Health & Wellness Home Based Businesses To Treat Yourselves With

By Halal Trip | 08, Feb, 2022

We've brought you Arts & Craft Home Based Businesses and Halal Food Home Based Businesses but did you know there are also Health & Wellness Home Based Businesses too?!

Health and Wellness Home-Based Businesses bring health products and treatments right to your doorstep! Sit back, relax and treat yourselves with these Health & Wellness Home Based Businesses.

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Soaped by SA
Products from Soaped by SA

Image Credit: Soaped by SA on Instagram

‘The key to a happier skin is a hygienic lifestyle’ Soaped by SA offers fully handcrafted soap bars which are alcohol and harsh chemical-free while still giving you the soft and clean feeling to the touch. 

To add to that, the soaps are made with high-grade ingredients that will nourish your skin and hair after you use them. Other than their bar and liquid soaps, Soaped by SA also offer shampoos, conditioners, and even hand sanitizers, disinfectants, water-based aromatherapy solutions, and more. 

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Anya Meals
Date congee baby food from Anya Meals

Image Credit: Anya Meals on Instagram

Every parent will want the best for their growing tots and Anya Meals totally understands this. The Halal dietician-approved baby food from Anya Meals is packed with all the nutrients your babies need for healthy growth.

Going a step further, the baby food from Anya Meals does not contain preservatives, sugar, salt, dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, crustacean shellfish, and soy. These meals are not only nutritious but also come tasty to boot, with a range of flavors for you to choose from for your joyful tykes. 

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The Face Canvas
The Face Canvas

Image Credi: The Face Canvas on Instagram

Bringing luxurious beauty therapy to the masses at an affordable cost. Don’t let the price fool you, the sessions at the renowned Face Canvas are as thorough and professional as you can get. Singlehandedly run by a CIDESCO certified therapist with years of experience, you’ll surely be in good hands.

The Face Canvas offers a range of skin therapy sessions from 24k Gold Glow Treatment to Acne Peel Treatments to an Online Consultation.

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Wetcupping SG
Wetcupping SG chiropractor with a patient during bone setting

Image Credit: Wetcupping SG on Instagram

If you’re a fan of all things chiropractic, then you’ll like this one. Wetcupping SG is a home-based alternative and holistic health service set up by four therapists to offer home visit services such as deep tissue massages, bone setting, and even cupping (bekam).

Go for their bone-setting treatments to crack that bone that’s been bothering you or opt for their cupping services to help out with the blood flow in your body. Judging from the many good reviews, you’ll definitely be feeling “Syiok”!

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Calla Me
Products from Calla Me Stick Balm

Image Credit: Calla Me on Instagram

Aroma Therapy wherever you go. Calla Me offers aromatherapy products in stick balms, just apply them to your skin, and voila! The best thing about their stick balms is that they are mess-free during the application, with no greasy hands, making it the perfect companion when you’re out and about.

Their stick balms come in different scents, each with its own purpose. From stick balms to promote focus and concentration to stick balms for skin healing, you’ll definitely find them useful. Other than their popular stick balms, they also have candles and essential oil drops in their catalog.

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Ummu Fazwill SG Confinement Food
Bento boxes from Ummu Fazwill SG Confinement Food

Image Credit: Ummu Fazwill SG Confinement Food on Instagram

Newborns are not the only ones who need nutritious foods, Moms too! Confinement food can be a very complicated thing and most of the time they're not too tasty but here's where Ummu Fazwill SG Confinement Food comes in. The Halal confinement food specialist offers an array of dishes that are not only delicious but also packed with the much-needed nutrition new mothers need.

These delicious foods are available from their menus and packages, where you can pick and choose the dishes you want to have on different days. Adding a sense of variety to your everyday meals during confinement. The best thing about this is that all the food on the menu is confinement safe!



Products from Smood natural deodorants

Image Credit: Smood on Instagram

'Smell good, feel good.' really exemplifies the products from Smood. These handmade deodorants are the product of the question of: What goes into the daily cosmetic products. These deodorants are made with natural ingredients and are free from chemicals such as aluminum, parabens, sulfates, and other harmful ingredients making it easy for you to use it with peace of mind. In addition to that, the products from Smood are packaging-free!

You can check out their website to read more about the ingredients used in their products, so you can rest assured of their products. Smood offers a number of scents in their catalog; from Peppermint, Lavender Mint, Tea Tree, and more. 

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DODI (On Hiatus)
Delicious looking candles from DODI

Image Credit: DODI on Instagram

Delicious-looking cookies and treats? Nope, they’re candles! Although they’re currently on hiatus, we have to mention the candles from DODI. The candles are creatively made into food items. 

Candles shaped like ramen, waffles, and more. They’re really a delight to look at. Being candles, they also smell great. Just don’t take a bite out of them.

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