Halal Sweets in the UK for Every Sweet Tooth

By Assia Hamdi | 02, Mar, 2021
Halal Sweets in the UK for Every Sweet Tooth

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Those of us with sweet tooths are always on the hunt for the next best thing to satiate our sweet cravings. 

The world of sweets is wide-ranging, from sour bursts, the classic cola bottle, the varied hard gums, fruit variations such as blueberries, peaches and your tangy strawberries. It doesn't end there though for more refined sweet choices you can go for your classic milk chocolates or Scottish fudges, in all honesty, we’d be here all day if we listed them all. 

There is the perfect sweet flavour and texture for every emotion and feeling. People who claim to hate sweets have probably missed out on tasting a flavour that would suit them.

Whilst sweets are primarily marketed to children and in celebration of festive events, they can be used as a reward or incentive for good behaviour and adults can be partial to their comforting nostalgic tastes.

What defines Halal Sweets?

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Halal sweets are sweets made with no meat or pork gelatin, these are easy enough to spot in the ingredient listing at the back. However, the more sneaky haram ingredients such as the colourings E470 to E483 and E542 or E422, all have haraam origins such as insects or pork fat.

Islam is the second-largest religion in Great Britain and Northern Ireland with an estimate 5 % of the population being Muslim. This presence of Muslims has given rise to the production, marketing and selling of halal sweets across cities and locally. Muslims have set up local start-ups selling halal sweets for Eid, Ramadan and charity occasions. It is, in fact, a Muslim sunnah to eat something sweet on Eid, hence when knowing where to look you can find access to an incredible choice of sweets in the UK.

Friendly reminder!: It is encouraged to establish a nutritious varied diet and sweets should be consumed in moderation. Alongside 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day which provides our bodies with the benefits of natural sugars, sweets and sugar contents should be consumed in small amounts.

Halal sweets are now easier to find than ever before and we’ve listed some retailers and ways to find these sugary treats.



Sweetzone Fizzy Rainbow Pencils 10p Tub - £3.79. Image from Hancocks.

Hancocks is one the biggest online wholesalers with 14 cash and carries nationwide, which may not be accessible to some, hence they offer easy delivery across the country. They provide sugar-free, vegan and vegetarian sweets. A quick search through their alphabetical directory should lead you to SWEETZONE (or you could click here) the completely halal sweet provider. Local halal businesses will often buy wholesale quantities from Sweetzone, so Muslims buyers can go directly to the source.

You can choose from sweet tubs, sweet bags, bulk buys that are all Halal, free from non-halal E numbers and other ingredients hiding under conspicuous names. Check the website regularly if you want to bag a cheap halal deal.


One Pound Sweets

Bebeto Fizzy Strawberry Laces 220g - £1.00. Image from One Pound Sweets.

Just as the name suggests, one pound sweets sell bundles of sweets for one pound. The store has grouped all the vegetarian and halal sweets in one easy search on the website. There are around 28 types of sweets to choose from and it can be a great way to buy confectionery in smaller quantities for reasonable prices.

Check out their website here.


Halal Sweets Company

Mixed Giant Jar - £11.49. Image from Halal Sweets Company

The Halal Sweets company is a consciously Muslim friendly business that endeavours to provide sweets in line with halal requirements and demands. This can be seen with their unique Ramadan calendars, original sweet boxes perfect for eid, aqeeqah and family celebrations. There is an online pick and mix, sweet boxes, mystery bags and even cutely packed gifts. It’s never been so easy to purchase Halal sweets with an easy conscience.

Check out their website here!


Appleton Sweets

Dulce Plus Multicolour Sour Bottles 1kg - £2.89. Image from Appleton Sweets.

Based in East London, Appleton Sweets markets halal sweets to the Muslim communities in the area. They have a whopping choice of halal approved sweets, with around 100 products available at any given time. They pride themselves on their quick delivery and provide delivery across the British Isle.

Check out their website here.



Haribo Halal Goldbears Sweets Bag 100g - £1.00. Image from Sainsbury.

Those who have travelled to Muslim countries have often been lucky enough to find halal Haribos, a surprise that can cause Muslims to splurge on the sweets they often cannot purchase back in the UK. Haribo is synonymous with sweets and youthful nostalgia, and now specific locations in the UK stock the halal versions that used to only be available abroad.

You can find a select few halal Haribo in Tesco in the world foods section in the Asian aisle. Sainsbury's and Asda also stock the Halal Haribo Gold-Bears in small packets of 100g. Finally, Haribo sweets can often be found in Islamic shops and stalls near mosques due to their wide-reaching brand name.

The Haribo Rainbow range is secretly vegan which is great if you're having a Haribo craving but don’t have access to explicitly halal sweets. Sour Rainbow Strips, Twists and Spaghetti are all plants based.

Check out their website here.


Vegetarian sweets

Werther's Original Butter Sweets. Image from Sainsbury.

Sweets in mainstream grocery stores such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda can be consumed by Muslim customers if it is marked suitable for vegetarians. This can be recognised with a sign of a green ‘V’ or the statement “suitable for vegetarians” normally bolded near the ingredients.

Muslims do not necessarily have to go out of their way to find halal sweets, it can be added to their baskets at the same time they purchase their everyday necessities. However, they should ensure they see the affirmation suitable for vegetarians and they should double-check regularly as these big brands can change their recipes and include beef or pork gelatine.


Vegan sweets

Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

Opting for vegan sweets can be a great way to ensure you are staying away from all animal products and therefore guaranteeing a halal sweet experience. Some classic national brands that are vegan and easily accessible in your corner shop or main supermarket include M&S Own Brand of sweets, Millions, Skittles, Starburst, Fox’s Glacier Sweets and Sherbety Snacks.

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