9 Halal Makeup and Cosmetic Brands

By Shamilka Rasheed | 15, Nov, 2017
9 Halal Makeup and Cosmetic Brands
In previous years, finding Halal make-up brands in Singapore or in other parts of the world wouldn’t have been so easy. Most popular make-up brands contain animal products and non-Halal ingredients such as carmine or alcohol, including non-Halal animal fat – so some Muslim women have opted for vegan makeup products too. However, more Muslim women are now aware of the non-Halal ingredients that are being used in their beauty products and have decided to turn to Halal make-up products. So check out this Halal makeup brands list to find out about some amazing products that you can use.

1. Amara Halal Cosmetics

Amara Halal Cosmetics is one of the first Halal cosmetic brands in North America and is best known for its natural, alcohol-free Halal make-up products. Amara’s products are all plant-based and vegan-friendly too. The Halal cosmetic brand has a good range of products ranging from colorful eyeshadows to water-permeable nail polish – as well as some great makeup brushes too. Amara’s organic lipsticks are especially popular and do check out their lip glosses as well.

2. Zahara

zahara daredevil lashes

Zahara was founded by two sisters, Alia and Amira who wanted to create a Halal-certified, cruelty-free makeup brand with quality products. Zahara has it all from makeup palettes and liquid lipsticks to mascaras and eyeliners as well. The brand’s most popular products include their breathable Oxygen Nail Polish that allows water and oxygen to pass enter the nails– and there are some nice colors. Zahara also has an alcohol-free nail polish remover too.
Website - zahara.com

3. INIKA Organics

Organic, chemical-free, and Halal-certified products are what you will get if you turn to INIKA Organics – and they have the certifications to prove it. This Australian makeup brand provides high-quality Halal cosmetics that you can use to create your favorite looks. Some of their best-known products include liquid and loose mineral foundations, organic concealer, and organic, vegan lipsticks too. INIKA Organics has a wide range and they also have an amazing range of makeup kits too.

4. FX Cosmetics

fx cosmetic logo

FX Cosmetics is one of the popular Halal makeup brands in the UK that is Halal certified, and cruelty-free with products that contain natural ingredients and minerals. FX Cosmetics has something for everyone – their eyes shadow palettes with a variety of colors, liquid foundations, and gel lip liners are some of the top favorites you have to check out. FX Cosmetics is perfect for someone who loves colorful makeup or who wants to brighten up their usual makeup look. Their lipsticks have a nice range of colors from dramatic to simple shades as well.

5. Tuesday In Love

Tuesday In Love has become popular for its high-quality Halal make-up products. This Canadian brand is well-known for its simply impressive range of water-permeable nail polish in gorgeous colors – from pastels, and metallics to dark shades and more. Tuesday in Love’s also has some great lip colors and shades that include matte liquid lipsticks too.

6. IBA Halal Care

IBA indias first halal cosmetic

When it comes to Halal makeup brands in India, IBA Halal Care is the very first Halal-certified, vegan makeup brand in the country. The brand is very eco-friendly with natural ingredients and no animal products. IBA has a variety of lipstick shades to choose from – which include neutrals, corals, reds, and more. You can also check out their range of skin and hair care products and fragrances.

7. PHB Ethical Beauty

PHB is another great brand for those who are looking for Halal makeup brands in the UK that are cruelty-free and ethically conscious. Being a brand that cares, 20% of its profits are donated to charities in the UK and around the world. You will also be impressed by the range of Halal, vegan products that they have– which include skin and hair care products too. PHB’s mineral foundation, organic eyeliners, and lip glosses are some of their best-loved products. Their makeup brushes are best sellers as well.

8. Sampure Minerals

sampure minerals logo

Sampure Minerals are also among the popular Halal makeup brands in the UK that feature Halal-certified, vegetarian, and natural products. This is the makeup brand that will provide you with luxurious products that feel great on your skin. Their mineral loose foundation powders are some of their popular products as well as their eyeshadow sets. You can even check out some samples before buying the actual product to see if it works for you.
Website - sampure.co.uk/

9. Talent Cosmetics

If you love South Korean makeup looks and skincare, Talent Cosmetics is the Halal-certified brand that you need. Talent Cosmetic has it all from Halal makeup, skincare and body care along with quality products to check out. Talent’s Sun Woo range has it all when it comes to creating a complete Korean makeup look with dewy skin shiny eyeshadows and lip stains.
Don’t forget to try out some wonderful Halal makeup products the next time you go on a shopping trip. Better yet, save yourself a trip and buy Halal cosmetics online!

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