8 Glamping Providers in Singapore For an Adventurous Staycation [Updated 18 November]

By Suhanah Khamis | 12, Nov, 2020
8 Glamping Providers in Singapore For an Adventurous Staycation [Updated 18 November]

As Singapore is still in Phase 2, the international borders have yet to open fully. As for now, we could only dream about traveling to another country. But this doesn't mean that there isn't anything that we can do in Singapore. Hotels are slowly reopening and accepting visitors. In fact, the government has been encouraging Singaporeans to explore Singapore to boost back the tourism industry.

If you’re still planning for your "Singapoliday," here's an idea you can try for a unique staycation. Glamping has been one of the growing trends around the world, and Singapore is not putting it aside either. Glamping, also known as Glamorous Camping, has the same idea as camping out in nature. However, I am pretty sure some of us find it a hassle to build our own camps and sleep in sleeping bags. With Glamping, not only will you still be able to enjoy nature, but also enjoy the luxury of a hotel room in a tent.

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Glamping is an alternative accommodation that you can enjoy with your family and friends. If you’re looking to gather with your friends and family, or simply celebrate a birthday, Glamping would be a perfect choice for such occasions. Check out these Glamping companies in Singapore which you can book to experience the awesome "Singapoliday!". (And if you're somewhere else in Asia, or already planning your trip around Asia once restrictions get lifted, check out these other Glamping sites across the southern/southeastern part of the continent!) 

Disclaimers: Camping sites are still closed, and outdoor camping is still not allowed by NPARKS at the time of writing this article due to the COVID-19 situation. We do hope that this article serves as a guide to plan for your future getaway when outdoor camping is permitted.


1. Glampcation & Glam-picnic @ Jewel Changi Airport

Glamping Jewel Changi Airport, Glampcation

Credit: Jewel Changi Airport Glamping Page

The newest addition to the list, Changi Airport has just pitched its glamp tents and is offering packages for a glamping staycation at Jewel! From 20 November till 3 January, you can book a one-night stay in one of Jewel Changi Airport’s glorious glamp set-ups. You can choose to wake up to a view of the HSBC Vortex Rain at the Cloud9 Piazza or sleep within lush greenery in the Shiseido Forest Valley (think: camping in a forest, but with air-con).

Make your bookings soon as Jewel is offering a special discount for stays between Nov 23 and Nov 26 ($288 per night. U.P from $320)

Both sites offer a slew of amenities, with minor differences. You can expect to rest comfortably as both sites offer at least one queen-sized bed for your stay and shower facilities nearby (check-in early because it’s first-come-first-serve!). Jewel also makes your stay worthwhile with an array of exclusive perks such as Canopy Park tickets, entry to Sparkling Christmas at Jewel (in the Shiseido Forest Valley) and a plush toy for the little ones. And of course, you don’t even need to think twice about Halal food nearby.

If an overnight stay is not your style, Jewel also offers a glam-picnic package. Have a stylish picnic with an insta-worthy set up at the Cloud9 Piazza.

More info below, or on Changi Airport’s website or Facebook page

Glamping Jewel Changi Airport, Glampcation in the Clouds (Cloud9 Piazza Jewel Changi Airport)

Credit: Jewel Changi Airport Glamping Page

Glampcation in the Clouds (Cloud9 Piazza)

  • Check in: 7pm | Check out: 10am next day
  • Price per night: $320 (Mon-Thur) ; $360 (Fri-Sun, PH, PH eve)
  • Additional amenities: Cooler box with ice, air cooler

Glamping Jewel Changi Airport, Glampcation at Shiseido Forest Valley

Credit: Jewel Changi Airport Glamping Page

Glampcation at Shiseido Forest Valley

  • Check in: 11.30pm | Check out: 9am next day
  • Price per night: $320 (Mon-Thur) ; $360 (Fri-Sun, PH, PH eve)
  • Additional amenities: Jewel scented perfume, festive welcome basket, portable charger

Glamping Picnic at Jewel Changi Airport, Cloud9 Piazza

Credit: Jewel Changi Airport Glamping Page

Glam-picnic in the Clouds

  • Slots: 11.15am-2.15pm OR 3pm-6pm
  • Price per 3h slot: $160 (Mon-Thur) ; $180 (Fri-Sun, PH, PH eve)


2. Heavenly Glamping

Heavenly Glamping East Coast Park Singapore

Credit: Heavenly Glamping on Facebook

Booking Glamping with Heavenly Glamping lets you experience hasslefree planning because everything is all set for you. Depending on what you are celebrating, be it an anniversary or birthday, Heavenly Glamping provides you a memorable setting where you can share with your family and friends.

Skim through their Glamping packages, which could accommodate the number of people in your group. These packages don't only include the tents and beautiful decor, but also Queen Size air beds and pillows to complete your Glamping experience. Located at East Coast Park Site D, it is near to a Halal eatery – Enak Enak – and also a convenience store.

Heavenly Glamping currently provides private Glamping. But if you don't meet the requirement to have one, how about checking out their picnic packages? 

