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By Hidaya Alatas | 11, Dec, 2020
Dream Cruises Launches Asia's First Halal-Friendly Cruise Ship

Updated on 2 February.

Dream Cruises has been the go-to cruise liner for Muslims in the Asia Pacific for a couple of years now because of its Halal-certified kitchen. The liner is taking it a step further by getting Muslim-Friendly certification and rating. The United World Halal Development (UNWHD) has worked with World Dream Cruise to make it Asia Pacific’s First Halal-Friendly Cruise Ship. Based on the facilities available for Muslims on the cruise ship, CrescentRating has awarded it a Crescent Rating of 5 and is the first cruise liner to receive a rating. 

The CrescentRating system rates the overall Halal-friendliness of cruises on a scale of one to seven - with one being the lowest rating and seven being the highest. A rating of 5 is awarded to cruise ships that are able to provide facilities/services such as halal-certified food, provide prayer information & facilities, and have bidets in the washrooms. 

Read more about the full World Dream cruise experience every Muslim can enjoy in our article, I Spent Three Nights on a Halal Cruise.

We’re excited to explore all the Muslim-friendly amenities provided on the ship:


Halal-Certified Meals 

Dream Cruises Food Halal, Lido

Dream Cruises Halal Food - Lido.

Enjoy meals at the dedicated halal buffet area in the onboard restaurant, the Lido (Deck 16). You may also dine fuss-free at the Dream Dining Room Lower (Deck 7) or request for halal room service!


Prayer Facilities 

Prayer mats are provided in rooms and there are dedicated prayer rooms on board the ship decked out with free-to-use Qurans, tasbihs (prayer beads), prayer compasses and prayer mats! Do remember to bring your own prayer garments as the ship does not provide them, for hygiene purposes. 


Quran For Guests 


Dream Cruises even provides Qurans for Muslim guests.


Muslimah-friendly Services

Dream Cruises World Dream Muslimah-friendly Spa

Dream Cruises has taken special considerations to curate Muslimah-friendly services, namely:

  • Healthcare services
  • Spa & therapy services

For Muslimahs who require medical attention, special attention from doctors and nurses can be granted based upon request on the female patient requirements.

Muslimah guests who visit the spa can rest assured that their therapist will be female upon request and that privacy will be granted, along with any other Islam-based arrangements they might need.


Catering to our Ramadan needs

World Dream by Dream Cruises Halal-Friendly Cruise Ramadan Services

Going the extra mile, Dream Cruises will be providing Ramadan-based services during the Holy month. Sahoor meals will be delivered to rooms, and an Iftar buffet will be prepared for those who are fasting. Terawih services will also be held at night, allowing Muslim guests to comfortably carry out their Ramadan obligations and sunahs. 

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