Facilities for Muslims at the Busiest Airports in the Netherlands

By Halal Trip | 09, Nov, 2015
Facilities for Muslims at the Busiest Airports in the Netherlands

The Netherlands – a stunning country famous for its picture-perfect tulip filled fields, quaint towns, beautiful canals, iconic windmills, and numerous other renowned attractions, is a must-visit for every individual in search of an unforgettable holiday destination. Home to a multicultural society, Islam in the Netherlands is the second largest religion, after Christianity. With Muslims from across the globe now calling the country their home, finding Muslim-friendly facilities in the Netherlands is possible. Those planning to visit the country in the near future will find that Halal restaurants and mosques can be found at many of the Netherlands’s major cities, but what about at its airports? Read on to discover the airport facilities for Muslims offered at the busiest airports in the Netherlands. .

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The main international airport of the Netherlands, and the biggest, is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Also one of the busiest airports in Europe, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol serves passengers from all over the world. It is therefore no surprise that the airport offers a variety of stores and services, and facilities for passengers of different faiths and backgrounds. Muslim travelers will therefore be able to find Muslim-friendly facilities at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The multi-faith prayer room at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol or theMeditation Centre’, meant for all religions, can be found in the transit area of the terminal. Also impressively, there is a Halal restaurant at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, as well as a lounge, namely Servisair Lounge that has Halal options for Muslim travelers. Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol .

Eindhoven Airport

The second largest airport in the Netherlands is Eindhoven Airport. It offers a wide variety of facilities and services to suit the needs and wants of its passengers who come from different backgrounds and religions, just like Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Muslim travelers will therefore be able to offer their prayers at the prayer room at Eindhoven Airport. The ‘Meditation Centre’ at Eindhoven Airport is a multi-faith prayer room. They will however not be able to locate any Halal restaurants at Eindhoven Airport. Muslim passengers can therefore dine on suitable seafood and vegetarian dishes at one of the many cafés and restaurants found at the airport. Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Eindhoven Airport .

Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Rotterdam The Hague Airport, the third largest airport in the Netherlands, handles millions of passengers each year. The airport however does not offer as many facilities as the above two airports do. Muslim travelers looking for prayer facilities at Rotterdam The Hague Airport will not be able to find any. They will also be unable to locate any Halal restaurants at Rotterdam The Hague Airport, although there are several cafés and restaurants. Muslim passengers will however be able to find eateries that serve suitable vegetarian and seafood dishes, at the airport. Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Rotterdam The Hague Airport . Some of the Netherlands’s other busy airports include Maastricht Aachen Airport; a regional airport, and Groningen Airport Eelde; a civilian international airport. While both airports do see their fare share of passengers each year, neither is known to have Muslim-friendly facilities such as prayer rooms or Halal restaurants.   .

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