Classic Souvenirs to get on your Visit to Singapore

By Muhammad Jodi Pratama | 20, Jun, 2022
Classic Souvenirs to get on your Visit to Singapore

Strolling along in Mustafa Centre, Chinatown, Bugis Street or Lucky Plaza to hunt for souvenirs might not be the most popular activity right now, as newer and fun things to pack during your visit to Singapore keep on popping out. However, some might remember the memories of hunting these classic souvenirs (shout out to the 80s and 90s babies) that remind us of the old days, as they will always have a special place in our hearts. Here are some classic souvenirs you might want to get on your visit to Singapore.

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1. Merlion Keychains and Magnets

merlion keychain from iShopChangi

Image Credit: iShopChangi

The mascot of Singapore and a major tourist attraction, it would only make sense to gift your friends items that are related to this lion-fish creatures right? From all sorts of colors, sizes, and forms, this is the number one go-to souvenir for everyone to buy. With its signature pricing of $3 for 1, $5 for 2, or $10 for 5, no wonder you’ll keep buying them or getting them (and probably stock up) for your classmates. Nowadays, you can still find them at roadside stalls in Chinatown.


2. Fried Fish Crackers/Dried Fish Fillet

A fan of chips or crackers? Make sure to take home some of the fried fish skin crackers/dried fish fillet from Singapore. One might think that they taste polarising as it is salty and fishy, however as we’ve grown up, it won’t hurt to re-visit these snacks and try to enjoy them! You can also try the newer versions such as the salted egg flavored, or even try to cook them. A bite won't hurt!


3. (Cheap) Chocolates

chocolate bulks from venchi cioccolato

Image Credit: Dame Cacao

We always buy chocolates for their cheap prices during our visit to Singapore, be it the branded ones for a cheaper price (such as Kitkats, Toblerones, Kinders, and Mars), bulk chocolates, or even Singapore's signature Merlion chocolates. Although some might taste better and some might not (due to the temptation of cheap prices), buying them to give out for souvenirs will always seem right.


4. Durian Candy

Durian candy is one of the souvenirs that you must buy during your visit. Durian will always be a staple and a symbol of Singapore, and for you who haven’t tried them due to the limited place of growth of durians, these durian candies might be able to satisfy your curiosity. 


5. Kaya

kaya jams, suitable for toasts

Image Credit: The Best Singapore

One of the best things that Singapore is known for is its delicious kaya. You’ll definitely be regretting if you came home without packing a jar of this classic goodness. Kaya is a jam made from coconut milk and eggs and is a staple spread for the locals. With one bite of its sweet taste and gooey texture, you’ll definitely crave more! Always try them in good kopitiams for the best authentic kayas!


6. Iced Gem Biscuits/Biskuit Ais Jem

These sweet goodies have been an icon over the years and have been sweeping both older and newer fans to keep reaching out for the biscuits. These fun-sized, pastel-colored, sweet, and fun biscuits with meringue on top would always hit the spot for some Singaporeans and tourists for some nom-noms to munch on.


7. Alcoholic-free Perfumes/Minyak Attar

Our travel experience would be much better if we could experience it through our five senses, turning it into a sensory experience. Buying alcohol-free perfumes (usually called minyak attar) to remind us of the memories of the trip could also be a great choice. Minyak Attar is a blend of essential oils such as flowers, herbs, and spices. With these scents, you will always be able to wait and treat your longing to return to Singapore.


8. I Love Singapore Shirts

a view of bugis street, one of the most common place to find these shirts

Image Credit: Sunburst Adventure

Wanted to share your memories of Singapore with your friends and family? The “I Love Singapore” would always be a great choice. You can always find them in Chinatown or other shopping centers with tons of designs and materials. The best part of buying these shirts? The best part of buying these shirts? It is relatively cheap :).


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