Ladies, Here's 5 Female-Only Beach Vacation Ideas!

By Assia Hamdi | 20, Aug, 2019
Ladies, Here's 5 Female-Only Beach Vacation Ideas!

Its arrived ladies! Beaches, swimming pools, gyms, spas, restaurants, activities and even islands just for women! A dream for women worldwide, be it whether you're a hijabi or just a lady looking for an all-girl experience.

These types of holiday will allow women to get rid of those funky hijab tan-lines and let the golden tan spread all over. Female-only tourism will allow women to finally holiday in a way that they could only dream of doing.

This article has got you covered with 4 destination locations that you can go to to experience a Muslim-friendly, all-ladies adventure for the first time. In addition, This article will highlight 4 reasons why you need a female-only experience in your life asap. From mental health, physical health, pure delight and just good old relaxation, the reasons are endless but here are 4!


1) We all need that natural Vitamin-D

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Booking an all ladies experience can be a great time to allow your body to soak in that Vitamin D. Letting your hair down and tanning in the sun can allow you to get that much needed Vitamin D which maintains the internal and external health of our bodies, from our bones, nervous system, lung system and so much more.


2) Bonding time with other sisters of Islam

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Whether you are travelling with your family, friends or even just your little-self. It is undeniable that this new type of experience will be liberating. It would allow you to bond with your sisters in Islam, whilst simultaneously absorbing in some sun, sea and satisfaction. You can connect with those around you in a different way, without worrying too much about daily life concerns.

3) Investing in these resorts will allow for the market to grow

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Although, these types of Holiday experiences are just starting to appear on the travel market. Muslim ladies showing their interest and appriecitation of these types of resorts, spas, hotels and all-ladies experiences, will allow more to appear all over the world, making them more affordable and accessible for the future. So in a way, by investing in these types of holiday now, we are ensuring more fun for our future!

You may have thought that this experience is a privilege or a splurge but these reasons have shown you why women need to experience Halal female-only holidaying. Not only is it healthy for your mind, body and soul but it’s great fun! 

It is important to remember this is a relatively new opening in the market and its popularity can only mean we will be blessed with many more options in the future. For now here are some of the top hotels and resorts available, all with unique selling points (USP)


A) Angel Marmaris Resort, Turkey

Credit: Angel Marmaris

It’s not always guaranteed that Resorts can offer a strip of beach for women only, often resorts focus on swimming pool and spa experiences. However Angel Marmaris offer you the natural experience of swimming in the Azure sea water, giving you a chance to come in contact with the natural healing properties of aqua. All the rooms face out to the sea, giving you a beautiful view and depending on your budget, some rooms called villa’s with private pools are available. The Resort prides itself in not selling Alcohol a huge component to halal-holidaying.

USP: The long strip of a sandy private beach for those who prioritise sun and sea.



B) Wome Deluxe, Turkey

Credit: @womedeluxe on Instagram

A 5 star resort in Antalya, Turkey that includes a women’s only area within the grand resort. Private pools, a private beach, pergola, hammocks and sun terraces, this option is great for family holidays or mixed group holidays, where the females can sneak off to enjoy women only deluxe me-time then rejoin their children, brothers or other males when they are done for the day; for dinner or touristing. Incase you were to forget you were in Turkey, the full authentic Turkish Hammam experience is available for women too!

USP: A multi-faceted resort which accomodates to males and females.

C) Le Vizir Center Park and Resort, Morocco

Credit: Vizir Center

A recent surge in tourism in Morocco means it only makes sense that Casablanca offers ladies a place to fully kick-back and relax. More than just a water park for kids, ladies can have fun and destress as much as they want with an endless choice of activities. Not all people enjoy laying about on the sand all day under the sun and Le Vizir understands this offering adrenaline and cool experiences like Zip-line, climbing wall, archery and an entertainment team.

USP: Activities available for the more adventurous types.



D) Sharjah Ladies Club, Dubai

Credit: Sharjah Ladies Club

Dubai is a touristic Hub and Sharjah a 10 minutes drive from Dubai will transport you to another world. Countless massage, facials, spa treatments are available for every sort of problem you want treated. It is a club for people who live in Dubai but they have created tourist packages to allow you to enjoy the gym and fitness classes as well.

USP: A full spa and gym for people who live nearby which also accomodates Tourists.



E) Supershe Island, Scandanavia

Credit: Supershe Island

Nestled in Scandinavia near to Finland is a 8.4 acre acre, exclusively private island. This experience is something else entirely with features spas, amenities, saunas, fitness classes, nature activity, farm to table dining and so much more.

Supershe describe themselves as a 10 person island with 4 renovated cabins, meaning if you ever wanted to truly feel like you were alone in the world then this is the place to be. Let the Supershe abandoned on island luxury experience begin!

USP: A whole private island for just women.



There you have it ladies, there is something for everyone. Now that you’ve been let in to this rising holiday secret, go ahead and book what could be the best holiday of your life!

Currently a History and Arabic student with a huge ambition and passion for travelling. Inshallah, my hope is to see the beautiful world God has created and share the beauty with you lovely readers.

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    This is reaaally cool! Thank you for sharing it with us Assia. I will be studying in Turkey for 5 months and I hope I still have the chance to enjoy the sun in Turkey before the summer really ends!