7 Most Exciting Things to do in Brighton, UK

By Muhammad Jodi Pratama | 28, Jun, 2022

As Brighton is one of the cities that is full of history and fun stuff to do, it is fair for the city to be one of the most popular destinations. Boasting its millions of attractions, Brighton is able to attract students (ehm, tourists in disguise) and travelers to visit the city. Once believed to have “healing waters (a local myth, historical research)” in the past, Brighton is now a modern city and a favorite for visitors. With its offerings of attractions, artsiness, culture, cool vibes, and beautiful sceneries combined with halal delicious eateries in every corner of the city, it is only natural that you’ll never run out of things to do in Brighton. Here are some of the most exciting things to do when visiting the “healing waters” of Brighton, UK!

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1. Brighton Palace Pier

Brighton Palace Pier

Image Credit: Evgeny Klimenchenko on Unsplash  

Completed back in 1899, this Victorian pleasure pier survived hurricanes, two world wars, and even old age to give us the icon that we know today. Graded as Grade-II* listed historical building, the pier has been a staple tourist spot even until the modern days. Brighton Palace Pier is basically an icon and is a must-visit of Brighton, with the number of fun things that you can do in it, you’ll never get bored visiting the pier! Strolling along the pier in the afternoon gives you an idea and nostalgia of Britain’s past adventure and entertainment. To complete the experience, get your daily munchies at the food stalls/restaurants and visit the souvenir shops for those who are looking for knick-knacks to take home. You can also visit The Palace of Fun Arcade for some competitive games with friends or family (psst, if you’re lucky you might be able to exchange your tickets for Playstation 4 and iPod Touch). Make sure to also visit the amusement park that is located at the end of the pier for some thrilling rides! 

Website: www.brightonpier.co.uk

Fee: Free, additional ticket varies according to the attraction/package.

Opening Hours: Weekdays 10AM-9.30PM; Weekends 10AM-10PM


2. Have a walking tour

Lost in what to do and hate walking in circles? If you’ve ever wondered how Brighton became the city it is today, a walking tour with a local expert around Brighton might be your best choice! Far from your traditional history classes, these walking tours would answer all of your questions in fun packaging. The guide will help you through hundreds of years of history and visit the best sights. For a much more interesting walking tour, there are also themed walking tours that you can pick according to your liking, such as foodie, street art, ghost, and even treasure hunt-themed walks. 

Website: www.visitbrighton.com

Fee: Free – tips based 


3. Royal Pavilion

Brighton's Royal Pavilion

Image Credit: Hert Niks on Unsplash  

Located in the center of the city, The Royal Pavilion is a spectacular Grade I-listed historical structure built by George IV with an Indo-Saracenic Revival architectural style. In the past, it functions as a royal residence to escape from the hectic royal life. Now, the building is open to the public for its art galleries, weddings, and to experience a splash of royal life in the past through its quaint replica room. The Royal Pavillion Garden is also a sight to visit as it is the only one of the fully restored Regency Gardens and Grade II listed historic parks and gardens in the UK.

Website: brightonmuseums.org.uk

Fee: Adult (19+ y.o) – £17.00 per ticket; Child (5-18 y.o) – £10.50 per ticket; Under 5 y.o – Free; Family (1 adult and 2 children) – £27.50 per ticket; Family (2 adults and 2 children) – £44.50 per ticket; free for the Royal Pavilion Garden.

Opening Hours: Weekdays & Weekends 10AM-5.15PM


4. Brighton Beachfront

Home to one of the most popular beaches in the UK, visit the Brighton Beachfront and experience its “healing waters” power. Feeling relaxed? Stroll around and have a picnic at Brighton Beach (bring your happy maki and kebabs :D) while admiring the ruins of the west pier and the public pieces of art that are located throughout the beach. It is also home to numerous delicious halal restaurants, from street foods to high-end sea foods to watch the sunset, guaranteeing you’ll never get hungry. The beach is also home to numerous events/festivals, galleries, watersports, and other fun activities, so make sure to soak up as much of the happy vibes as possible.


5. i360

British Airways i360

Image Credit: British Airways i360

British Airways i360 is one of the hottest and latest attractions in Brighton. It is the world's tallest moving observation tower with a 360° degree viewing platform that rises as high as 137 meters, giving you a panoramic yet incredible view of the city and the sea. A normal ride lasts for a good 25 minutes, and if the sky is clear and sunny, there’s even a possibility of being able to see the Isle of Wight. Aside from the standard flight ticket, there are various packages and activities that are available to choose from for the i360 (such as the afternoon tea, summer solstice sunrise, and others), so make sure to choose your own package to have an optimum experience.

Website: britishairwaysi360.com

Fee: Adult (25+ y.o) – £17.50 per ticket; Youth (16-24 y.o) – £11.75 per ticket; Child (4-15 y.o) – £8.75 per ticket; Under 4 y.o – Free; Prices for standard flight ticket.

Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 10.30AM-6.30PM; Fri-Sun 10.30AM-8.30PM


6. Sea Life Brighton

Opened in 1872, it is currently the oldest operating aquarium in the world. It is now home to 5,000 sea creatures with over 100 different species. Its classic design, shown in its archways and stonework, blends well with its now modern glass-to-ceiling aquariums. Here you can meet all sorts of popular “residents” such as the Rays, Jellyfishes, Sharks, and Lulu the Turtle. Aside from that, you can also experience one of their most popular attraction, the Day & Night Ocean Experience which shows how coral reefs move throughout the day and night in a 750,000-litre display.

Website: www.visitsealife.com

Fee: Adults – £19.50 per ticket; Child – £10.50 per ticket; Under 3 y.o – Free; Prices for a standard pre-booked ticket.

Opening Hours: Sun-Fri 10AM-4PM; Saturdays 10AM-5PM


7. The Lanes or North Laine

The Lanes, Brighton

Image Credit: Stephen McKay / The Lanes, Brighton / CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikipedia Commons

Before going home, make sure to grab some fish and chips, buy some souvenirs, and visit the cute coffee shops in The Lanes (seafront) or on the North Laine (further to the north). It is now a bohemian and cultural quarter, where these places are both popular for their restaurants, small shops, and the cute narrow alley. Fun fact, these alleys are built back as a part of the original settlement of Brighthelmstone. Try your luck to pack some boho clothes, vintages/retro items, and even pieces of vinyl during your stroll. No trip is complete without visiting these colorful lanes!

Take a trip around Brighton Palace Pier and The Lanes!

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