourism. By aiming and inspiring the people around us by rethinking tourism for development, including through education and jobs, and tourism’s impact and its opportunities, we will hopefully be able to jumpstart while also growing in a more sustainable nature in the long run.

This year's festivities would be filled with several programs in different forms, which include seminars, competitions, social services, clean rivers, and reforestation. These attempts would be supported by polytechnics and other stakeholders involved in tourism.


Things that we should do to reflect the values of World Tourism Day during our travels

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Not only institutions, governments, businesses, and other stakeholders in tourism can partake in these festivities, but we can also join in by doing some of these steps:

  1. During our travels, we can focus and not forget to support the local business by buying handicrafts, visiting attractions, and dining in local-owned restaurants. By doing so, we’re boosting the local SME’s economy, and bringing smiles back to their owners :).
  2. We can also support other inhabitants of the earth by visiting and making donations to local sanctuaries in order to ensure their conservation and sustainability. 
  3. Refusing to join in and support activities that contain cruel actions, stressful environments, and other actions that do not fit with animal rights, where usually results in animal cruelty. Not cool :(.
  4. During your food exploration and dine-ins, make sure not to eat from restaurants that sell food or have menus that include hunting and processing endangered animals.
  5. Adding eco-tourism into your itinerary for example by visiting national parks (such as Komodo National Park) or community-based tourism that is created by the locals and developed by their own personal efforts (such as traditional tourist villages).
  6. Opting for a stay in eco-friendly accommodation. Great eco-friendly accommodations will always use biodegradable packaging and other materials that do not harm the environment.
  7. Choose sustainable activities that help in preserving the environment, by lessening the use of energy and pollution.
  8. Travel responsibly please :). Helping to dispose of your personal trash, being nice to everyone, and keeping your negative opinions while giving positive feedbacks would be great for everyone involved in tourism development.


Ideas to celebrate the 2022 World Tourism Day at home

repurposing unused stuff and being crafty

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Those would be a great move to do during your travels, but what if traveling is still not an option for you at the moment? You can always join the festivities and embody the spirit from the comfort of your home by doing these things:

1. Travel virtually and plan your next getaway

As some might not be able to travel, entertaining yourself and planning for your next getaway might be a great option. You might find and learn about new great destinations, eccentric cultures, and the beauty of mother nature from your screen. Just make sure to take notes!

2. Being crafty with unused stuff at home and travel mementos

Have a pile of unused stuff? Help to recycle and achieve sustainability goals by recycling your unused stuff! Repurposing these unused items may lead to a new use. The possibilities are endless!

3. Travel to attractions or shop in SMEs within your city

Although it is a bummer to not be able to travel outside the city or the country, visiting attractions in your city would always be helpful in restarting the economy! SMEs are always there to fulfill your needs and local attractions will always welcome your visit. Some businesses might even give discounts or free entry due to the government's attempt and support in spreading awareness.

4. Spread the word and help to raise the awareness

Ten fingers could change the lives of ten people, by spreading awareness you could help influence other people to do the same! Closer to the fulfillment of SDGs, and the restarting of post-pandemic tourism.


Here are the things that we can do to celebrate and embody the spirit of World Tourism Day! Don’t forget to download the HalalTrip Mobile App to find all the mosques and halal restaurants nearby and have a better travel experience as a Muslim.

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