Use the HalalTrip Mobile App for Travel Dua and Travel Etiquettes

By Muzna Noohu | 15, Nov, 2017
Use the HalalTrip Mobile App for Travel Dua and Travel Etiquettes

Use the HalalTrip Mobile App for Travel Dua and Travel Etiquettes

Muslim travellers can now observe important Hadith on travel with the HalalTrip app that has a collection of Dua for travel and other useful features. The app can also help you pass the time more productively by reading Dua during a journey - and it is ideal for those who are travelling during Ramadan too.

Find Online Travel Duas With The HalalTrip App

It is very easy to find Dua for travelling for Muslims with the HalalTrip app with a simple swipe. You will find an extensive collection of the most important Islamic Dua such as Dua for a safe journey or Dua for a traveller. Just follow these steps to locate the feature –
  • Scroll down to ‘Prayer Tools’ and select the ‘Travel Dua’ option.
  • Then simply select the Dua for travel that you want to read.
You can also use the audio guide to play the most important Islamic Dua that you wish to listen to – you can conveniently refer to the ‘Travel Dua’ options even if your own Dua collection is not with you.
Muslim travellers will also be pleased to know that both Dua in Arabic and English are part of the Halaltrip app.

Travel Etiquette Tips - Advice On Travel

The HalalTrip app also includes a feature for etiquette for travellers that is easily accessible with the steps given below –
  • Scroll down to ‘Prayer Tools’ and select the ‘Travel Etiquettes’ option.
  • Select any of the options that are available
This helpful feature will help you make the most of your journey with travel etiquette tips for Muslim travellers.


More Useful Features

The Halaltrip app is one of the most helpful apps for Muslim travellers on the go. Check out some of the other amazing features that the HalalTrip app has to offer you when you have to travel.


In-flight Prayer Calculator

Don’t worry about missing your prayers while you are onboard the plane. You can simply enter your arrival and departure details to get information on prayer times - and you can find the Qibla direction easily with the Qibla compass feature. You can also get information for Halal food options at airports on arrival or departure. The prayer times and Qibla directions can be viewed while offline or in flight mode.

Mosque Discovery

This helpful feature will help you find Mosques or prayer rooms on arrival or departure as well as the time and distance it will take to reach the location. The feature will also keep you informed of the local prayer times.

Halal Food Spotter

Looking for a new place that serves delicious Halal food? The Halal Food Spotter feature will help you easily locate Halal dining options in the area, and you can check out comments, images and recommendations from other users. You can join in by uploading your own images and post your own recommendations too.
The Halaltrip travel app for iOS and Android can be downloaded for the free from iTunes Apple Store or Google Play.

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