10 Great Halal Food in Brighton, UK

By Muhammad Jodi Pratama | 22, Jun, 2022
10 Great Halal Food in Brighton, UK

Brighton is one of the most popular destinations for students and travelers, both locally and internationally. As the city is located by the sea and is rich in cultural diversity, finding halal foods in Brighton would not be a hard task as having an assurance of halal food is important to be able to travel in peace and visit each attraction. Here, we got a great selection of dishes for Muslims visiting Brighton, so you would not have to worry since there's also a numerous selection for dine-in, takeaways, or even deliveries. Here are some restaurants that offer halal food in Brighton!

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1. OrienthaiClassic thai dishes by Orienthai

Image Credit: Orienthai on Ubereats

Sudden cravings for Asian foods? Don’t worry, Orienthai got you covered. Located on Lewes Road, they offer a street food experience with several classic Thai delicacies. Had a certain craving? They have a whole list of seafood, meat, and even vegetable dishes. They are best known for their delicious tom yum soup, pineapple fried rice, and som tum (green papaya salad). All of them are rich in spices, the perfect cure for some Asian cravings.

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2. Alushi

Alushi is a restaurant that is serving a fantastic selection of authentic Lebanese dishes. It is reachable from wherever you currently are due to its location which is just under the Brighton train station. They are reasonably priced with great options that could cater to both meat lovers and vegetarians. Picking anything from their menu, be it their grilled meat platters, koftas, or falafels, they will always guarantee you to have a 100% satisfaction level and leave with a happy tummy due to its price, portioning, and taste.

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3. A Taste of Sahara

A Taste of Sahara is a great choice for you that wanted to have Mediterranean delicacies during your trip. They serve a great choice of menus ranging from kebabs to lamb sausages. During your visit, make sure that you order a portion (or two) of their lamb chop as they are famous for their tender and well-seasoned lamb chops!

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4. EphesusEphesus, Turkish restaurant near the seafront

Image Credit: Ephesus on TripAdvisor

Ephesus is one of the well-known restaurants that serve authentic Turkish dishes and just opened its door for its brand new branch in Brighton. Their menu ranges from baklava, meze platters, to cacik. The restaurant is perfect to visit during the sunset as it is located on the famous Brighton seafront, so make sure to make a reservation before your visit as they are usually busy, especially during the weekends.

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5. Simit Place

Craving for snacks to munch or a light meal? Simit Palace might be the perfect choice for you! They are a Muslim-friendly bakery cafe that serves great-tasting sandwiches, cakes, sweet desserts, and savory pastries. They also make sure to always serve gluten-free and vegan options on their menu, so no need to worry if you are on a specific diet or have food restrictions. You may also visit them for their main dishes as they are also a full-time restaurant, serving mostly Turkish dishes.

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6. Roosters Piri Piri

In a rush or simply in need of your daily fast food intake? Roosters Piri Piri might be worth your valuable time to run to. They are a mainly chicken-based eatery with a selection of lambs too, serving grilled, fillet, strips, wraps, and burgers. They are also available for delivery and take-outs too, definitely a recommended pick!

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7. EataliOEataliO signature salad and pasta bowl

Image Credit: Restaurants Brighton

Wanted a unique experience? Make sure to visit EataliO for a build-your-own meal. EataliO is perfect to cater to your diet restrictions as everything here comes with a healthier option, where you are able to pick your own base (for the wraps, pasta, or salad), filling, or sauce. No need to worry that it’ll taste bad, as the chefs will always make sure that you get an amazing dish that is reasonably priced. Do take note that EataliO serves both halal and non-halal meat, and therefore make sure to always notify the servers.

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8. Kokoro 

Kokoro is a Korean Japanese restaurant specializing in sushi and hot foods such as Japanese curry, chicken katsu, and gyozas. Their chicken katsu curry, in particular, is worth every buck since people are coming back for them even when during lockdowns. They are also available for deliveries, and reservation is highly recommended during your visits.

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9. Las Iguanas

Earthy Brazilian food - that is what they’re offering and are good with. They offer a great choice of flame-grilled Latin American food such as tapas, fajitas, nachos, quesadillas, burritos, and much more! Reasonably priced with great ambiance, they are suitable for you who wanted a little change in atmosphere. Do note that they only serve halal chicken dishes.

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10. Happy MakiEnjoying Happy Maki in front of the beach

Image Credit: Happy Maki

Happy Maki will always have a special place in both visitors' and locals' hearts as it is a must-visit restaurant even during a short visit. They are a vegan-based sushi bar in Brighton, offering sushi burritos and bowls with gluten-free options. They are passionate, and it shows in their quality. The unique thing is that you are able to mix and match each dish, and they would actually show their costs to make a certain menu or your order. So other than their base cost, you are free to donate and value their services through the donation. The other great thing is that they will always ask you if you have any allergies, how thoughtful is that? Visit them and bring your hand-rolled sushi to the beach for an experience of a lifetime and to complete your Brighton journey (as it is also a common thing to do, beware of the seagulls though :D).

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