10 Halal Restaurants to Head to in Phuket, Thailand

By Halal Trip | 02, Oct, 2017
10 Halal Restaurants to Head to in Phuket, Thailand
Muslim travelers can easily locate Halal food in Phuket and try out a fine variety of local and international food. There are numerous Halal food restaurants in Phuket where you can really experience the traditional flavours or try something different – the choice is yours! Find out where to eat in Phuket and what places you should check out while you are in Thailand.

1. Bangmud Seafood Restaurant

bangmud seafood restaurant

Image Credit: phuket.net

Bangmud is part of the floating restaurants right next to Coconut Island, and you can easily get yourself ferried over. This charming floating restaurant has become the best spot for Muslim-friendly food in Phuket that has fantastic seafood dishes. You can see them catch fresh seafood that will end up well-prepared on your plate. Some wonderful items on the menu include Tom Yum and fried soft shell crab - do try their wonderful prawn and squid dishes too.

2. Dirham Halal Restaurant

Located at Bang Tao Beach, this quaint, inviting Halal restaurant serves Thai cuisine and international dishes too. There is a good variety of Muslim-friendly food in Phuket served at Dirham with curries, chicken or seafood dishes and some interesting fusions meal that includes Indian and Western flavours too. Drop by if you are looking for unique food at an affordable price.


3. Anwa Lookchin Pla

There is nothing like local flavours to make your holiday so much better. Located at Patong Beach, Anwa Lookchin Pla serves up some delicious local fare and Asian cuisine – and you get generous portions for affordable prices. From noodle dishes, chicken rice and signature dishes such as Tom Yum soup, you cannot miss out on visiting this Halal restaurant.

For more information about  Anwa Lookchin Pla click here


4. Kusuma Halal Thai Seafood

kusuma halal thai seafood restaurant

Image Credit: phuket.net

Kusuma is another great spot on Patong Beach where you can taste the best flavours from amazing seafood. Excellent Thai style crab, lobsters and prawns are just a few of the delicious items on the menu. Kusuma is one of the ideal spots for authentic Thai cuisine that has become a favourite among locals and tourists alike.

For more information about Kusuma Halal Thai Seafood click here


5. Makan Halal Restaurant

Makan restaurant is conveniently located right next to Mak Prok mosque and is about 10 minutes away from Phuket International Airport. With a relaxing, modern atmosphere - make your selection from a small but excellent menu when you are craving some pizzas, pasta or steak.

For more information about Makan Halal Restaurant click here

6. Kataturk Turkish Restaurant

Just like the name suggests, this one of the go-to spots for some awesome Turkish food. The warm inviting restaurant serves fantastic Turkish dishes – from kebabs to Pilav or Lahmacun and more, that you simply must try out. Kataturk will certainly exceed your expectations when it comes to amazing Halal food with flavour.

For more information about Kataturk Turkish Restaurant click here

7. Arabia Restaurant

arabia restaurant

Image Credit: Arabia on facebook

This beautiful restaurant is where you can experience the best Middle-Eastern and Indian food with friends or family – they also serve Thai food too. Arabia has become a popular Halal restaurant that serves good portions of delightful food. From different kebabs to items like Manakish or Kebsa including curries or tandoori chicken, there is quite a range to choose from.

8. The Sandwich Club

If you are craving juicy burgers or some shawarma drop by The Sandwich Club for food that has tasty but affordable options too. They have also kebabs, a range of delicious sandwiches and sides too. The Sandwich Club is one of the best spots for delicious fast food that is also filling – perfect after a day at the beach.

For more information about The Sandwich Club click here

9. Marina Kitchen

This underrated restaurant boasts amazing Chinese and Malay cuisines and also has a nice range of items on its menu. This is an ideal place for some good Asian cuisine that you can have with family or a large group of friends. Though not as well-known as other spots, Marina Kitchen is a hidden gem to try out.

For more information about Marina Kitchen click here


10. Casablanca Restaurant

casablanca restaurant

Image Credit: Royal Paradise

Casablanca is located at The Royal Paradise Hotel in Patong and is another great spot for Halal Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. You can enjoy some tandoori chicken, lamb kebabs, and other spicy aromatic food in a comfortable, beautifully designed setting. Their biryanis are pretty good too and perfect for a night out.
After spending an entire day of sightseeing, use this Halal food guide to Phuket to simply relax with friends or family by enjoying some great food during your trip to Thailand.

For more information about Casablanca Restaurant click here

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