Facilities for Muslim Passengers at Changi Airport

By Halal Trip | 02, Oct, 2015
Facilities for Muslim Passengers at Changi Airport
Singapore’s Changi Airport has proven to be unlike any other airport in the world, time and time again. One of the most awarded airports in the world, having won over 490 awards; it is no surprise that Changi Airport is one of the best places to spend a long layover. Connecting over 200 destinations around the world, the airport serves millions of passengers from all walks of life, annually, and thus offers an incredible selection of amenities - including a wealth of facilities for Muslims. Passengers of all ages are sure to enjoy the services and Muslim-friendly facilities at Changi Airport. Whether you’ve got just a couple of hours to kill before your flight, or if it’s a long layover, the award-wining airport will make you wish you could spend the entire day there! .

Prayer Rooms at Changi Airport

Muslim passengers at Changi Airport do not have to worry about finding Muslim-friendly facilities. Muslim travelers will be pleased to know that there are 3 prayer rooms in Changi Airport; with one in each terminal. The prayer room in Terminal 1 is located in the Transit Area, Level 3. The prayer facility in Terminal 2 is located in the Transit Area, Departure Transit Lounge North, near Gate E. And lastly, the prayer room in Terminal 3 is located in the Transit Area, Departure Transit Lounge South, behind Mont Blanc, Level 2. Muslims unable to find the prayer facilities in Changi Airport can get more information at the Customer Service counters that can be found throughout the airport. .

Halal Food in Changi Airport

Finding Halal restaurants in Changi Airport will also not be a problem and Muslim passengers will find a plethora of Halal restaurants and cafés in Changi Airport to choose from. The airport is home to internationally known restaurants like Mc Donald’s, KFC and Burger King, all of which are Halal, as well as eateries like Kaffe and Toast, Ananda Bhavan Restaurant, Central Thai and Kaveri Vegetarian Cuisine, which offer vegetarian and Halal options. .

Family-friendly attractions in Changi Airport

While Changi Airport offers services similar to other airports, such as lounges, children’s play areas and rest areas, it also houses a plethora of other unique facilities. Some great attractions for the entire family, which can be found within the airport, include; an Interactive Art area, a Swimming Pool, the Sculptural Tree Garden, a Movie Theatre, and a Butterfly Garden. Also found here is the Social Tree, which is a 9-metre tall interactive feature that allows passengers to share photos and videos that can be retrieved the next time they are in the airport. Passengers are also sure to enjoy a visit to the Lily Pad Garden, the Cactus Garden, the Piazza Garden, the Sunflower Garden, and the Orchid Garden. The airport also has spas, hair and beauty services, shower areas, and a variety of other facilities and services to ensure passengers enjoy their layovers. Travelers must also make it a point to explore the airport and spend a few minutes admiring the numerous art displays spread across it. .

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