Favvora Family Restaurant: Best Place for Culinary Tourism in Uzbekistan

By Leo Galuh | 09, Jun, 2022
Favvora Family Restaurant: Best Place for Culinary Tourism in Uzbekistan

While on vacation, it is critical to plan and select activities, especially if you are traveling with family, children, colleagues, friends, or even your partner.

Is it your intention to visit beautiful places or to go shopping when you travel? Of course, you must sample the local cuisine of the area you are visiting as part of your tour; this is known as culinary tourism.

That way, you can maximize your vacation goal of unwinding and return refreshed to carry out daily routines.

Halal food is unquestionably an absolute requirement when traveling to support culinary tourism for Muslim tourists.

Especially in city centers or tourist attractions that receive a high volume of visitors.

When visiting Uzbekistan, you will find a variety of interesting tourist attractions as well as restaurants serving halal food.

This Favvora restaurant in Uzbekistan, for example, is a welcoming place to eat for Muslims.

Address: Khorezm Region, Uzbekistan, at 122/2, Amir Temur ko'chasi, Urgench 220700.

Opening and Closing Hours: 10.30 AM - 11.00 PM

Offered cuisines

  • Pizza
  • Western
  • International
  • Italian
  • Turkish
  • Middle Eastern
  • Steak & Grill

More Information

HalalTrip | CrescentRating


Halal-certified Restaurant

Favvora Family Restaurant Indoor Seating

Image Credit: @favvora_urgench on Instagram

Favvora Family Restaurant purposefully registered for halal certification to support its status as a Muslim-friendly dining establishment.

As a result, CrescentRating bestowed an accredited AAA rating and Halal Certified** status on Favvora Family Restaurant.

Of course, this result did not come easily; since its inception, Favvora Family Restaurant has strived to serve delicious halal dishes.

Favvora Family Restaurant guarantees halal food under the watchful eye of the management of the Muslim-staffed kitchen, where the restaurant kitchen is always staffed with Muslims.

All food ingredients are halal, according to the management. Meanwhile, customers will only be served Halal-certified meat in meat-based dishes at the restaurant. In addition to this, there is also a strict condition where no alcohol is allowed on the restaurant premises. You'll be able to enjoy your meals at Favvora Family Restaurant without having to worry about the presence of alcohol.

The Crescent Rating System is used to determine a restaurant's overall Halal friendliness on a scale of AAA to C, where one is the lowest and seven is the highest.


Muslim-Friendly Facilities
Restaurant outdoor seating fountain

Image Credit: Favvora Family Restaurant

This restaurant also has a prayer room that is fully equipped with prayer facilities and is conveniently located near the restaurant to support worship activities.

The place for ablution is also prepared separately for male and female worshipers to maintain the aura of each congregation or the mingling of male and female worshipers.

Visitors have the option of sitting inside with air conditioning or outside in the fresh air.


Family-Friendly Facilities
Favvora Family Restaurant Children Care

Image Credit: Favvora Family Restaurant

Customers visiting this location can also take advantage of free Wi-Fi, and wheelchairs are available for those who need or have limitations, such as people with disabilities or the elderly.

If the parking inside the restaurant is full, you can park in the restaurant yard or around the restaurant, which is quite large.

If you enjoy the food at Favvora Family Restaurant but do not wish to eat there, the restaurant also provides food delivery services; simply order through the delivery service and this delectable food will be delivered to your location shortly.

You can order food for multiple purposes at the same time at this location, which offers a variety of delectable menus.

This restaurant is also ideal for families because it provides certified children's care facilities with certified professional caregivers.

Muslims visiting Uzbekistan who wants to try regional halal food can now go to Favvora Family Restaurant with colleagues or loved ones.

Cover Image Credit: @favvora_urgench on Instagram

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