With a maximum group of 5, you can rent their beautiful picnic set up for 4 hours. With 2 available locations (the other one is at Marina Bay East), you can still celebrate your birthday or just enjoy a mini-gathering with your friends and families.

Price per night: Package starts from SGD400

Heavenly Glamping’s Website


3. Wondrous Glampers

Wondrous Glampers - Glamping Singapore, East Coast Park

Credit: Wondrous Glampers

Wondrous Glampers is another company you should check out if you’re planning to go Glamping. They have 2 locations for their tents, one in East Coast Park Site D and another in Pasir Ris Park Area 1 and 3.

Similar to Heavenly Glamping, Wondrous Glampers have a list of packages you can choose from. On top of the Glamping package that you choose from, you can add-on decor for your special occasions starting from SGD50.

They also offer a picnic package for 5 hours during the day time. Also located at East Coast Park Site D, it will provide a perfect, instagrammable gathering with your family and friends.

Price per night: Package starts from SGD350

Wondrous Glampers’ Website

4. Glamping Society

Glamping Society - Things to do in East Coast Park, Punggol East Container Park

Credit: Glamping Society

Glamping Society is known to be the first in Singapore to provide Glamping services. There are two locations for you to choose from; East Coast Park and Punggol East Container Park.

You are free to choose their packages according to the occasion you are celebrating. One of the tents has an outdoor cinema, where you can choose from the available movies or bring your own thumb drive loaded with movies. And who can let go of luxuries like air-conditioned and power outlets when it comes to a staycation? Glamping Society tents have these, making your stay an even comfier one. Do take note that only the Punggol site has power outlets.

And if you happen to book the tents in Punggol East Container Park, don't forget to check out Big Fish Small Fish. This will be the nearest Halal eatery for you to dine at. If you don't mind traveling out, you can take the LRT down to Waterway Point to find more Halal food outlets.

Price per night: Package starts from SGD270

Glamping Society’s Website

5. Glampingkaki

Glampingkaki - Glamping Singapore

Credit: Glampingkaki on Instagram

Glampingkaki is another Glamping service that you can find in East Coast Park. It is also one of the more affordable Glamping services to make it to this list.

There are 3 kinds of tents for you to choose from according to the size of your crowd. Their tents are fully decorated with string flags and fairy lights from the entrance. Each tent is equipped with a Queen-sized bed and fans to promise you a cozy night stay. You can also opt to rent the Gazebo or outdoor picnic table at an additional price if you feel you might need more space.

Price per night: Package starts from SGD150

Glampingkaki’s Website

6. Glamping City

Glamping City - Glamping, East Coast Park, Sentosa Weather

Credit: Glamping City

Another Glamping service you can find in East Coast Park is Glamping City. They also have another set up at Sentosa Beach.

Depending on the tents you choose, you will be awed by the HD projector that allows you to cast and enjoy your movies on a large screen. Watch your favorite Netflix show or any show from YouTube via the HD projector. Glamping City also offers tents with different themes, and you can choose the interior to your liking at an additional cost.

In light of the pandemic, Glamping City offers a Do-At-Home package starting from SGD300 for 12 hours. This kit allows for the perfect movie night for you and your family or spouse. You’ll not only be getting mats and cushion pillows, but an 80-90 inch screen with a projector and speaker as well. The set up is pretty easy as a manual is provided along with the kit.

Price per night: Package starts from SGD170

Glamping City’s Website

7. Go Glamping SG

Go Glamping SG - East Coast Park

Credit: Go Glamping SG on Instagram

Another Glamping service that you can check out in East Coast Park is Go Glamping SG.

Despite the absence of a toilet, Go Glamping SG is one of the only Glamping services that provides toiletries and bath towels. You can choose from 4 different kinds of tents, and each tent is equipped with beds and fans. If you’re planning to be away, you can leave your belongings in the tent and lock it up with the padlocks provided.

Price per night: Package starts from SGD200

Go Glamping SG’s Website

8. Kampong G(e)lamping

Kampung G(e)lamping, Malay Heritage Center Singapore Glamping

Credit: Malay Heritage Center

Making it to the list of Glamping in Singapore, Kamping G(e)lamping is a Glamping service by Malay Heritage Center. This one of a kind Glamping is different from the rest of the list as it does not involve the beaches.

Kampong G(e)lamping tents are fully equipped with air-con and fans, promising you a comfortable night. Each tent is also equipped with a cooler box with ice, saving you a trip to the convenience store. You can also enjoy unlimited movies through the projector screen with your family or friends in the tent. And of course, Kampong Glam is surrounded by delicious Halal eateries – it definitely won’t be a problem for you to find them during your stay.

Unfortunately, Kampong G(e)lamping requires you to make advance reservations, and all their slots have been booked within 6 minutes of launching. We hope there will be more slots opened for us in the future so that we can experience this unique Glamping experience.

Price per night: Package starts from SGD450

Kampong G(e)lamping’s Website

There you have it, 8 Glamping services you can find in Singapore. Hope this article can help you plan for that awesome "Singapoliday" whether you are engaging in their at-home services or waiting for the time they can fully operate.

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