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Profile image HalalTrip reviewed Surua at Restoran Habib 3 years agoJohor Bahru
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Profile image HalalTrip tried Honey and Banana Pancake at Pizza Hut 3 years agoJohor Bahru

Pretty Good

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Profile image HalalTrip reviewed Illukwatte Jumma Masjid 3 years agoSri Lanka
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Profile image HalalTrip tried Beef Rendang at Restoran Garuda 3 years agoPhilippines

Pretty good Rendang here.

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Profile image HalalTrip reviewed Restoran Garuda 3 years agoPhilippines

Good Indonesian food here in Makati, Manila

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A decent place to try out a few Malay dishes at Killang Battery in Johor Bahru

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Profile image HalalTrip shared a 3 years ago

You know what you need right now? A break! - to Malaysia! :D

HalalTrip's Four Day Halal-Friendly Tour Package to Malaysia

Highlights include a city tour of Kuala Lumpur, a visit to Batu Caves, Sunway Lagoon and Snow World.

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    Adib Murshed

    InShaaAllah :)

Profile image HalalTrip shared a post on Halal Ramen & Dining Honolu 3 years agoOsaka

Rejoice! A Halal Ramen Restaurant at the heart of Tokyo!!

Halal Ramen Restaurant at the Heart of Tokyo's Shibuya [Video]

Halal Ramen Honolu restaurant is a great place to experience authentic Halal Japanese cuisine during your visit to Japan.

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Profile image HalalTrip shared a Link 3 years ago

Nothing like a good Miso soup from your very own kitchen!!

Cook Halal Japanese Miso Soup with Inari-ku [Simple RECIPES]

Try out simple and easy Japanese recipes with Cook Halal! How to cook Miso Soup within few minutes? Check out now.

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Profile image HalalTrip shared a Link 3 years ago

Ramadan Kareem! Here is all you need to know for Ramadan 2017! Have a blessed one!

Ramadan Fasting Tips and Facts-Eid 2017 | HalalTrip

How to celebrate and stay productive throughout Ramazan? Here's your guide to the holy month. Explore what you need to know about Eid al-Fitr (Eid al-Adha) and Ramadhan.

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  • 11 Old-School Street Food at Singapore's Pasar Malam Bazaars

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