Halal Travel Guide to Jeju Island

By Nabilah Alattas | 08, Jul, 2019
Halal Travel Guide to Jeju Island


Are you a Muslim who's passionate about travel? Do you worry about finding Muslim-friendly places to shop, eat and pray while you're at your destination?

Then you've come to the right place! Behold - these two free and downloadable Jeju Muslim Visitor Guides will ease all your worries insya'Allah. Here's how:


1) Emergency Contacts

Derived from: Map of Jeju For Muslim Tourists

Undeniably, it can be initimidating to step into a foreign country and be surrounded by people who look different from you and don't speak your language. Oftentimes, you may feel lost trying to find your way around their complicated transport route, and other times you may feel isolated from everyone, especially when you're out solo traveling.

Having said that, these feelings of fear and anxiety can easily be overcome and should not hinder you from experiencing a comfortable and fulfilling trip.

In particular, this section of the guide will provide you will all the necessary means of contact which you would require if you are in a state of emergency. Whether you've broken an arm and require immediate medical care, or simply have a question about Jeju's means of transport, there's always a number to call.


2) Locate prayer rooms with ease

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Of course, how could we forget? Locating prayer rooms is indeed one of the most important aspects of Halal travel. We totally understand that praying 5 times a day can be daunting sometimes, especially when you are situated in an unfamiliar environment and struggle to find a clean, private spot to pray at.

However, you must remember that praying is an obligation which you must fulfill through thick and thin.

As such, we've come up with a whole list of prayer spots in Jeju where you can perform your prayers at. From places ranging from Jeju International Airport to Teddy Bear Museum, we can assure you that there is always a place to pray wherever you are in Jeju Island. Now, you may perform your religious duties with ease whilst having an enjoyable time at Jeju Island.


3) Don't miss out on the good food

Derived from: Map of Jeju for Muslim tourists

Eating the Halal way shouldn't restrict you from indulging in good, tasty food. And so both of our guides highlight a wide range of cuisines for you to choose from, which expands beyond just Halal Korean food in Jeju.

You can also enjoy Chinese food, Indian food, Western food and so much more!



4) Shop till' you drop

Derived from: Jeju Island Beyond Your Imagination

Additionally, we've narrowed down the best markets and malls to shop at in Jeju Island.

These places have specially been picked for their shortest queues, eye-catching souveniers to bring home and tasteful Halal restaurant dishes. You've got plenty of places to decide on, so we would highly encourage you to plan a Jeju itinerary.


5) Places to sightsee

Derived from: Map of Jeju for Muslim tourists

One of the most exciting parts of traveling is witnessing the intricate beauties of a country's nature experiences.

In Jeju, you can hike up their mountains, go tangerine picking at their Baengnokdam farm, kayak with a transparent bottom in the Emerald Ocean, witness their hydro-volcano at Seongsan Ilchulbong, take a breathtaking view of their sunrises and sunsets, drive along their old Jeju Folk Village, venture into the 1km lava tunnel at Manjanggul Cave - the list is endless.

Don't worry, we've saved you the hassle of researching and handpicking only the best attractions to visit in Jeju. This saves you both the time and money, you'll thank us later! 


6) Never run out of places to go with this Map of Jeju

Derived from: Map of Jeju for Muslim tourists

And to make things easier for you, we've summarised everything into one map! At one glance, you can spot all the Muslim prayer rooms, Muslim-friendly restaurants and tourist attractions spread all over Jeju.

Undoubtedly, this would make planning your trip to Jeju 100% more organised and fulfilling.


7) Transport made easy!

Derived from: Map of Jeju for Muslim tourists

Generally, transport routes differ from country to country. And so, to make things simpler for tourists in Jeju, we've included a bus root map in our guide.

This map will aid you in planning the fastest and simplest way to get to the attraction/prayer room/restaurant of your choice at Jeju Island. Remember, less time getting there equals more time enjoying yourself there!

So if you are planning to travel to Jeju anytime soon, be sure to download our 2 Jeju Muslim Visitor guides! You may click the banner below to download them - cheonman e yo!



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