Exploring Hong Kong: Uncover the Hidden Gems of Arts & Culture

By Meka Mona | 25, Apr, 2024
Exploring Hong Kong: Uncover the Hidden Gems of Arts & Culture

Perhaps we just know Hong Kong for its bustling metropolitan lifestyle. Hong Kong is a lively and heavily populated metropolis, with a population of about 7 million people. But did you know that this busy city not only has a diverse mix of people but also a range of hidden gems of art that will impress you and make this city one of the top tourist destinations on your wishlist?

Everything in this city is associated with exquisite art and, as a result, has great cultural value. With its rich culture, Hong Kong undoubtedly has a variety of customs and arts that are quite intriguing and can provide you with a valuable experience when you're there.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's explore these beautiful hidden gems of arts and cultures in Hong Kong!

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Street Art in Hong Kong & HKwalls Street Art Festival
Artlane Hong Kong

Image Credit: Pop & Zebra on Unsplash

If you visit Hong Kong, you should take a tour in Sai Ying Pun because you will be spoiled by the beauty of Street Art around every corner. Don't forget to take photos while you make your way through Art Lane because of the beautiful wall art and murals that adorn the buildings in the lane. It is well-known for its murals, which include unique and different designs.

You can also visit the rustic industrial buildings in Wong Chuk Hang. Then take a photo of Sheung Wan's colorful stairs. Hong Kong truly is an art-rich city.

HKwalls Street Art Festival

If you are a fan of art murals, you should visit Hong Kong for the HKwalls Street Art Festival. The HKwalls Street Art Festival invites international and local artists to showcase their creative talents in turning the walls of Hong Kong into works of art. There are multiple locations where you can see these murals, and there are even guided tours where you can learn more about the stories behind the murals. You can find the map of the murals here!


teamLab: Continuous Hong Kong

Image Credit: art@harbour

Art@Harbour is an international art project with many outdoor art installations that decorate both sides of Victoria Harbour. Held from March 25th to June 2nd 2024, it is sure a sight to behold, where the beautiful buildings and places around Victoria Harbour are turned into canvases of beautiful art works. One such exhibition is the teamLab: Continuous exhibition.

teamLab: Continuous

From March 25th to June 2nd 2024, you can also witness the enchanting exhibition at Tamar Park by the famous art collective teamLab. teamLab: Continuous turns the waterfront into a magical art exhibition. With the 'Resonating Life which Continues to Stand' artwork, the waterfront is filled with ovoids where you can see them being pushed in place by the waves, wind, or other visitors. 

Other than the Ovoids, you can also expect to see a synchronized lighting up of the trees with the 'Resonating Life' artwork.

You can learn more about this event here!


Art Basel in Hong Kong
Art Basel Hong Kong

Image Credit: Art Basel

Apart from being well-known for its street art, Hong Kong is also home to the Art Basel show! This exhibition features contemporary masterpieces, but also historical voices from the Asia-Pacific region, all of which have significant artistic values. Art Basel may be found in the Wan Chai District.

Art Basel should be on your bucket list for all art enthusiasts!


Cantonese Opera in Yau Ma Tei Theatre

Your trip to cultural Hong Kong is incomplete if you haven't seen a Cantonese Opera performance. In Hong Kong, there are several theaters that often perform Cantonese Opera performances, which certainly present cultural values through the stories acted out by the actors. The distinctive background music, as well as the dialogue between each character, will definitely amaze you.

If you want to experience the authenticity and depth of Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong, go to the Yau Ma Tei theater, which has been in operation since 1930! The building designs, together with the authenticity of the structure, create the deep impact of the stories performed at the Cantonese Opera.


Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance

The Tai Hang Fire Dance is another remarkable and extraordinary celebration in Hong Kong. This festival, which is held every Mid-Autumn, features a dance in a very majestic and beautiful dragon costume and is usually performed by 300 performers. What's even cooler is that this festival is accompanied by very lively playing of musical instruments in the form of gongs and drums. Held over 3 nights, this festival usually takes place around the streets of Hong Kong.

The beauty and thrill of this celebration will leave you speechless. The "dragon" is frequently held by the performers and made to appear to be dancing with up-and-down movements. The dragon is constructed of fabric with a brightly colored design. Anyway, this event is also free, so anyone can come and enjoy the show.

This dragon dance is believed to be a symbol to ward off the devil in local culture. Previously, it was also an ancestor offering ceremony. However, you can now enjoy the festival as a joyous occasion. Tai Hang Dance has been designated as a national intangible cultural treasure. Isn't that incredible?


Spring Lantern Festival
Spring Lantern Festival

Image Credit: Billy Kwok on Unsplash

Have you ever seen the beauty of the lantern festival? In fact, the lantern festival is one of the main traditions of Chinese culture. In Hong Kong, the lantern festival is held every spring. This festival, which has been held since over 2000 years ago, marks the end of Chinese New Year celebrations.

You will see thousands of lanterns being flown gracefully into the sky. The perfect addition to the magnificent moments when visiting Hong Kong.There are also some performances that you can see there. However, the lantern itself will usually be displayed for a week. If you want to see this festival, visit Hong Kong in February during the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations. Usually, this outdoor festival is held in Tsim Sha Tsui, next to Victoria Harbour.


Culturally Rich Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a variety of hidden gems of arts and cultures that can be added to our valuable moments and experiences once we visit there, and I believe that Hong Kong could be number one on your list, especially for you, art lovers!

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