Budget-Friendly Muslim-Friendly Tips for Hong Kong Adventure

By Shameel Ibrahim | 25, Jan, 2024
6 Insider Secrets to Plan a Thrifty and Memorable Muslim-Friendly Adventure in Hong Kong

The allure of unforgettable vacations in foreign places is something that we all enjoy and Hong Kong is one destination that is regularly a popular travel destination with its unique offerings. In addition, Hong Kong is becoming more and more Muslim-friendly so its even more attractive for us Muslim travelers.

However, let's face it: traveling doesn't come cheap, especially in a bustling city like Hong Kong. But worry not! We've got your back with these 6 unbeatable tips for a budget-friendly and Muslim-friendly trip to the vibrant metropolis.

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1. Affordable Flight Booking Tips

Say goodbye to sky-high fares by opting for budget airlines. If you're traveling from Southeast Asia destinations like Singapore, Malaysia, or Indonesia, consider Scoot or AirAsia. With multiple daily flights, these affordable carriers won't break the bank.

Pro tip: Use Google Flights for hassle-free ticket bookings and aim for mid-week departures to snag the best deals.


2. Opt for Budget-Friendly Transportation
Hong Kong Bus

While the Airport Express might be a popular choice, it can drain your wallet faster than you can say "taxi!" Instead, opt for the bus to reach the city center with ease. Not only will you save a pretty penny, but you'll also get to explore more of Hong Kong. 

Express routes offered by Citybus starting with an 'A' are swift and range from HK$40 to HK$50 per person and will reach the city centre within 30 minutes, while non-express routes, beginning with an 'E,' offer a leisurely journey at an affordable HK$18 to HK$22 per person, but will take an hour or more to reach your destination.

Download the Citybus app to get real-time updates and prices through these links:

Android | iOS


3. Octopus Card for Easy Travel
Octopus Card Vending Machine

Octopus Vending Machine, Hong Kong International Airport 

Be sure to grab an Octopus card, Hong Kong's equivalent of the EZ-Link card in Singapore or the Touch N Go card in Malaysia. This nifty card can be used on buses, trains, trams, ferries, and even for shopping, making it a money-saving gem. Get yours at the airport and enjoy the convenience of a single card for all your transportation needs.


4. SIM Card Savvy
SIM Cards at 7-Eleven


Staying connected is essential, but don't let the airport shops fool you with inflated prices. Head to 7-Eleven in the city for a better deal.(Make sure to see the “Prepaid SIM cards available here” sticker on the store.)

For just HK$33, you can grab a 4G MySim by CMHK from 7-Eleven, offering a whopping 50GB of data and 5,000 minutes of local calls for 30 days. If you are staying for more than 30 days you need to top it up using the MyLink app.

Download the MyLink app — Android | iOS 

Note that some 7-Elevens may not have stock, so you may need to go to a few to find one. The good thing is that convenience stores are ubiquitous, so you’ll find them one way or another. You can also buy them online, either at your hotel address or through SF Express lockers, which are lockers that are spread out in the city. For more details regarding MySim, you can check out this link.


For the same price and calling minutes, you can buy SoSim through ParkNShop, one of the biggest supermarkets in the city. You can ask the staff for the SIM and set it up quickly. You can recharge your SIM at any ParkNShop store or Watsons store. (Please note that recharging after the first 30 days will cost HK$38.) For more information, check out the official link 

CMHK through Klook

Prefer a hassle-free option? Book a CMHK SIM card through Klook for HK$58 and collect it from the airport upon arrival.

CSL Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card

If you're looking for an option with set days for your travels in Hong Kong and Macau, this tourist SIM card is also another option. Worry less about your connectivity and surf to your heart's content. This tourist SIM would be great if you're looking to share your travels in real time on Instagram or any social media with reliable reception and connection around Hong Kong.

Costing HK$88 for 5 days, you can find this at the Hong Kong Tourism Board Kowloon Visitor Information Center or in convenience stores like 7-Eleven, Circle K or V>nGO. For more information about this, you can check out their official page here.


5. Sleep Smart, Explore More
Capsule Hotel

Image Credit: Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

If you're a solo traveler seeking adventure, ditch the plush hotels and opt for a capsule hotel in the heart of Mong Kok or Tsim Sha Tsui. With easy access to Halal food in Chungking Mansions and proximity to the magnificent Kowloon Mosque, convenience and affordability go hand in hand. Traveling with family? Try booking an Airbnb and look for family suites or book early-bird hotel deals for a pocket-friendly stay.


6. Unlock Hong Kong's Hidden Gems

Discover the best of Hong Kong without breaking the bank by booking your tickets through Klook. Whether it's the iconic Peak Tram, the breathtaking Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, or thrilling amusement parks like Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland, Klook offers unbeatable deals compared to official websites. Beat the crowds and secure your tickets in advance for a stress-free adventure.

For more essential apps to download when coming to Hong Kong, check out my other article here.

Now that you're armed with these insider secrets, embark on an unforgettable journey to Hong Kong without worrying about your budget. Explore the bustling streets, savor the diverse cuisine, and immerse yourself in the rich cultural experiences this captivating city has to offer. Capture your experiences and share them with your friends and family. I’m sure you’ll have a good time in this city.

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Cover Image Credit: Natalya Letunova on Unsplash

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