Immerse yourself in Lombok’s traditional culture!

By Halal Trip | 19, Nov, 2015
Immerse yourself in Lombok’s traditional culture!

Lombok is a spectacular island in Indonesia that’s is renowned for its incredible coastline, stunning white-sand beaches, lush green forests, picturesque rice fields, delicious food and fascinating traditional culture. Not as famous of a travel destination as its neighbor; Bali, Lombok is an undiscovered gem, that is less touristy and thus a great spot for those looking to explore the unknown. Also what differentiates Lombok from destinations like Bali, is its unique traditional culture. Here’s how you can immerse yourself in a number of old traditions still being practiced today in Lombok! .

Sade Village

The best way to experience the culture, values and traditions of the inhabitants of Lombok Island is to visit a traditional Sasak Village. The village of Sade offers visitors a near authentic view of traditional Sasak life, as its inhabitants still follow the traditions and lifestyle of their forefathers. They live in houses skilfully made from clay, dung, straw and wood, and grow and cultivate their own food. Visitors must therefore make it a point to explore the small traditional village, to interact with the locals, and to buy some handicrafts made by the villagers while here. .

Banyumulek Village

Banyumulek Village, or the pottery making village of Lombok is another great place for tourists to observe a tradition that has been carried on for generations. With the village being a ‘Pottery Centre’, and art shops lining the village’s road, Banyumulek attracts tourists interested in learning more about this tradition, as well as buyers. Visitors will also get the chance to observe the pottery making process, and will be able to buy all sorts of beautiful, colourful pottery in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as other handmade items ranging from sculptures and jars to wall hangings. .

Sekarbela Village

Lombok Island is renowned for being one of the best pearl producers, and a visit to the island is therefore definitely incomplete without a visit to a pearl farm. Well known for being a centre for pearl jewelry, featuring Golden South Sea Pearls and other types of pearls, as well as gold jewelry, Sekarbela Village is visited by tourists from across the globe. Visitors will be able to explore the numerous jewelry stores here, as well as try on and purchase the intricately stunning pieces on sale. They will also be able to custom make the jewelry items they require and learn more about the jewelry making process, which still uses traditional methods. Those visiting Sekarbela Village can also take a tour of a pearl farm to learn more about the pearl cultivating process. 

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