6 Hacks to Get The Best Out of Google Flights

By HalalTrip | 17, Apr, 2019
6 Hacks to Get The Best Out of Google Flights

Have you ever wondered how people can travel so regularly? Air tickets can get really expensive sometimes. But you know what, there is always a way to land yourself on the plane, not cheap... but at a reasonable price. Today, you have your trusty Google Flights to filter only the best flight deals to your preferred destination. 

Besides being practical and fast, Google Flights has a variety of features that can help you to plan your travel at a price that fits your saving fund. So let's skip the talking a go straight to it!


1. Pick More Than One Destination

If you're still thinking which destination to go to and budget is important to you, then you need to use this feature! Google Flights lets you choose more than one destination under one search session. For example, if you're wondering which is cheaper – Singapore to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore to Penang, you can now add two destinations as your arrival airport and Google Flights will then choose the best deals for you! 


2. Use the Map View on Google Flights

Similar to the map feature on hotel booking platforms, Google Flights gives you the ability to view the different air ticket costs as a whole on the map. This way you are able to compare destinations in a glance.


3. Read everything

Google Flights has included the feature to notify you if the flight tickets shown are generally cheaper during your travel period. So keep a look out for these if you want to snag the best deals. Though, it also helps if you have flexible travel dates.


4. Your Travel Menu will provide information about upcoming trips and edit travel reservations offline.

This feature called 'You Trips' helps you to review upcoming vacation schedules or what you have done, complete starting from booking tickets, hotels, and other schedules.

All data collected is guaranteed safe, and Google claims only users can access all ordering data. However, users can still send order details to friends or family directly from the application.


5. Plan the Cost of The Trip

You can also plan your trips according to your costs. The Google application will automatically provide an estimated price of the trip that matches the contents of the bag.

In the Google application, just use voice search or type, for example, "Attractions in Lombok". Then select "Other popular places on Lombok Island", then there will be a row of options at the top that can be shifted and select "Plan a Trip".

You can adjust options such as date of departure, length of stay, other details such as hotel class and transit information that can be changed according to holiday needs.

After selecting the departure and return dates, you will see a list of "best flights" that show the best combination of comfort and price factors.

If you are not ready to order a ticket, you can choose to monitor the price in order to receive notifications by email when the ticket price is expected to change or when the price has changed significantly.


6. Now, Google uses artificial intelligence technology that can detect if there is an aircraft delay.

Powerful predictive technology AI (Artificial System) is being used in several applications. Starting from mobile messaging to smart diapers. And now AI is used to predict flight delays.

Google Flights now presents a wealth of information on flight delays, including providing information on reasons for late travel, before the airline notifies delay information to prospective passengers.

To find out, users only need to search for flight numbers or destination routes to find out information on flight delays from Google Flights.

The machine learning system will use flight history status info to predict delays. This feature will also give a flag when there is at least 80 percent confidence that the prediction will come true.

Google emphasizes that you must still come to the airport on time, but you will be better prepared when you get there.

Overall, these are the 6 coolest features in Google Flights. Hopefully the article above can help you to make your trip. But to do this, you must first have a Google application or Google App that can be downloaded on the Play Store. Good luck!

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